Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit calls on all nationals to take responsibility in the fight against the illicit drug trade

Law enforcement officials in Dominica and the wider public have been reminded that the fight to protect and preserve our freedom and our preferred way of life should be the responsibility of all Dominicans.

Hon. Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, made that statement when he addressed a handing over ceremony of over six hundred thousand dollars (XCD$600 000.00) worth of drug fighting equipment by the British Government on Tuesday, March 15, 2011.

The Prime Minister notes that ordinary citizens must ensure that they desist from any activity which would encourage drug use and trafficking within their households and the country by extension.

“We each have a duty to distinguish right from wrong and to draw a line in respect of what we wish for our country and what we do not. While this equipment and specially trained dogs will assist the relevant authorities in detecting and analysing certain crimes and negative behaviours, ultimately the best safeguard against deterioration in our society and quality of life is for ordinary citizens to determine what activities they will and will not condone in their households, their communities and in this country. Anti-social behaviour such as drug abuse and drug trafficking can only escalate if condoned by a society that ups and prefers to look the other way.”

The Prime Minister is appealing to the public to take a zero tolerance approach to behaviours and practices which seek to destroy the social fabric of our society.

“Violent crimes, drug use and abuse and even domestic violence must be frowned upon by citizens who cherish the social and cultural landscape we have created and for which we have become known through the ages. We must not wait for situations to get out of hand. We must not permit minority elements to tarnish our hard-fought image and reputation. When one mentions the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, we must strive to ensure that it conjures up images of flora, fauna, peace and tranquillity rather than violence, harassment, crime and social degradation.”

The government of Dominica has announced that it will allocate funds in the upcoming budget towards the continued effort at fighting the illicit drug trade.

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