President Trump says he's 'all for masks' 1

President Trump says he’s ‘all for masks’


In an interview with Fox Business, President Donald Trump says he's "all for masks," despite never being seen in public wearing one.

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  1. Laugh everyone
    In came the clown.
    He’s all for wearing a mask! Really??
    If so, then he should lead by example.

    He won’t clearly understand it until it gets him. Then again, maybe he will never understand.

    1. Cee Jay: agreed: CORONAVIRUS, DO YOUR JOB AND SAVE US ALL! What is taking you so long?

    1. @The Great Anointed Lord Trump. Trump is ugly, he needs to cover because I can see Putin’s stuff on Trump’s lips

    2. of course, he’s desperately trying to hold on to his sinking ship at all costs, even changing his surname if need be. Such a delusional and useless man. The prison is too good for him!

    3. Want to wear a mask? Wear one. I don’t. Leave me the hell alone and stop trying to dictate what I can or can’t do.

    4. Tomorrow he will be saying he was for masks before anyone else. What a pice of orange subhuman garbage.

      Like every other day of this orange disease, Americans say Thank You to our Confederate Deplorables.

    5. @Am Patriot So social norms (not even laws just guidelines) to not expose someone else to harm is what you think is a Dictatorship!

  2. he thought you ment when he’s out with his Nazi buddies framing BLM protesters…or hidding in the bunker when he is about to be removed from office.

    1. Tomorrow he will be saying he was for masks before anyone else. What a pice of orange subhuman garbage.

      Like every other day of this orange disease, Americans say Thank You to our Confederate Deplorables.

    2. How about Biden’s clan buddy, senator Robert Byrd, that campaigned with Biden before he was VP? As long as your mentioning ties to the AltRight let’s mention that one. I really hate hypocrites.

    3. @B Bodziak actually firstly is a word. It is used to introduce the first point of reason. Try opening a dictionary.

  3. Riiiiiiiiiight, NOW he is for masks….. let me guess, their gonna try and spin it as if he was always pro masks. Liar in chief.

    He went golfing during a pandemic…….. what else can you say…..

    1. @connie5245 they get paid under the table to lie for Trump, bcuz he never has the answers.

    1. Just go ahead and vote for “Hiden hairy legs Biden” he’s the perfect puppet president for pansie’s. Trump 2020!

    2. Well said. They knew alright. Just didn’t care because Mexico was going to pay for their wall and trump would replaced Obama care with something wonderful just for them.

    3. @Cheryl Huysamen – Snyman “so paying high taxes and being dependant on state programs is a good idea?”

      its worked everywhere else in the world.

  4. Kayleigh whatshername lies through her teeth! There aren’t “embers” of infection, there are conflagrations! What is the matter with these people, Trump & his senior advisors? They seem to be doing their best to destroy America & kill as many people as possible!

    1. He said it himself he is Americas cheerleader. It doesn’t matter how dire the situation gets he will be front and centre with his figurative pom poms dancing and pepping up spirit.

    2. It’s a frickin, uncontrolled forest fire and Trump’s Barbie doll is as despicable as everyone else he surrounds himself with

  5. Bunker Baby says he “looked like the Lone Ranger” when wearing a mask. He obviously does not know how to put a mask on! Maybe that’s why his orange make up is not around his eyes . . .

    1. @Gay Frog I’m not sure I’m receiving your point so rather than react to an unclear statement, perhaps, you might clarify?

  6. This guy doesn’t read briefings that are about the security of US soldiers; he doesn’t watch the video-clips that he re-tweets; he doesn’t read the bible, he just holds it up; and he doesn’t take any responsibilty.

    1. @Chris Musumeci hey youre that person who has had all the best advice, but no one has ever heard of you.

    2. @Sanderkke

      It is NOT right of NOT reading the Scriptures of God in the Bible to (save his soul for the life after death of our body) Book of Scriptures of 2000 years ago since the death’s sacrifice by shedding his blood’s son Jesus-Christ (SINLESS) to accomplish the law & the prophets of roughly 5000 years before Jesus-Christ ( ERA) on the cross to be forgiven of our DISOBEDIANCE (SIN) ?

    3. @Rod Hey, well what do you suggest besides insulting organizations and supporting politicians?

    4. @[cooler] xVS 1[UNIT]

      To read the Scriptures of the Bible “teach us the way of our behavior” that humankind supposed to live to please God to be invited guest for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb of God (Jesus-Christ) who offers us all on earth since Adam & Eve till today 2020•07

  7. ‘Health officials: “You must wear a mask so Americans stop dying from this disease” & Trump supporters : “DEY TUK OUR RIIIIGHTS!!!”

    1. @ZucciKevino God is scratching his head looking Down & thinking… WTF YOU IGNORANT SHEEP

    2. health officials : ” You must jump off a bridge! ”


  8. he’s too busy tweeting hate incitements, without which extremists wont vote for him. he’s also playing golf.

  9. One time the man is just a HUGE joke. If it weren’t so sad and deadly dangerous it would be a good laugh.

  10. Spanky says whatever he thinks is politically beneficial, not what will help people stay safe. “How will this make me look?” is the only thing Spanky considers before making a decision.

    1. @Mark N — is red meat what caused Trump to be a draft dodging coward that is ok with Putin putting bounties on Americans head’s ?

    2. Jason Vegan Clearly he gets the “how will this make me look” thing wrong on all fronts…look at his orange makeup, and his hairstyle….….dont know why he would worry about what a mask would do for his looks

    3. @Mdlclass Worker hope those ‘vicious dogs’ don’t get an upset stomach on the orange meat.

  11. He also said he looked like the Lone Ranger … that means he’s wearing it not to protect from spreading virus but hiding something behind an eye mask!

  12. He doesn’t wear a mask because he’s scared it’ll leave marks in his makeup when he takes it off.

    1. So why are there white rims around his eyes? Bad makeup job??? Maybe he should go au natural!

  13. The very man named Trump that we have to experience every day has been wearing the mask of fraud and hypocrisy from that first unfortunate day we crossed his path.

  14. “That’s a dereliction of duty”
    “This president’s inability to lead has literally led to American’s dying”
    “Patriots wear masks, care about their country, they wash their hands, they practice social distancing”

    1. Your dumb … masks now lol They finally figured out they work ? No proof, you fools keep touching your face and mask and you are spreading it faster. We all watch it …

    2. Its impossible to follow when you are blinded by hate. This president was duly elected and the press refuses to concede to the peoples will. Joe Biden is nowhere near the answer. Turn off the mainstream press. You ARE safe. This place is great! We will be greater when we create a vaccine to end this virus. But until then, B kind, B safe. They tell you he literally killing Americans?

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