President Trump’s defense team makes last day of arguments | USA TODAY

President Trump's defense team makes last day of arguments | USA TODAY 1


Trump's defense team will offer their final arguments in this phase of the trial, concluding the three days maximum of presentation time allowed under the rules for the first phase of the impeachment trial.

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President Donald Trump's defense team are set to make their final day of arguments in his impeachment trial. On Monday, the president's team slammed the impeachment process as partisan and argued Trump was justified in asking the Ukrainian government to open investigations into his political adversaries.

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  1. Americans who want trump out please justify why you think Adam schiff and the other people who can run for office would be better or do more for America? Why do you think a snake like schiff is going to be able to win the respect of other leaders to the extent he can negotiate and not be taken for a ride like Obama who was so out of his depth and so incredible underwhelming and not a businessman so all he ends up doing is agreeing to demands to send billions of dollars of unmarked bills to Iran etc ?? That’s whT other leaders will do to you they will hold you ransom unless you Send unmarked bills in the dead of night (that tells you how much respect Obama had from other leaders and Obama thought he’d come out on top when he wad talked into sending billion dollars of unmarked bills ??) that’s what a rich Harvard kid who’s trying. To play with the nasty criminals does . Trump does not let You be blackmailed but you let your democrats blackmail him slander him and embarrass you what you think Iran Kim Jong in etc aren’t watching this too? and putin adn laughing about all the state secrets they learn from you ??? The impeachment is a threat to national security not trump .

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