1. All of these billions for businesses, companies, bail outs,but us regular folks get the short end of the stick…

    1. Don’t worry – Pelosi made damn sure millions went to top priority institutions like 75 mil to the Kennedy center and for “ global warming “ rather than your pocket. And btw it’s OUR money she’s throwing towards herself interests

  2. Every whitehouse spokesperson should always refer to the WaPo as the Jimmy’s World Post., to remind the public how dishonest WaPo is. They are scum.

  3. What do they want her to say? President is incompetent? Not going to happen. The press is ridiculous.

  4. You don’t get mail-in vote ballots unless you apply for it, I’m a mail in voter for a few years now and whenever voting comes around they contact me by mail, they ask if I’m still voting by mail and ask me to update my file, so where are they getting that it gets mail out to just everybody, if you vote by polling, have you ever got a mail-in vote ballot?

  5. She has to put up with perpetual dingbats rudely disallowing her to give an answer , then they attempt to divaricate, an important set of data to have all and asunder put total focus on something trillion of times less important since that’s the political boxing ring of Washington D.C. She keeps cool as a cucumber.

  6. Five states currently conduct all elections entirely by mail: Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah.

  7. How good would it be if someone fact checked some of these uninformed comments!? This administration is NOT the problem. Ignorance is the problem!

  8. She seemed tough at first, now she lets them interrupt her answers on every single question smh

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