Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing I USA TODAY

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing.

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday he opposes using the National Guard to quiet unrest in a break with President Donald Trump who has threatened to deploy federal troops to "dominate the streets."

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  1. Kayleigh McEnany should point out that in 1807 President Thomas Jefferson signed and enacted the Insurrection Act of 1807 to protect the human rights he listed when he wrote the American Declaration of Independence, the American Bill of Rights, the Northwest Ordinance and France’s Declaration of the Rights of Man.

    1. @Olga Olga Thomas Jefferson initially supported the French Revolution but was eventually disillusioned by the bloodshed. However, he didn’t alienate Napoleon until after he secured the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 which was brilliant, immensely popular, hugely profitable but unconstitutional’ The unconstitutional nature of Presidential acts will be ignored if they financially benefit all Americans equally like President Trump’s $1200 stimulus payments and the Louisiana Purchase.

  2. I note she denounces burning bldg’s, rioting, attacking the police, but never ONCE does she denounce police KILLING an unarmed and handcuffed BLACK MAN!!! HMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Also it is interesting how the Secret Service, the National Park police, Washington D.C police, along with the others that are tasked with protecting the President are sidelined because Attorney General Barr “made the decision” to expand the perimeter in the morning, yet nothing was done till that night when Trump wanted a photo op? I smell a scapegoat!!!!

    1. @Andres Patino gotta love how the activist left is now getting divided along those pushing for riots and those pushing for peaceful protest

  3. So that Australian reporter was being violent was she? The police were apparently saving the peaceful protestor from this “violent” journalist

    1. lol so you think journalist have some right to not listen to move along orders from riot police dispersing riots

    2. German Press “Deutsche Welle” was shot by police on running cameras.
      From behind of course, of course they had permission.

    3. @dsndicmsa This video was streamed straight into our homes yesterday morning, it shows assault. Plain and simple. The Australian crew have permission to remain past curfew, they heard no order and believed that this was a ‘move on’ relating to curfew… the journalist can clearly be heard saying that the group was surrounded and would be unable to leave the area – leaving them (not the TV crew) subject to arrest. It would look good in tomorrow’s “news” conference, with Ms McEnany saying “thousands of violent protestors arrested” – except it would not be an accurate representation.
      Mind you, you can clearly see smoke, and the journalist says she and the cameraman have been hit by rubber bullets. She says that there was tear gas, though the smoke may only appear to be tear gas to the terrified, The bruises she showed in later coverage, however, the reason for the official diplomatic complaint, are clearly from rubber bullets or similar – despite Ms McEnany’s assertions to the contrary

      Still, it’s the charge with a shield, and the PUNCH TO THE FACE of the cameraman… who CLEARLY is not being aggressive that is shocking. Should be shocking. This was clearly Press coverage, it would seem Freedom of Speech is no longer desirable in the USA

  4. Keep lying cuz he walk through just fine not 1 person messed with them and that’s funny cuz it was on TV when it happened so what about the cops attacking an Australian tv reporter that was caught on camera. Looked like he got hurt smashed into a brick post

  5. Don’t link Winston Churchill to George Bush or Carter. Churchill is a wartime legend and one of the most eloquent and influential leader of all time .Without him, Britain would be lost . Except Washington, Lincoln , Deng and de Gaulle , no one in US could hold half a candle to Churchill.

  6. I am impressesd on all the stress and wieight on her shoulders. Probably she can not sleep at night with all those lies and contradictions.

    1. Brought and paid for despite all the expensive clothes and meticulous grooming, she is what she is. A member of an old profession.

    2. Leave Kayleigh alone!
      You people are constantly accusing her of “lying all the time”.
      That is patently ridiculous.
      How can she be lying all the time, when half the time her mouth is full?

  7. Reporters, never quit your job. You’ll never be able to make this much money being this stupid anywhere else!

    1. It’s interesting to me, that people that make comments like yours, think it’s ok to use blanketed statements when it serves them, but when it doesn’t, condemn those that do the same! Not all reporters are bad, just like not all police officers are racist! How will change ever happen, if no one is willing to think rationally?!

    2. I’ve been in news since 95 and some comments are intentional. This is all I have ever seen. But not enuf room here to list em all by name. Would love to. So few free thinkers left and seems only the strongest of them step out of this tainted, overcoltrolled, money hungry entity of destruction. And this isn’t a complaint, but your rebuttal begins with just such a blanketed comment as the one you’re replying against. We can all do better. I think interactions like this is a great start. 🤟🏼

  8. Media: Out of 5 questions, 4 were about trying to make trump look evil doing something that should’ve already been done. There are SO many questions to ask🤦🏾

  9. BIPOC, y’all ever talk to someone like this, invalidate you even when the evidence is right there? Crazy making, makes you wonder, why talk? Time to start doing.

  10. The Bishop along with other clergy of the church, were in the streets with the protestors when the local police and national guard begin to attack peaceful protestors! The Bishop herself had to help some of the protestors wash their faces because they were covered in pepper spray! Is the Bishop a liar as well?!

    1. They were actually on private property(the church yard), so the police had no right to remove them, period.

  11. The Churchill thing was kind of accurate, he was damn racist towards Indians, said they were a “beastly people with a beastly religion”

  12. Leave Kayleigh alone!
    You people are constantly accusing her of “lying all the time”.
    That is patently ridiculous.
    How can she be lying all the time, when half the time her mouth is full?

  13. Kayleigh, please keep up the good work in protecting America from these lawless Thugs and communist rabble

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