President Trump speaks at summit on human trafficking | USA TODAY

President Trump speaks at summit on human trafficking | USA TODAY 1


President Trump speaks at a summit at the White House on human trafficking on Friday, January 31st, 2020.

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6 Comments on "President Trump speaks at summit on human trafficking | USA TODAY"

  1. One man Lamar Alexander (R-TN) from Tennessee stabs the country Of the United States in the back, what can you really expect coming from Tennessee? Tell me politics doesn’t corrupt? I was watching Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) sharing her pride in the Republican Party and I just have to share what living in her state is like. My experiences in Tennessee so far have been that cops steal cars by putting people between a rock and a hard place. Local alcoholics can blaspheme against the Holy Spirit then bully their girlfriends into suicide if she doesn’t give the sex they want. If you need help and go to one of their missions the preacher man will not feed you till you hear him preach also he will want you to get your money out of the bank so he can put it in his safe. They have the Bible Belt in their Jesus pride eye believing that life is a game of pity and falling out of their southern graces you will end up in a pitiless pity hole being rejected out of their church and country to live instead in a hole of self-destruction belonging to their demons. They also vote Republican and had the richest politician in America in the time of Gov. Bill Haslam. The state also has one of the highest crime rates in America! It is like one big family and they do know who their relatives are almost like they can read each other’s mind knowing who to accept and reject out of family. The bottom line is this, if the Bible belt is in the buying and selling of souls (miracles for money) both in church and state claiming they are endowed by the Holy Spirit living in pride with their Jesus they are bringing a spirit of damnation to the world that evil could take pride in falling down laughing. This evil would want no less than your money (airplanes are not cheap) and your politics (presidents and judges to help to make laws to accept their pride and possessions). Remember that in this country we do not judge against religions (freedom of religion) whether they come from God or Satan. When you have the spirit of bullying to suicide living with our children you know damnation has come to the world. People if you care anything about having good self-esteem in yourself do not move to Tennessee… It is damnable in it’s eye in soul to God. This is just my opinion (comment) so take it with a grain of salt, your experiences could very well be different (to rule with Satan is better than to serve God) may be a win-win situation for the South but not even Satan can rule in hell! Hell is to damnable to allow anyone to quench their thirst especially Satan… Homeless man.

  2. Vladimir Volkov | January 31, 2020 at 1:57 PM | Reply

    Американцы, вам очень много врут про жизнь в Росии и Россиян, это пропаганда……

  3. Vladimir Volkov | January 31, 2020 at 1:58 PM | Reply

    у нас конечно непросто, но ваши средства массовой информации обманывают вас….

  4. How appropriate that tRump speaks on human trafficking. Have you ever wondered WHY he is so interested in this topic?? He and Epstein were DEEPLY INVOLVED in human trafficking so they could get sex victims for their parties. The THIRTEEN year old girl who was TIED TO A BED FOR A GANG BANG that both Epstein and tRump raped in their turn.

  5. Trump talking about human trafficking. That’s rich. He knows a LOT about something he himself is involved in. Ask him what happened to thousands of immigrant children who were taken out of their cages shipped off and SOLD into human slavery. Oh Trump had his fair share of amusement first. Its all about the money for Trump. His good buddy Epstein knew that about Trump. Too bad he was murdered in his cell before he could tell us all about it. They go way back. Trump cares NOTHING about kids or what happens to them. He’s a sexual predator and a Sociopath who has harmed sooooooo many children and adults as well, it boggles the mind, He’s a madman…Utterly insane. The idea of him talking about it at a podium as if he’s on the side of justice is just sick. I really hope he’s enjoying playing with his Ronco Toy President Play Set. Next year at this time he won’t be giving any speeches, maybe to his imaginary supporters before its time for his meds. If he’s in prison he can tell he guys all about his adventures in La La Land where the only thing that was real was the heartache and pain he administered to the masses. What a force for darkness he is!

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