Pro-Trump Lawyers Tell Georgians Not To Vote In Runoff | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Pro-Trump Lawyers Tell Georgians Not To Vote In Runoff | Morning Joe | MSNBC


During a rally in Georgia on Wednesday, lawyer and Trump aly, L. Lin Wood, advised supporters Wednesday not to vote in January while a witness made unsubstantiated allegations of ballot fraud in front of the Michigan state House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, Aired on 12/03/2020
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Pro-Trump Lawyers Tell Georgians Not To Vote In Runoff | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Midnight Adventurer no mistake everything’s falling apart Trump will win as I say to most people look on both sides of the coin but so many people watch propaganda mainstream media

    2. @Loukya Grinsted Propaganda media would mean far right media like newsmax and Conservative media Fox, don’t get me wrong left wing media are also guilty but the right wing is more dangerous cuz it breaks the trust between Americans and government or democracy. Anyway I’m looking forward to a biden administration, I’m interested on how they will govern and we cannot say biden is for communist china or iran, remember before the virus and trade war trump was all lovey dovy with china, Russia and North korea. I believe America needed trump so it can reexamine itself and how to move on forward, thank to to trump making America an international joke, america seems more humble I hope. Although by no means trump deserves a 2nd term as president.

    1. Omg. Well, let them tell the MAGA whatever they want. WE will go vote! Giuliani needs retire. Go back and rest in his home or a home…

    2. @Steam fish White rice when did I ever say any of those things? All you did was assume now? Before you were generalizing Trump Supporters. Look in the mirror.

    1. @s The election is over. No one with a spirit for democracy is going to participate in a coup. Nor will we waste time watching it.

    1. @Michael bagley wow you need to get out some. Now you’re equating wearing a hat to treason? You are some special type of stupid lmao

    2. Javier J Watches and believes msnbc? What’s wrong with that if he does it? You are watching it too… wait a minute! That means you just came to troll, you almost got me. I don’t understand that behavior as a non-American, see I tried multiple networks and imv pro Republican like Fox news are way bias than CNN, MSNBC etc. The crazy part is viewers abandon Fox news after its anchors dared to call Biden as the elections winner. The first time I heard viewers getting mad because a network isn’t bias enough. I don’t understand this behavior as a Deutschman, where’s Ja Rule when you need him the most.

    3. @Javier J Right back at you MAGAT! Imagine a red hat wearing, Faux Entertainment watching, 45 worshipping boot licker having the unmitigated nerve to call someone else stupid.

    4. @Michael bagley why are you so mad lol I don’t have a red hat, I rarely watch Fox News bc i can’t stand Hannity and Ingraham, I’ve never licked a boot lol, and I guarantee I have a higher IQ than you. But you on the other hand voted for a crooked, crazy eyed, senile, child sniffer lmao never mind I know now why you’re so mad

  1. “This is Georgia, we ain’t dumb”?! I can name at least one person from Georgia who is dumb and he is wearing a red MAGA hat in that video.

    1. @Loukya Grinsted if they have actual evidence why haven’t they presented it in actual courts? NTD is so bais they don’t even hide it

    1. @Loukya Grinsted well, Minnie Sosa got flushed 5G whack noodle not verified in the Habeas Corporate super strike!

    1. I’m pretty sure that Rudy picked her up on a corner and told her he’d pay her $500 dollars and she doesn’t have to get naked.

    2. I agree she “seems like a flake” but after listening to her testimony at BOTH State Legislator hearings, her testimony is solid
      I admit I judged her too and wondered what credibility she could possibly have. The old saying is true ,”don’t judge a book by it’s cover”
      Watch Senator Callimari cross examine her ,he was the professional and articulate one yet she was able to clarify the issues he brought up

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