1. More like Meghan breaks her silence through Harry’s mouth. Except for being sad at not being able to retain certain royal duties, the rest is her yes?

  2. Megan, You will be busy tending to Archie and Harry, remember He is accustomed to a butler, cook, maids, etc….

    1. Harry’s mother family were of the Aristocracy, and Diana died, he was left with half of her estate. He’ll be fine.

    1. @Elizabeth Glass
      No, it’s their money now !
      Hope they get what they want and use their money wisely !
      Wish them only the best .

  3. He can come to Canada i dont mind,, but im not payin for his security FFS take care of yourself like everyone else!

    1. Mikebagisitichy who ask you , you are probably on a welfare as everyone in Canada since you guys have no jobs there.

  4. With combined assets of $45M and free house from the Queen, they had more than they deserved. Just enjoy the private life from now on.

    1. AB CD Harry’s money came from Diana. It’s a combination of her divorce settlement and her Spencer family trust. The Spencers have been one of Britain’s wealthiest families since the 16th Century.

      Insiders say that Meghan was worth $15-$17 million before meeting Harry. Suits alone paid her $5 million. On top of that, she did made for TV movies, had a successful line of signature women’s clothing, investments and at least $1 million in Toronto real estate.

      It’s possible that the couple are worth a real fortune by now because $45 million worth of blue chip investments easily turns into billions. The magic of dividends and compound interest will do it every time.

  5. So basically what the royal commentator said was Harry has to move, find a job and get working to provide for his family. Welcome to adulthood Harry.

  6. Time to pay your taxes in America and Canada. Progressive NWO HMMMM!!! Harry and wife are nobody’s now who cares

  7. Interesting how he said he “still loved” his wife. Weird that a newlywed couple who haven’t even been married for 2 years would say that. Unless the marriage is on the rocks already and has been for months. When someone says they still love you there is always a but….coming at the end of that

  8. What’s next?? ALL Canadian news sources will ignore these two , and we can all live our lives….PLEASE!!!!

    1. Not quite yet … till Canadian taxpayers are imposed the couple’s annual security costs worth millions … pray this government “will do the ‘right’ thing.”

  9. Theyre eyeing a $35 million dollar house in Vancouver. If they can afford that they can pay their own security. Canadian tax payers shouldnt have to.

  10. Please, no more consideration on imposing the couple’s security costs on Canadian taxpayers – especially now that they no longer hold Royal titles. How can the Royal security costs be justified? They choose to live in seemingly benign/immigrant friendly Canada, sure, but please retain overall Canadian respect by paying for their own, private security costs (if desired). Canadians are not paying any living or security expenses for local celebrities, why should they do so for expatriated celebrities from the UK?? If the current Canadian government has any sense of managing this imminent long-term financial burden wisely and responsibly,
    it better makes the proper decision in declining the costs on behalf of Canadian taxpayers, otherwise its minority power will be at huge stake – as further and further financial incomes/savings are stripped of financially struggling Canadian families and individuals alike … amid ever escalating Canadian debts & empty “talks” of middle class (?) affordability.

  11. What’s next is they’ll probably be holed up in a mansion, and get exactly what they wanted all along: privacy.

  12. I dont think the vast majority of Canadians give a 🐀 a a$$ what these two do as long as they don’t have to foot the bill

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