Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds news conference (LIVE) | USA TODAY


  1. The mobs are all assesary to what ever they do they are all involved, deaths or whatever happens will give them prison sentences, one knows what the other has done is is assesary to anything happening.

    1. Andie Stewart The reporters need to look into the issues she has brought up many times. Not a word or peep from the biased children in the room.

  2. The lie machine. “The President has been very consistent on masks”. 3 months ago he stated quite categorically that he wasn’t going to be wearing a mask, look it up on YouTube. Either someone is the double of Trump who is saying of these things or this girl is lying. You be the judge, look it up.

    She has totally forgotten, if she ever did know, exactly what her task is. These are meant to be briefings not mini Trump ralLIES. She is increasingly immature, unprofessional and quite spiteful.

    1. he has consistently said it was a choice…as free Americans to wear them or not. Masks are more to protect other people from you…since he gets tested everyday and isnt positive…why do you need protection from him?

    2. Patrick Sulley why is he above the recommendations? Does he understand the concept of setting a good example?

    3. @Linda Houston have you read the recommendations? They are “face masks is suggested but not required” so he is…but again…since wearing a face mask only protects others from you…and he gets tested everyday…he isnt a threat to infect anyone

    4. @Linda Houston “set an example”? Are you an infant that needs an adult to set an example for you? Maybe you are…but what someone else does or does not do…does not impact what I do. Of course I am a grown assed man…you?

    1. @Tim H there are not enough hours in the day to describe why Biden is totally unfit……he can’t hide in his basement forever and at some point he will have to debate and reveal his stupidity

    2. Hooser Trump fan interesting times – Biden seems ok he seems quite normal – I am not backing either team but I saw Biden interviewed today and he was sharp and compassionate – just words and empathy Trump never has- pity really

    3. Tim H Because Joe dementia Biden who can’t string 2 sentences together without a teleprompter or his wife helping him is fit to lead?

    4. @Tim H Translation: “I dont have an answer…so I will bloviate non sense”. If he is so incompetent…you could name one…and you didnt

  3. Poor Kayleigh… I bet she is starting to regret taking this position as a mouthpiece for the dismantling of the Republic.

  4. Have you ever tried playing two videos side by side,. One of Kayleigh McEnnany dealing with the nasty spiteful partisan questions from the press, and the second, Alexandria Occasio Cortez answering soft questions from Democrat so called journalists. In comparison. Kayleigh comes our looking like a genius, a master mind and tactically brilliant. A.O.C comes out ( by comparison) looking incompetent, illiterate and uneducated. Every time. If you put those two ladies in a debate. A.O.C. Would be destroyed.

    1. Yeah I lean left, but I’m gonna agree with you on that this lady is a strong debater. Even when she doesnt quite answer the question properly, she’s smart about covering her bases. She is definitely has logical responses and doesnt let the small picture/feelings get the better of her and I can respect her for that, even if I dont respect her servitude to trump

    2. Matt Hart. I respect your honesty. It’s refreshing to hear someone who is capable of separating emotion from facts, and admitting a truth that may not entirely fit with your wishes. You sound like the kind of person who believes in debate and exchanging opposing views, testing the facts. If everyone was like that, the world would be a better place. Good luck 🇬🇧

  5. In these times of violence and riots, thank God we have someone in the White House who values law and order. Or is that why we have the riots?

  6. The pandemic assistance is universal basic income. Why is Chicago crime ridden? History, jobs, education, community…do something.

  7. I live in downtown Portland not to far from where all this is happening and work even closer to where it all goes down. I haven’t had good sleep for two months now due to all the choppers in the skies until 4 or 5 AM. I will tell you right now to your face these are not protests anymore. The peaceful protests are almost gone and end before dark. All that is happening in Portland are riots. Groups selecting businesses they want to loot and destroy or just destroy. Our governor and mayor do not care about the destruction of Portland by these people, the police just show up to watch it happen. Almost everyone arrested has been released as per the mayor. The city has been ravished by the criminals for over two months now. People are moving out of the area because of everything going on, apartment buildings are being vacated because of the rioters. This state and county is being ran by people too afraid to hurt other peoples feelings, even if that person shoots an innocent by-standard or a cop. The feds protecting the federal buildings is EXACTLY what the city police Should be doing, but they are not allowed to.

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