Pro-Trump Election Attorneys Face Sanctions For Bogus Lawsuit | MSNBC 1

Pro-Trump Election Attorneys Face Sanctions For Bogus Lawsuit | MSNBC

A federal court in Detroit is considering whether to impose sanctions on attorneys including Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood over a suit seeking to decertify Joe Biden’s victory in Michigan and declare Trump the winner.

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Pro-Trump Election Attorneys Face Sanctions For Bogus Lawsuit | MSNBC


  1. Lies have consequences, Sidney. Don’t bother trying to defend yourself. No reasonable person would believe you.

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    4. @Laur Pellett he be known as the only president to have an impeachment trail without the trail, a bogus impeachment

    1. @YUM Liberal Tears 6 months since the election and zero evidence of wide spread voter fraud. The only voter fraud cases I know of were republicans trying to make trumps narrative true. Trump lost. It’s over.

    2. @Alan Hirschenhofer II I’m not defending them. I simply stating it’s only a crime if they knowingly and willfully provided false testimony. Ignorance and stupidity aren’t crimes unfortunately. As long as they submitted an honest testimony in good faith even if it was an inaccurate interpretation, it’s not a crime. It happens quite a bit actually.

    3. So all you dem that are so smart , please tell me why were they covering all the windows with pizza boxes when the counting was in progress ? Maybe the counting machines can’t read them. Lol

    4. @peter watritsch where exactly was that occurring??
      Fyi, it’s not only the dems that know trump was feeding his followers a bunch of BS…

    1. @Queens Rule You Losers just Hate Trump and Thats All it Is…Period….You are Weak People who got influenced by the Media because you cant think on your own….Why Hate Trump….Tell Me …What did he do to you directly….Most people Hat someone because they were either mentally or physically abused by them… or 2…They are Jealous of them…Faster .
      .Smarter….Better Looking…More Successful…..So What’s Your Reason…

    2. @Arthur C Arthur..Don’t Waste Your Time with these People….They are Just Trump haters who watch MSNBC which Real Americans dont watch because they are Non Smiling Mean Faced…Racists…Trump Haters…Always Negative…That’s all they Do…That’s Why their Ratings are in the Tank…We All Know Trump has More Support Then Ever…And they Know It To….MAGA Movement

    3. @Oscar Rincon fox news credible? that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day!!
      They aren’t even a news channel, they’re registered as an entertainment channel! Why are they registered as an entertainment channel?? Because if they are a news channel there are rules to follow & the FCC does not allow them to mislead their viewers…
      studies show that people who get their news from fox news are less informed than people who watch no news at all…

    1. @Ramon Gonzalez Not trolling, just calling out people who say stupid things and talk using rhetoric instead of their brain.

    2. @Laur Pellett Sweetie, when did I say that Trump won anything because he was winning at midnight? I see you lack the ability to think rationally, and instead just make strawman arguments. You poor, poor thing. Bless your soul.

    3. @Jim Myers – Glad to help…she’s been spam-posting ‘headlines’ from Danny ‘Boing-Boing’ Bongino (), as well.

  2. It just gets curiouser and curiouser. Every time you thought they had reached the bottom of the barrel of depravity, you realize that the bottom fell out.

    1. Anyone who voted for dementia Joe over a man that gave us the best economy we had in 40 years. Is totally clueless.

    2. @Stable he will never be president ever AGAIN, much less called king, that’s even more of a disgusting title for him…

  3. “Ignorance of the law” is seldom recognised as an excuse for the general public; why on earth should be even be discussed/entertained for legally “qualified” individuals. Does Joe Public get any consideration when their is signature is on a legal document (such as a court filing); why should bottom feeders get any special consideration?

    1. They won’t. There’s a rule that specifically addresses the issue of claiming to have only put your name on a filing. The whole point of signing a filing is to say you endorse what’s being said in the filing. Too bad for you if you didn’t read it before signing it. That, like so much of what these idiots have said in public that was clearly wrong, is commonly understood. I have to say, where did these idiots get their law degrees? I’m betting those schools don’t want that to get out.

  4. As they look at their unpaid invoices they have to be wondering, “why did I sign on to this?”.

    1. Ya they werent even qualified. Obvious fraud took place and they didn’t do their due diligence

  5. Powell and Wood are the kind of lawyers Trump can afford. Powell’s defense: “Reasonable people’ wouldn’t believe her election fraud claims.” was a one of the more remarkably ridiculous defenses that judge had ever heard.

  6. This is the thing we have the Cracken on tape stating that she was telling falsehoods and that if any normal person listened to her they are crazy.

    1. @jonathan bond – The current tally of “Suspended/Disbarred Lawyers for #45” *now* stands at *’SIX…and counting’.*

    2. None of that really matters. It is what she said and what she filed in federal court that matters. She will eventually be disbarred. I wish it didn’t take so long.

  7. Disbar them all, heavily fine them, even jail terms. Never let them stand before a Judge/Court again as an attorney ANYWHERE. They betrayed the intent and letter of the Law.

  8. Joe doesn’t have to explain to anyone other than those whom have never held a license. I am a former X-RAY Tech and knew exactly what I couldn’t do or would lose my license, attorneys know the same. I beg the Justice System, suspend or revoke their licenses.

  9. One of my paralegal instructors said, “Don’t jump into a pit with snakes.” In one of my cases, a federal judge spent 4 hours chewing out and grilling a city solicitor for possible perjury.

  10. Lin Wood literally lost the GA senate election for Republicans… hes a tool, but MAGA people literally lost their minds in winter 2020, it was a spectacle

    1. Chris – And the GA Bar wants Loony Lin to take a ‘competency test’ *before* they’ll reinstate his law license…and *he refused.*
      That tells us *everything* we need to know, really…

    1. I was hoping to see the kraken on August 13 . What else do they have other than finally releasing the kraken like they said

    2. @H Malik
      They’ve postponed the Realeas of the Kraken…again. Now they’re saying it will be released on December 32

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