Producer And Writer Dan Harmon Opens Up About Working With “Rick and Morty” Fan Kanye West 1

Producer And Writer Dan Harmon Opens Up About Working With “Rick and Morty” Fan Kanye West


Dan Harmon reveals hip hop artist Kanye West was slated to helm an episode of “Rick and Morty” and shares a surprising realization about the controversial rapper. This is a clip from an exclusive interview with The Beat's Ari Melber on MSNBC. You can watch the full conversation on The Beat with Ari Melber's YouTube playlist.

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  1. “…uncharismatic character trait…”
    Kanye may not mind being interrupted, it’s when he interrupts others that’s problematic.
    West is a walking bag full of uncharismatic character traits.

  2. RICK AND MORTY …way too intellectual for most ….they really get into astro physics and theory!

  3. Was Ari Melber intentionally interrupting Dan Harmon because he was talking about Kanye’s reaction to being interrupted?

  4. Is it me or is it getting a little bit schwifty in here?

    Oh, yeah!
    You gotta get schwifty,
    You gotta get schwifty in here

  5. Lol the title of this says Ricky and Morty LOL sorry I’m just a huge fan of the show and that stood out to me right away I didn’t think this was real because of how the title is spelled lol but cool interview

  6. First Elon Musk and now Kanye… Harmon loves hanging out with bellends for some reason.

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