1. Jules Nagbunga for sure, but this is not about the brothers, it’s about Harry and his family, the brothers will be fine and this arrangement is for a year.

  1. The burden has been lifted. Big decision. Took a great man to make such a decision. God be with you Harry and your family always.

    1. @Alfred Cohen God and trump should not be in the same sentence. Just because someone says they are Christian doesn’t mean they are! Even Jesus said their would be snakes/evil people claiming they are Christian during the last days and we are here!

  2. I don’t blame them not wanting the publicity & nagative judgment that killed Harry’s Mother. 🇨🇦 welcomes thier Family & Privacy👍

    1. Gigi – no one was in that tunnel except Diana ‘s car and all of that paparazzi chasing her. Don’t get it twisted.

    2. @Pamela Morris the reason that would be, when they move in so does the 🇺🇸 AMERICAN MEDIA & AMERICA IDIOTS.

    3. His mother was killed by her own refusal to obey France’s seatbelt law. Since she was in the back seat of a six ton Mercedes whose passenger chamber was not distorted in any way, she would have been totally uninjured had she been wearing one. Instead, she went flying through the glass. The only person in the car wearing a seat belt, her bodyguard, was the only one who lived although a slab of concrete came crashing through the car, destroying his jaw.

    1. Yea flying around vacationing and receiving millions to do so while using 2.4 million of public funds to renovate his private residence is such hard work and terrible.. boo hoo…

  3. Loves Princess Diana, love Harry just as much,so much like his mom..God bless their family and their journey to happiness.

  4. I love it ! He is protective of his family as he should be. He said it was *his* decision. Bravo 👏 H&M !
    Diana would support H&M. Di only cared about her sons happiness. Very brave of Harry to walk away from what he’s known all of his life and to choose to be protective of his family’s mental health. I admire him

    1. @Andy Jordan You can continue to shout this old, tired, false, bull shi* till the cows come home. You haters have been saying this for years then you idiot’s wonder why he has had enough.

  5. What a brave young man!!
    We need more man like him in this world, man that put his wife and child first.
    God bless Henry and Megan!

    1. Exactly, she could have gone gold digging in Hollywood instead of Merry Ol’ England. But there she is all princess and all, now wanting her “freedom,” but must have those millions no strings attached. She’s nothing but a cum bucket money grubber. I understand a lot of people love and admire her, which tells more about their character than the cum dumpster princess.

    2. A handsome young man being led around by his woman. In other words, he ain’t got the balls to tell his wife what is the what for.

  6. Wow, even tho it doesn’t matter on my life what he does , his mother was a beautiful person loved by everyone.. so from Mexico we wish you Harry&Megan and little Archie the best ,🤗

  7. The way people come for his wife and kid, and seeing what happened to his mom, I can’t blame him. Not one bit. I hope the best for him and his family.

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