Prime Minister O'Toole? Nanos says his momentum is growing like a 'freight train' | TREND LINE 1

Prime Minister O’Toole? Nanos says his momentum is growing like a ‘freight train’ | TREND LINE


More than halfway through the federal campaign, new polling from Nanos Research suggests three in four Canadians see the election as unnecessary.

This comes as the Conservatives opened up a five-point lead over the Liberals, giving the party clear momentum going into the holiday weekend, according to the latest nightly tracking conducted by Nanos Research for CTV News and the Globe and Mail and released Friday morning.

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    1. @Nolan Baptiste in the end they all disappoint but I’m ready to let somebody else leave me feeling betrayed and discouraged

    1. you only have the rights you’re willing to fight and die for. men in suits putting pen to paper cannot grant or revoke rights. the charter is toilet paper as far as I’m concerned

  1. Quite simply, O’Toole has been very disciplined so far in this campaign. (Love him or hate him) It’s called Leadership!! While on the other hand, Trudeau is showing his real colours with false accusations ( pathological liar) and just total negativity. Also bringing Harper’s name into the campaign is just ridiculous! Seriously, you can’t run on your own accomplishments over six years??
    Canadians in huge numbers: Enough is enough!!

    1. Liberal’s not withstanding, when in your life and that of your parents have the Conservatives EVER made life more affordable for regular Canadians? Please, waiting for actual facts.

  2. great news can’t wait for Trudeau to lose , too bad he won’t be able to get his mommy anymore tax payers money

  3. As O’Toole continues to run a great campaign, its telling to see Trudeau’s vitriol and hate increase with every passing speech.

    1. O’Toole is fighting for All Canadians, especially the low income, self employed, and families that had to endure hardship, from Turdeau & the Libturds having our backs

    1. Self righteous, virtue signaling, narsacistic, egotistical, out of touch, scandalous, ignorant, weak…….he is sooo easy to despise.

  4. the cost of an election during a pandemic is ridiculous…..just because trudeau wants full power and not to work things out in the house….weak power grab

  5. Unnecessary election costing $600million taxpayers money. Make no mistaken Canadian by choosing O’Toole who has stronger leadership. Punish arrogant Liberals for consistently breaking the laws just like Ontario last election punished Katherine Wynn and her party. Keep the momentum going , PC

  6. Erin O’Toole, Quebec is cheering for you. We need the Tories on the provincial level too to get rid of the monarchs!!

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