Procurement minister: Over 70% of eligible Canadians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 1

Procurement minister: Over 70% of eligible Canadians are fully vaccinated against COVID-19


More than 70 per cent of eligible Canadians have received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, according to Minister Anita Anand.

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    1. We never had full lockdowns in Canada.
      Partial lockdowns were lifted in the beginning of the summer in most part of the country.
      The only thing we are asked to keep doing is keep distance with strangers and wear a mask inside public spaces.
      That’s just easy stuff to do when living your normal life.

    2. @michael dowson More contagious, less likely to lead to hospitalizations or death. Turn off the tv and you’ll feel a lot less worried.

    3. @MrG0TH1ER It is abnormal. When the government is trying to circumvent parental consent, I consider it to be quite disturbing. Remember when these imbeciles were dictating that you could groom your dog but not your children?

    4. @Suzìe Sharp I turned off the TV in 1975 young lady.
      I’m not worrying about myself; I’ve been to hell and back already when I was a child.

    1. The new enemy are the unvaccinated and this delta force thing. I think.
      Im unvaccinated so I think im a plant.
      But im not rooted to the cause.

    1. Israel, which is just about completely vaxxed, is starting third jabs already. The highest vaxxed counties have more cases, than the rest.

  1. Singapore stated 71% of the population are fully vaxxed. However, 75% of new infections are fully vaxxed.

    1. Ok but all of their ICU patients are not fully vaxed or unvaccinated, but i agree they need to lift restrictions, as did the UK and Singapore.

    2. @Anthony M 7 of 43 needing oxygen or in ICU are fully vaxxed, according to the Singapore ministry of health. Link please?

    1. @C I said this was gonna happen 18 months ago and here we are. I was labeled a conspiracy theorist.

  2. You know it would be nice if you listed anything that you said was true to this whole pandemic cuz I would like to see the shortlist cuz I know it’s short

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