Prime Minister of Jamaica Press Briefing on COVID-19 1

Prime Minister of Jamaica Press Briefing on COVID-19


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  1. We want to hear how the Prime Minister plans to save the Citizens of Jamaica from the bullets.

    1. Thank you….They had an argument in parliament if they should take it first but they want to push it on us to take it. Them think dem slick enu. I totally agree with you Donna.

  2. Its over a year now since the break out of the covid virus and there is only 19 deaths how many persons has died since then from crime and voilence

  3. God please protect your people from these persons with evil intentions. Fly the traps of the evil ones.

    1. Yes fly the traps on the evil one let there weapons turn back on them lord cause no weapons formed against ur ppl will never prosper let our enemies fall one by one amen

  4. we are gonna hear 1200 positive cases tmrw. We know we have a serious problem but the scare tactics have begun… that there is a vaccine

  5. Mr Prime Minister can I get a bullet proof vest instead of the vaccine please sir am begging am in fear of my life!

    1. Both past and current Prime minister of JAMAICA rate and respect anybody talking bout sir and beg!.

  6. Not sure if the part where The prime minister said, “they were leading by example” was edited or something, can someone bring me up to speed please?

  7. Such a small island like ja where everybody almost know everybody and up to now I don’t know a single covid infected person

    1. @Rohan Campbell
      You have ur point by me…..
      But they are not telling the truth..
      As A fact i just watch a scientific vid about corona cell discharge from the stars ….
      And FYI i kno my system can handle illness Afterall i know About magnetism.. the Akaska and the fountain of youth… i dont depend on A minester to tell me About my health nor do i require babbled information
      I have already cancelled out a lot of things they deemed essential….
      I did that in a third world country with a minute limit to knowledge….
      However you in a first WORLD… with the oppertunes to widen your knowledge..break free from disinform but you do not… I dont get you.. by the way
      What do you know???

    2. @Rohan Campbell I know but for me is all hear say remember the old saying believe half of what u see and nutn u hear

    3. @Young Dragon you want to know what i know? I know that im a medical professional who has been working over 90hrs/wk with covid patients for the past one year and i also know that I’ve seen it wipe out entire population of patients from facilities i work at. I also know that I’ve seen people who i care for die infront of me without been able to do anything but offer a sip of water befor they go. Does that qualify me to know enough for you? Let me know!!

  8. anyone notice how the pnp or silent in this pandemic? something is not right here something s not adding up poeple be careful. Mr PM u lie nobody say that the minister should not take it u first should

  9. Mr prime you and your family need to take that vaccine first so inform camera let us see how much you care about us

    1. They can take something different and trick us you see the video with Bill Gates and him wife then you would see what they want to do to us black people

  10. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  11. Mr Prime Minister! I hope you know when you are going to put find on mask wearing according to what that evil rasta woman de whey name Jackson a sey, hunu know whey hunu a do, me ca tan in a mask all day, because mi have allergy/sinus, di other day mi ina bus in a mask and a piece a running nose tek mi, every time mi put on di mask, sneezing tek mi, is a good thing is under it mi a sneeze and have running nose or mi woulda get a beating sey a coronavirus mi have, so hunu try hunu best keep dat in a public space, oh!!!

  12. So now or they going to force us to take it if I have covid-19 and feel the way I feel now am not taking it

  13. Mr holness where are the beds in the hospitals. Where are the equipment and most importantly where are the nurses. What measures are in place to stop all these murders. What are your plans as prime minister

  14. Getting vaccines from countries who do not want the vaccine and are not putting their people at potential long term risk.
    Not enough research done on side effects and efficacy.

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