Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theories Penetrate Mainstream Republican Politics 1

Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theories Penetrate Mainstream Republican Politics


Rachel Maddow notes that even as the characters in the Arizona election spectacle embrace theories that are even sillier and more absurd, the fact that they're accepted by mainstream Republican politicians who old actual power make them difficult to ignore as would ordinarily be the case with fringey ideas.
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    1. In the real world there is no credible evidence whatsoever of voter fraud in the election. You should just accept it because it’s reality.

  1. It does not matter what the ‘cyber-ninjas’ might come out with – it is all tainted, biased, and without credibility. Taxpayer money wasted, absolutely wasted. Arizonans got grifted hard. Guess the AZ Republican faction considers their constituents to be morons. So sad. So dishonest. Such a disgrace.

    1. @Kev McCarthy Wrong. The ballot have been returned. Where do you get your news?

  2. When Trump is charged with actual criminal behavior his supporters won’t believe a word of it no matter how much evidence is presented.

    1. @John Adams They couldn’t find any crimes on Trump- this audit on the other hand may show a massive crime- treason- stealing an election.

    2. @Jonish ramirez we are a cult that wants the country to stay free and independent- we are a cult who wants fair elections. guilty as charged!

  3. Theyre absolutely in their own world, donald isn’t as popular here in AZ en masse as these gop nutjobs are touting themselves out to be. We are just as annoyed by these “audits”, if you could even call them that with a straight face.

    1. @Trey Sharpe Mountains eh ? – and yet none of the so-called evidence has been upheld or verified by any form of independent authority or analysis….literally none of it! None, nada, zip, not an iota!

    2. Arizonans need to turn in force to vote against these people. They need to be as motivated as these cult members.

    3. @Trey Sharpe prove it sunshine , there loads says Mr Pillow where is it then , there isn’t any , Sydney Powell unleash the Kraken , then suddenly there was nothing , you believed me I was not telling the truth

    1. @Iain Herridge Black Panthers were some good brothers.. I’ve met Mukasa Dada and a few others. Real revolutionaries

    2. White supremacist? is it racist to want a fair election? is it ok to be racist against white people now?

    1. Republicans are the remnants of the “know nothing party” 1850 that gained popularity and lost it right before the civil war started leading to them adopting the Republicans as their new party…

      The Know Nothings were originally a secret society. It was primarily an anti-Catholic, Anti-Irish, anti-immigration, populist and xenophobic movement.

  4. There is no mainstream Republican Party. The Republican Party has become the planet’s biggest lunatic asylum.

    1. @Judith Bradford nope – the election was stolen- these audits are going to prove it- you want fair elections don’t you?

    2. Trump killed the GOP. All that remains is the new Rethuglikkkan party. Not so much a party, just a kkkult.

    3. @Guacamole Kid so you saw Joe immediately start to heal our NATO alliances that t did everything he could to destroy them. t tried to get NATO to admit t . Saudi Arabia (they financed 15of19 on Sept 11 01. That was t’s first foreign trip. Here’s t’s friends. Putin Erdogan, al-sisi , Duterte, bolsinaro, Kim and t are in love, Poland and Hungary with their new dictators.
      Get the pattern? We Dems do not want change the world order. We want our alliances that have protected democracy around the world for over 70yrs . It’s t and republicans that want a new world order

  5. Gerrymandering has made so many state governments genuinely insane. The most out-there candidates have been able to win their primaries and elections when they never would have with more reasonable districting.

    1. @evan doe
      2020 election was not rigged. That is a FABRICATION of the right. However the 2024 election will be rigged, Republicans laying the ground work now.

    2. @Edward Riley He’s saying eventually the group of people supporting the nonsense drive out the people who are sane. The problem becomes there is a group of voters who believe that power should be shared no matter who the different groups of people are. They change their votes because government does not fix all their problems, and government is not designed to fix everyone’s personal problems.

    3. The most “out there” candidates are called, “Progressives,” or “Democratic Socialists.”

  6. America really needs to look into adjusting its laws and guidelines around culpability and accountability for elected officials. Actions that would have individuals, corporations and private groups investigated and charged with conflicts of interest, fraud, libel, or slander are just shrugged off as “oh well, their politicians, nothing we can do”. The people that have the greatest opportunity to abuse this power for criminal and personal ends are seemingly also protected from the consequences of those actions? And no-one seems to see any problem with this?
    As a private individual, I would be terrified of the consequences if I performed the kinds of activities these politicians regularly shrug off.

    1. We have to expose the machines and election fraud. If we don’t have fair elections we don’t have freedom.

    1. @Guacamole Kid NO they will not expose fraud because it did not happen. I have many videos and statements on video of republicans who explain what is going on in many of the videos you are questioning. you can view them.

    2. @B L Well we’re going to see pretty soon I have a feeling. I don’t think you’re prediction’s going to hold up too well though.

    3. Hey SMASHED UP CONDIMENT KID it’s time for you to wake up mommy says that you are having a Q dream

  7. What a suprise. republican autocrats AZ are trying to re-rig an already rigged political game in their favor.

    1. @LF313 since when is the truth projecting if you think its projecting then you obviously know it’s the truth

    2. @Steve Wilkins Truth? You don’t know who the president is, almost 6 months after his inauguration. How stupid are you?

    1. @James Smith We’ll see what the audits say- I think, no I KNOW it was stolen. But, because we don’t agree that it was stolen- then we should agree with need audits in all 50 states to make sure- then we can put it behind us- till then- no convincing me otherwise

    2. @Guacamole Kid -And who is going to pay for all of these audits. There have already been so many recounts and in most cases it gave Biden MORE votes! You seem to want to count them until the numbers change and that’s not going to happen! Instead of continuing on this same old and tired lie, why not do something positive like set your sights on the NEXT election and try to win fair and square. Let’s face it, you guys didn’t cheat good enough this time like you did in 2016. Better luck next time.

    3. @Guacamole KidPerhaps U.S. elections, at least at the national level, should be brought under United Nations inspection and control. And since our foreign policy has such a tremendous impact on the lives of so many people around the world, citizens from other nations, especially the G-7, should be allowed to vote in our elections.

    4. @Sandra Stone when you just count the fake and illegal ballots – this audit is going to separate the fake and illegal ballots from the legal ballots- Let’s really face it- everybody knows that biden cheated- and we are going to prove it and at some point you’ll figure out that this was a sting operation- there is no price to high to pay for honest elections.

    5. @Guacamole Kid -Dream on. No use arguing over it. Time will tell. I’m not sure how you can think we can trust these people currently doing the fraudit in AZ. As far as I can tell, exactly NONE of them are auditors. How about when this doesn’t work out, we next give them to preschoolers to count? Maybe then you will get the results you want? I’m not sure what kind of a mind you have to have to believe this total craziness. Especially when more and more of Trump’s allies are coming out publicly stating that there was no fraud. No investigation so far and no court so far has found any proof that there was anything amiss in the election and yet you people want it counted over and over and over and over until the results change. Guess what? They’re not going to. And I will never trust this fraudit no matter what the results are. It’s nothing but a Mickey Mouse distraction. This lie is tearing the country apart and anybody who supports this lie is as unAmerican as they come. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so gullible.

  8. and remember, his ignorance, idiocy and focus on re-election killed more than 600,000 American citizens … many of them his own voters

    1. @Guacamole Kid HCQ wasn’t used to save Trump’s life when he had covid. Monoclonal antibodies were.

    2. @Guacamole Kid please ,,,,HQC was a grift…they bought a boat full for a few dollars…old vaccine sitting around rotting. A GRIFT sucker….They milked free advertisement , Hanity, Rush, and others all in on the deal…SUCKER ..Even Dr OZ part of the con…

    3. @Guacamole Kid – Oh please. HCQ was NOT demonized by the Dems. What a completely asinine comment. It was proven ineffective for Covid through tests and science. It had ZERO to do with politics. WTF is wrong with people? And as was already stated, Trump did not receive one iota of HCQ once he caught Covid.

  9. I have about 5% of my portfolio in uranium stock, any advice on any other stock that I can grow my $300k capital to a million dollars??

    1. does using bots and paid commenters actually work to bring income to whoever is behind it? And is there a way you could have made it more obvious that your comment was posted for the single purpose of giving bots/paid commenters a starter comment to post replies to? I say this because it seems unlikely that someone so wealthy would go to a youtube video that has nothing to do with the topic of investment to ask advice about investing.

  10. Of course, it just can’t be that he’s a blatant liar and a con man. That would just be too obvious.

    1. Epic: I think he is the things you mentioned but now I’m starting to believe serious mental defect. Not trying to insult the man but rather all of this is well beyond any definition of sanity… You’re familiar with the phrase “Those the gods destroy they first drive mad”? I truly believe that Trump is seriously ill. Is followers… I will politely not comment.

    1. @EcchiDragon 80 I bet that’s what winds up happening. This was a sting election- there has been rampant election theft going on for years- the machines are designed to be able to be manipulated.

  11. In other democracies people who attempt election fraud are not allowed to participate in future elections.

  12. These stupid republicans will keep flipping the same coin over and over, trying to prove it has two heads !

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