Probe Into Gov. Cuomo Claims Is Expected To Be Wide-Ranging | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Probe Into Gov. Cuomo Claims Is Expected To Be Wide-Ranging | Morning Joe | MSNBC


NY AG Letitia James' investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo will give her far-ranging subpoena powers to request documents and call witnesses, including the governor himself, according to reports. The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 03/3/2021.
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Probe Into Gov. Cuomo Claims Is Expected To Be Wide-Ranging | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @I am the Senate again forgive me I did get a little carried away and it was not meant to be directed towards you truly. I just think people take this a little too far. Have a great day lol. Ahhh I feel better not that anyone cares

    2. @I am the Senate I guess I’m just so sick and tired of Trump and his affiliates getting away with murder well mass murder on top of everything else. And they say justice matters but I really don’t see that happening here. I just cannot wrap my head around how Trump and his cronies have not been charged fired and removed. Sorry it’s just really grinds my gears.

  1. Remember when these same democrats “believed” the women making accusations against their political foes. Well, now the standard is lowered to “taken seriously” and “be investigated”. Why the change?

    1. Don’t worry, it will go back when another republican is accused. Could change again though if democrats keep getting accused.

      Let’s just hope they don’t get accused at the same time, it will be hard to publicly explain a double standard.

    2. These accusations are trying to divert our attention to how many elderly people he killed in nursing homes. Dont let these accusations distract you, the Dems are trying to accuse Cuomo of these so they don’t look bad because Cuomo was killing people in Nursing Homes. Dont let this distract you.

    1. @Mike Goetz fucci changed his position few times because it’s a new virus and they scientists are working on it as we move forward. Things can change based on new discovery but only trump supporters think that’s a bad think because it makes their cult leader trump and foxnews angry

    1. @Dave Dvorak well, you are here too, sweetie. Guess that makes you stupid. Or are you just mindlessly flicking through news channels to make asinine comments?

    1. @Tĩnh_Lại_Đi Vietnam I am a democrat so sorry if I might disagree on some republican things, but to be honest I do understand, but first off, if Cuomo get’s sexual allegation, that’ll be a scar on the democrats too from a guy who they wanted to maybe run as president to a guy that committed sexual acts, secondly this could weaken democrat votes from women in the north-east (the most democratic area of the usa), so you’re going to accomplish some things there, I do see more from though from the nursing home scandal, however here is the tough thing for me to believe without evidence. Not a lot of news channels were reporting on the nursing home scandal, now here’s the thing, do we know if the nursing home scandal is even real or if it’s just bias news reporting for their general audience? Sooooo the side I am pointing to is the side that actually shows a future.

    2. @Dakoda Hawkins
      Not bad reporting Factual Reporting of the Truth about the Deaths just not much Democratic Media coverage because of the Evil nature of Cuomo !! !

    3. @Alvin Glenn well what’s sad is un-biased news doesn’t exist anymore, when we would all get a long and agree, but now it’s just confusing. I can’t agree with any side of the cuomo allegation if one side is for republican and democrat while another is just for republican advantage. Conspiracy or not, I just don’t know.

    4. @Dakoda Hawkins All Democrat progressive women want and need sexual harassment from politician until they need attention and money. That doesn’t count out those women now accuse Andrew could be doing it under Democrat assignment to HELP distract the attention from nursing home crime. Democrat knew there is a choice and they pick the least damage to turn on. About the nursing home allegation, you question why media didn’t do much. It is because media wants to help Democrat not because it is not true. Sexual harassment will not damage Democrat candidate a bit. I give you ton of example here. Gavin Newsom governor, he was entangled in sexual scandal with his clerk in San Francisco and he got into REHAB 30 days then move on to be a lieutenant governor and now recalled-governor. Billy Brown stained with sexual relationship with Kamala Harris and still 2nd term mayor, now become Sacramento Senator. Bill Clinton still went through second term sweetly. Democrat women love to have sexual relationship with politician and they will vote them again. So picking the direction into sexual allegation in Andrew Cuomo case is no brainer. It’s a piece of cake. Picking murder crime in nursing home is the same as commit suicide.

  2. Denies inappropriately touching anyone, does he deny inappropriately kissing anyone though? What about all the nursing home deaths.

  3. I’d prefer an investigation into his nursing home policies. Other Governors too.

    1. @Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest No idea what that random collection of words was supposed to mean, but I’ll hazard a guess that you think it was some kind of insult.
      But what ever – I am sure it is still better than being an apologist for orange racist liars who bilk rubes into paying their legal fees.

  4. These two seem pained to have to report on this. Looks like they would rather have their finger nails pulled out than to report the news.

  5. I think this is a decoy to take the heat off of him for the nursing home deaths! The ladies need justice, but he also doesnt need the other removed when he is guilty.

    1. Yep Ralph Clark
      Same as ‘Billy Bob’ Jefferson Clinton and Monica. QUOTE:
      I Did not have Sexual Relations with that Woman ~ Miss Lewinsky (all the while thinking She had Relations with Me) !! !

    2. In this repressed day and age, it seems that every time a man makes a pass at a woman, it’s “sexual harassment.”

  6. Nothing sums up how biased and useless are media is, then this being bigger then his nursing home scandal

  7. He put old people with covid into retirement homes effectively killing thousands. Let’s not forget that

    1. This won’t get him kicked out. Nobody cares about sexual harassment. He’s like the billionth politician to be accused of sexual harassment and nothing significant ever happens

    1. @lee dog
      Cuomo and his placing Covid Patents in Nursing Homes designed for Say 200 patients with an Extra 200 more sick and dying Patients. That Witch is Mass Murder !! !

  8. Sexual Harassment is such a serious issue and should never happen. However is the media not more concerned about the 15,000 Covid’s deaths in New York.

    1. No they are not. The sexual harassment charges involve only HIM; killing 15,000 elderly could implicate him, many others and also uncover big time Medicare fraud which means $$$$$ in fines and further criminal charges. Sexual harassment is a much “cleaner” charge. Yes it’s sickening, but that’s what the left is—sickening.

    1. why democ agressive to cuomo,but compare to donald trump,more worst and more women complain but dtrump,don’t resign and don’t like unfare

    2. @Water Lily What does sexual abuse have to do with murdering senior citizens? The same folks that roast Donald Trump were hardcore fans of Bill Clinton. It’s hypocritical to criticize Dan Quayle for not serving during Vietnam but gave Bill Clinton a pass on the same subject matter. The same GOP that criticized Clinton gave a pass to GW Bush. I find both the Dems and GOP as BS artists- neither care and always give their own man a pass.

      Last I checked there were no women accusing Trump of sexual misconduct. But why let the truth become a factor.

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