Prime Minister Trudeau’s full statement | New Canadians sanctions will target Vladimir Putin

Prime Minister Trudeau's full statement | New Canadians sanctions will target Vladimir Putin 1


  1. Okay if the world is potentially going to war we need to stop messing around and put a real leader in the house. This guy is clearly a joke. Enough is enough. This isn’t funny

  2. Played superbly.He gutted the occupy Ottawa movement, buried the bodies quickly and anonymously, nutted the opposition.He is not my guy but I have to admire a player when I see one.

    1. He’s down in the polls and an international pariah.
      A legion of lawyers are descending with at least dozens of law suits on the way for Charter Rights violations.
      He’ll be dragged through the mud for years until the election.
      He’s toast.

  3. What about the horrors at home: formerly the war measures act remember, innocent truckers remember, frozen bank accounts remember. Lest we ever forget his needless attacks on his own citizens.

  4. You tell them powder puff once they can find you .Putin knows how capable you are at handling the Great Trucker Bylaw Infraction Uprising ! I’m sure Putin’s now following your lead and heading for the bunker .

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