1. @Unknown Ellis umm, chaz, chop, burning small businesses owned by minorities, cementing doors closed and lighting the building on FIRE. Hmmmm killing a young black man with mental disabilities. It goes on and on. Yes. Way worse than storming the capital. If you justify it somehow, your a scum bag.

    2. DON’T BELIVE THEM IT WAS NOT TRUMP SUPPORTERS. The same exact attire (gloves, mask, boots) and antifa used the phrase “lets go” just before setting fire to the Target store in Minnesota. One “trump supporter” who entered the Capitol Building had a CCP Communist tattoo, another had face paint and a very distinct hairstyle. He was spotted at a BLM riot and also inside the Capitol Building. There is no doubt ANTIFA is linked to this!

    3. @JasonS you’re right it was a bunch of to do white liberals protesting In their behalf because they want to look bot racist by protesting racist stuff instead of using a movement to catch fame for them selves

  1. I remember the protesters in DC being removed quite easily in DC for Trump’s Church photo op….. not really happing here….

    1. Someone, please tell me the cost of the damage done by these protesters. And then let’s compare it to the cost of the BLM and ANTIFA riots last year.

    2. @R J Exactly. The impact of these people being there is greatly exaggerated because of the Trump voter fraud evidence.

    3. @James Jones I am so entertained by the melodramatic shock at today’s protest, when all the media and libtards diminished the impact of the violent rioting and looting last spring and summer, and excused it time after time.
      I think that today’s crowd was a big F-you to all who are now excusing the election fraud and the mountains of EVIDENCE that it occurred.

    1. @Jay Quick actually you can. You can match each ballot to a person: is that somehow confusing? The only thing that could happen legally is if they rejected mail-in ballots bc of signatures, yet more Dems voted by mail, so that would be hard to make your case there was mass fraud where only some 25% Republicans voted by mail, and they still put up numbers to mirror the last Presidential election, where Hillary still won the popular vote, while being much more unlikable than Biden.

    1. Actually I was thinking something similar lol. If this was a riot full of black people, would the police have had a stronger presence and been more forceful right from the start? I honestly think they would have.

    2. @Crypto Doge exactly, also you don’t see this group throwing anything and light cocktails or being super violent. I don’t understand how people don’t see this.

    1. @Likith Charan “Sadly the people want support from the government that’s there to help them, how greedy of them!”

    2. @Ravens412 123 free Medicare do you understand how taxes work I’ll explain on Saturday you give money to a hooker for service now replace the hooker with the govt for service

    1. @Michael DiTraglia lmao dude you actually think the people decided the presidency Come back to this comment in a year, then tell me whos the president

    2. @Michael DiTraglia dam just from reading what you’ve said In the comments , Your are spoon fed your info. I know public schooling doesn’t encourage critical thinking anymore but you should stop believing everything you hear and read. Ever notice the entire media is one sided? You don’t see corruption? No of course you don’t because Your brainwashed. But sit here and try to tell people facts that you don’t even know are facts beside what some media source told you. Cuz I know the media has never lied to us before

  2. Someone Is Thinking: “Let me go and click on the Simpsons Prediction Videos”

    lol now you’re are aren’t you!

    1. Not just Europeans. The entire world. I love turning on my TV and watching the shitshow while eating popcorn

    2. Yeah. Russian Hoaxes, Draconian lockdowns while governors eat caviar at their favorite restaurants, Fake News colluding with the Chinese Communists about source of virus ( no bats for sale at that wet market) and a fraudulent cheat by mail election won by a lifelong 40 year weak, frail and corrupt sock puppet politician. That is some show.

    3. LOL! i’m sure this show is very entertaining. what will the next episode hold? what will the president do? LOL

    1. @S K let them invade. There’s to many of us that have guns, between the citizens and military, nobody stands a chance. Idc if it’s China or Russia or whoever, maybe that’s what we need to unite as a country. Idk. But either way we will always defend our land

    2. @Steven Vu Oh yeah are you laughing right now? Are you enjoying the show? Do yo have it worth your money?You’re from Australia?Guess what nobody cares how is China fucking up the region down there?

    3. @S K dude you need to reevaluate you whole thought process. Your brainwashed af. You think your stating facts but all your stating is spoon fed info you got from corrupt media sources. But the media doesn’t lie right? you don’t know anything

    1. Ok in realz
      Do you really think that people could have actually gone into a actual in use military base? That’s a suicide movement
      Now in memez
      We could have Sheak and Pickle rick with us smh

    1. @DaOldSchoolRapLova96 seeing how it’s 6 days in and white supremacists and racists storm the capital and only 15 arrested, yeah….

    2. @ت this is why we have to beg God to give us fillers instead of going straight in the 2021: 2020 Next Generations

    1. Russian Hoaxes, Draconian lockdowns by governors who then eat caviar at their favorite restaurants, collusion by the Fake News Media and the Chinese Communists over source of the virus and a fraudulent cheat by mail election won by a frail, weak and corrupt 40 year sock puppet politician. They are reacting.

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