Pro-Trump Lawyers ‘Demonstrated They Know Nothing About Election Law’

A Michigan federal judge ordered sanctions against pro-Trump lawyers over a “frivolous” election fraud lawsuit. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, who filed motions to seek sanctions against the nine attorneys in January, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to share her reaction to Judge Linda Parker’s order.

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    1. We have a saying in England. The horse has already bolted after the gates shut. Don’t blame trump. Blame the awful laws that exist in America. The law, if it were substantial, WOULD NEVER OF ALLOWED trump and his crooked lawyers to do what they did. The world watched in total amazement. Irreparable damage has been done. And I make this prediction. Trump will not spend a day in prison for his crimes, before his presidency, during his presidency and afterwards. Wake up America. Sort your ineffective laws!

  1. There’s one problem with this ruling. You can order lawyers to go back to school, but you can’t make them more intelligent.

    1. @UC_YuXotQ_G9j3dNlY51tU4A You’re correct that our political system needs help, but that’s why we need informed voters. I also understand the difficulty of trying to be an informed voter, and how boring the topic can be (I’m not a lawyer, I don’t love Civics or politics), but I’m rather patriotic so I think my country and countrymen are worth my effort. I know I’m not advocating for the easy solution, but I belive nothing good is easily attained. As for poor Socrates, his environment was actually worse than ours, and his political opinions cost him his life. However because of his sacrifice, Athens was so moved that they never again fell to mob rule.

    2. @History Fan I am not a historian and I have never heard of the Seward guy, but I do not have a bone to pick with how parties choose their candidates. You can always create a new party, if there is enough disillusion with how an existing party works.

    3. @Winston Smith There is a significant difference between how parties chose their candidates and how US citizens choose their president. The firs process has nothing to do with democracy. It is an internal party business how they do it.
      They might as well go and use tarot cards to select the next candidate, if they want it that way. You don’t have to belong to a party to be a candidate for the president of US.

    4. @Mariusz Krawiec Yes that’s absolutely true. However I’m against political parties entirely, so that’s not a solution I would advocate. Washington’s quote was: “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning,ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reigns of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”

    5. @Mariusz Krawiec There’s the theory of democracy and the practice. In theory, anyone can run. In practice, there’s the Bernie blackout. Ralph Nader made a documentary a while back about how hard it was to get his name on the ballot. You know, legally I wonder if you could accuse the dems and republicans of being a monopoly and break the parties up that way. Because a lot of the problems are a result of having two parties that are more alike than different. But I still think the biggest issue is media propaganda. Without MSDNC and FOX and CNN, Bernie would have obliterated Hillary. imho

  2. It’s been very interesting to notice that one of trump’s main attorney’s for over 20 years, Jay Sekulow, seems to have disappeared during the trump and GOP claim of “election fraud” and all those over 60 court case “Filings” and the Jan.6th insurrection. Sekulow was also one of the impeachment lawyers for trump. I wonder, if like Barr, he “saw the light of the “future crimes” trump and some GOP would be busted for, “down the road” and didn’t want to be around or get involved?

    1. @playaflydre3000 – Everybody who talks above your ability to understand must sound like word salad to you.
      Here’s your dressing: I explain it for you, but I can’t understand it for you.

  3. Way to go Dana N. You have been one of the valuable players in this entire debacle. When this is all done, I pray Biden have a special celebration for all those who fought for Democracy.

  4. 👏👏👏👏 judge parker!!
    Where was the pillow guy when these poor attorneys needed him (& all his concrete evidence) when they needed him in all this?

  5. They should be disbarred, they will lose their lawsuits from Dominium and they should be prosecuted for what they did..

  6. ‘Relax, guys – Rudy said that if we get into any trouble to give Donald a call’
    ‘The number you have dialled is not connected. Please check the number and dial again’

    1. Before Biden: Peace in the Middle East, Covid vaccine, cases at an all time low. After Biden: War in the Middle East, US Service Members and Allies dead, Covid cases at an all time high. Is this now “Biden’s virus?”

  7. Love love love that they are ordering these seditious attorneys to pay for their frivolous court time. Especially “no one should believe me.” Quackny Powell.

  8. Each and everyone one of these so called 9 lawyers will have to, in the words of Ivanka, GO AND FIND SOMETHING NEW.

    1. _If flipping burgers is no longer an option, ask Daddy to strong-arm a foreign country into granting you access to their markets in return for state secrets…_

    1. Before Biden: Peace in the Middle East, Covid vaccine, cases at an all time low. After Biden: War in the Middle East, US Service Members and Allies dead, Covid cases at an all time high, vaccine no longer effective. Is this now “Biden’s virus?”

  9. A huge humiliation to The former Guy’s so-called legal experts. Sentenced to take lectures in basic law.

    1. Before Biden: Peace in the Middle East, Covid vaccine, cases at an all time low. After Biden: War in the Middle East, US Service Members and Allies dead, Covid cases at an all time high. Is this now “Biden’s virus?”

  10. At last, it has taken a Michigan Federal judge to demonstrate one of the rare instances of sanity since the Trump “Parade of Idiocy” erupted after the 2020 election. Let’s hope that similar judgments follow all around the country. Trump IS out of office. Let this judgment begin the formal termination of every last shred of Trumpism that has been perpetrated upon our country and our legal system.

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