Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on when life can return to normal | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on when life can return to normal | COVID-19 in Canada


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says there are several factors like variants and infection rates to consider before reopening the country.

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  1. So It be my fault we are not getting back to a semblance of normal for not taking the vacine . Saw this coming a year ago.

    1. @James August I think that 30% is a lowball statistic. I’m betting there are more opposed to this than have spoken out. Just wait until they try making it mandatory.

  2. Why don’t we talk about the women being raped by Justin Trudeaus hired security in Covid quarantine hotels?

    1. @Codeman I just search it up and it’s on the front page of Google posted by ctvnews and rebelnews. You should look into it for sure

    1. Virus so deadly you need to stick a swap deep in your nasal passage and run a high pcr test to know if you have it

    1. @hOoperWow, off topic much, I wouldn’t talk about iq, considering u have nothing valuable to add, iq factors attacks as something quite low on the scale.

    2. @Cole S Don’t worry JT has fucked up enough since being elected, he’s more then proven he has no business being the the PMO.

  3. I’m not Anti- vaxx ? All the vaccines I’ve ever had have taken years to develop and had been used safely and effectively for years. Nothing like this Covid experimental one .

  4. Why does he immediately associate vaccines and ‘getting back to normal’.. there’s been sooo many discussions outlining that all hope cannot be based on vaccines alone.

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