Pro-Democracy Demonstrators Protest At Hong Kong Airport | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Thousands of protesters gathered at Hong Kong International Airport singing anti-government chants to continue their protests for pro-democracy. NBC News' Matt Bradley reports.
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Pro-Democracy Demonstrators Protest At Hong Kong Airport | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. Definite problems with “democracy” in US but it’s up to voters to improve things. I do feel blessed I’m not living in N. Korea…life could be worse….and better.

    2. Democracy is useless because the masses are dumb down and stupid. They react only when they are pushed. Elections generally are rigged

    呢班廢青,在香港機場出口,欺負一個老人家,有個示威者,在老人面前主動自巳跌落地,這班廢青就說他打人,老人說沒有打人,也說了對不起,但這班廢青也不放過老人,這是和平示威嗎? 請發這片給多人看,讓他人知道這班無恥廢青的真面貌。

    Are these Hong Kong violence protestors peaceful to a very old man? The old man did nothing to the protestor, who fell down on the ground intentionally by himself. The old man had said sorry, buy ……
    Please spread this video and let people in the world to see the black side of these horrible ptotestors. Shame of them.

  2. Hide the American flag or Union Jack. It just make you guys look like dogs who hate their current owner begging the previous owner to take them back. Are you fighting for freedom or colonization?

    1. Anti DICTATORSHIP or PUPPET SLAVE TO DICTATORSHIP government = Democracy.

      Democratic government = Democracy.

      Is this how you were taught in Mainland China ? How many Mao’s Little Red Book have you swallowed ????

  3. Donald Trump said this is real new MSBNC. Congratulation ! Yes. He is very concern about what is happening in Hong Kong.The reason why the protest can take to this level is mainly because his support plus many from both the Republican and Democratic Party of the USA.They set aside the many of their internal differences and preparing for a bill to be passed by congress in 2020 allowing Hong Kong General Election to take place.At the present time only 1200 eligible voters out of a total population of 7 million can vote for their chief executive.This is 10 times worse than what happened during the French Revolution.

  4. Realistically I don’t think Chinese Gov will back down as 2 systems will end. So it’s a valid option to leave HK. When you do, you’ll find freedom also has limits in west.

  5. Never should of shown the US flag. Now the Chinese will say it’s caused by western powers.

  6. You need to prepare for those tanks maybe surround storm and capture the ccp building gather your own tanks and weapons

    1. The ccp has some goodies in that building and if they are not going to be serious about their cause all of this is for nothing the ccp will never allow them their freedom they will need to fight hard.

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