Prime Minister Trudeau extends wage subsidy program into the summer

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urges business owners to apply for the wage subsidy program and to rehire workers after announcing the program will be extended beyond June.

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    1. can you spell the word bankrupt……Through this bankruptcies more Canadians will die than from the Wuhan Virus…..Seniors are taking a beating under this incompetent PM..

  1. Did everyone know Trudeau has committed a federal law and got away with it while he was supposed to be our role model as our prime minister? Look it up he’s not that great of a guy and he proves that our government is corrupt as he was not punished like you and I would be. Trudeau is supposed to be a law maker not a law breaker.

  2. This guy is as corrupt..Its time to open an RCMP investigation to all the money handed to all these “foundation” and organizations and follow the paper trail to see how it comes back to Trudeau and the Trudeau foundation ..

    1. Diver – RCMP are bought and paid for I think? Maybe try OPP see if they can get him provincially?

    2. Diver – SS do you really trust ANY police force in this country? Bought and paid for. Serve and protect? They are mercs. It has nothing to do with service anymore, certainly not about protecting.

    3. Time to open an RCMP investigation into the RCMP. Whatever happened to “What Happened” in Nova Scotia? Or… did anything happen?

  3. today’s campaign promise. There is no end to campaigning but the government is shut down

  4. How safe will workplaces be when I say no to universal basic income in the near future

    1. Universal Basic Income is the future. Get used to it. Why pay for E.I. and social assistance programs when everyone can just get one lump sum? Cheaper than the alternative.

  5. Trust fund baby pretending he understands and cares about the struggles of ordinary Canadians. What a fraud.

  6. For a moment I thought this was the new Epoxy Times ad.
    “O villain, villain, smiling, damnèd villain!
    My tables—meet it is I set it down
    That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain—
    At least I am sure it may be so in Denmark.” Shakespeare.

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