Prime Minister Justin Trudeau misses Remembrance Day ceremonies because of summit in Asia


  1. I was a young boy growing up in Halifax when I asked my grandfather one Remembrance Day, ” why did you fight in the war ” ? He replied ” so that one day, many years from now our leaders will be free to skip Remembrance Day service but still have time to visit a TV show about drag queens “

    1. @Jennifer Jones……..JJ its JT…thanjs for your support *wink…I think we are still fooling em…..I will say hi to Klaus for you

  2. Was the summit in Asia more important than being here at home in Canada? Think really hard, and vote FOR THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY OF CANADA. P.K.

  3. He’s conveniently always out of the country on the most important and significant day for Canadians…. Hmmmm weird.

  4. No wonder he got heckled relentlessly on his last campain tour. Even had rocks thrown at him in Ontario. Soon he wont be able to walk down the street

  5. I’m just surprised he didn’t call them neo colonialists and racist .I guess he only does it behind their backs.

  6. without a cohort of security, and especially after this year and the convoy, Trudeau pretending to honour democracy would not end well.

  7. OmG I’m soooooooo shocked ! ..disgusting what a discrase to this country and the men and women that have laid down there lives 👏

    1. @ Jennifer Jones….hey JJ baby its JT your blackface hero…thanks for the support babe

    1. 10:1 say`s when IT gets back IT`ll somehow manage to have gotten Covid yet again so IT doesn`t have to appear before the inquiry into IT`s illegal actions concerning the EA, even though IT claims IT`s gotten all 50 booster shots of the super drug that was supposed to eliminate the virus, just like the jellyfish (brainless & spineless) coward that IT is.

  8. I’m surprised he didn’t miss this important event for a Drag Queen show or perhaps an appointment at Pearson Airport welcoming a group of more than 75 new Punjabi migrants flooding in to the GTA by the hour.

  9. It would of been nice for JT to attend a remembrance day event, I guess the vets were “asking for more than he could give….”

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