Prof. Tribe: Trump's Attempt To Escape Accountability Is Going To Be Very Uphill | The Last Word 1

Prof. Tribe: Trump’s Attempt To Escape Accountability Is Going To Be Very Uphill | The Last Word


Laurence Tribe, University Professor of Constitutional Law Emeritus at Harvard Law School, tells Lawrence O'Donnell a lawsuit by two Capitol Police officers has the best case to make Donald Trump pay for the Capitol riot and pave the way for many other officers to sue Donald Trump. Aired on 04/05/2021.
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Prof. Tribe: Trump's Attempt To Escape Accountability Is Going To Be Very Uphill | The Last Word


    1. @Terry Lane terry, terry, terry…is the border the only thing you can think of to complain about???
      President Biden inherited a trainwreck and he clearly stated that his first priority has been to help the millions of AMERICANS left unemployed by the last so called Adminstration’s failure to manage the Covid-19 public health threat and to get AMERICANS vaccinations…be honest, if he’d have spent that same time putting out the dumpster fire at the border that his precessor left behind, you’d be SCREAMING that he wasn’t taking care of Americans first.
      and what was the last so called Adminstration working feverously on before they left???
      Setting up an illegal donation scam where they delibertley hid
      the fact that the donations were going to continue automatically unless the “victim” waded thru pages of fine print to check the tiny opt out box…to add insult to injury to the poor saps, at first the donations to the former president were automatically drafted monthly…THEN it automatically upped the theft to weekly “donations”…. where’s your concerns about the elderly Social Security recipients who were robbed blind by the former president ????
      They’d probably be glad to pay more at the gas station IF they had any money left after Don the Con was thru fleecing them.

    2. @Terry Lane as usual, terry, a chump cult member challenges someone who’s not one to present facts and when they get their request granted, instead of being able to intelligently the topic, they run away & hide

    3. @GSW#1 CHAMP he can’t…none of the brainwashed cult members can explain anything.
      Saw an interview recently with an attorney who was gushing over the former president’s “pushing thru” the covid vaccines & when the host asked exactly how he’d pushed them thru, she got that dull glazed Kayleigh McAninny airhead look & replied well, I don’t know the specifics, but he was definitely responsible for it

    1. @I AM the militia 35%er/
      We saw him speak on the 6th and for months leading up to it.
      Your BLM protests/insurrection comparison is a false equivalency.
      You’ve clearly never read the Constitution, or failed to comprehend it.
      A common trait among the easily duped magacult traitors.
      Two Dimensional Patriotism
      (For display purposes only)

      Suckers and Losers!

    2. @W Bush. Is that some kind of code? You make even less sense than Trump. But at least he can’t do that much harm now. Apart from to his own supporters of course.

    3. @Giles Bowman 35%er/
      No he didn’t.
      You’re just a gullible magacult dupe.
      Silly girl.

      Suckers and Losers!

    1. @Satanic Microchip v3
      Really…35%? Not that mush, I don’t think, and dwindling everyday. trump slithered out of the WH with 29% approval rating.

    2. @David Uruski
      If trump didn’t lie so much, the world would know. Did you send money to him, did trump drain your acct?

    3. @Brynn
      Read Michio Kaku’s book, “The God Equation”, it may have answers for you….you Do read, right? Then you can answer your own questions.
      ….and report back.

    4. @Anneke Greyling
      trump is too OLD for lessons!!! “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”
      trump hasn’t learned anything new since he was 12! Ask the Senator from Maine, Susan Collins, who acquitted him during his FIRST Impeachment!

  1. Do it , I hope that all of them sue the Orange thing and I hope that ALL receive multi Millions !

    1. @125min How about the twice impeached over BS by a bunch of corrupt BS liberal politicians?

    1. @janet geemail I’m a traitor because I don’t believe the government will hold either side responsible for their actions lol, some ignorant delusional b!tch you are. He isn’t going to jail, but good luck with that be prepared to cry some more soon.

    2. @janet geemail but nice try acting like you know something, in a feeble attempt to look woke on youtube, you miserable POS I feel sorry for anyone that has to spend more than one second of their life with you.

    3. Dude put the entire government in prison and the parties seriously are we not one american people or are we just a bunch of selfish kids

  2. He has done this with crimes all his life including sexual assault on a minor and he has never once had to stand trial .

    1. @Eddy Spreitzer mullers investigation saw many of trumps closest pals indited and because of Micheal Cohen trump will be indited on many charges of fraud. HE is the #1 fraud in this country.

    2. Yes four separate times Michael Cohen paid families of trumps sexual assault in the case of twelve year old girls nd boys.

    3. @Thomas Harte Agreed. And I appreciate the unintended insult or typo: “defemation.” Could be defamation OR defeminization of Strumpet’s character. 🙂

    1. @Sue Zbell 570,000 officially this morning. There is however a known excess of 130,000 above that.

  3. I hope every officer affected by Trump’s actions also get their day in court so that Trump will hopefully be made to understand that words and actions do have consequences.

    1. @One day At A time lol Lost the House, Lost the Senate and Lost the Oval Office, One term twice impeached “president” that lied on a daily, attacked dead veterans and steals from charities. Under trump unemployment jump to over 9% and his “easy to win” trade wars cost American farmers to lose their homes and go on welfare. Yeah trump was a peach. LOL
      No one takes you seriously, any 5th grader to research and see that trump was/is the Worst President and human in American History.

    2. Don’t forget the 600,000 dead, which at least 40% of were preventable. Trump is a murderer. He knew the virus was airborne in Jan 2020 and didn’t tell us.

  4. I hope they all do file suit against trump, but lawsuits take time. They better hurry up before he croaks on them.

    1. @KLB I have to try to keep track of what’s up in the Q community because I just discovered one of my adult kids has been influenced by some of the lies and rhetoric. I’m not sure to what extent. But he frequents Facebook…

    2. @Victoria Williams I hope you are able to influence them to critically think. I am unaware of there Facebook presence, as I am hardly on there. I ran into it on Twitter. The predictions are far fetched and repeatedly inaccurate. As I stated before the posts are not clearly written. I will pray for your children eyes to be open to the falseness of it. When I first heard people reporting against Q, I didn’t fully understand what Q was. It upset me that they were mocking people for being what they considered stupid. When I finally saw what Q was I was still upset, because they are duped. Someone claiming to be part of the Q posting was interviewed by Newsmaxtv. He said it started off as a joke, but once he realized how serious people were taking it he stopped being involved. I don’t know if he is telling the truth about it. I just know I don’t like the American people constantly being lied to. I don’t like my common sense being insulted, I don’t like people’s common sense that has not been properly exercised manipulated and I don’t like people that lack common sense being constantly manipulated. It doesn’t matter what political spectrum people are on, they are my fellow Americans. To me that means family, and that is being murdered through manipulation.

    3. @KLB Thank-you for your kindness! I agree. It makes me very angry, sickens and saddens me as well. I hope you can steer clear of this invasion on truth. I figure I’ll just keep giving him suggestions for consideration. Hopefully it will pay off with him sitting down and having conversations about what has actually been happening. I hope you have a good evening, my friend.

    4. @Patrick Fitzgerald “it did get vaccinated…” Lol. Yes, trump is not a “he”, trump should always be referred to as “it”!

  5. Can anyone imagine “a riotous storming of our Sacred Capitol” having a similar disaster in any other Capital of
    the civilized world?

    1. If this were to happen in any other country, especially any country in the Middle East, the US would’ve intervened militarily by now.

    2. In any other country the death toll of those attempting a violent insurrection would have been in the HUNDREDS. Sadly, history shows that the ONLY way there would have been that kind of response in the US would be if the terrorists were NOT WHITE.

    1. @scott Popowski What a lame comeback.
      Reflecting your dear leader’s crimes doesn’t work, it is childish at best.

    1. What judge? What law enforcement? What part of the government has ever held any president accountable? They don’t its a white mans game always has been.

    2. I would be surprised if at least some of these lawsuits don’t win. Once one wins then there should be a landslide of wins for the rest of them

    1. @Derrick Landers Most of “those” people were there to march for equal rights and a few were there to cause trouble. So what were “those” people doing at the capitol when they were attacking cops and destroying Federal property.

    2. @Taylor Fox
      Oh just trying to take down American democracy…they HATE America, clearly. Yet, they thought they were saving it rather than killing it; troglodytes aren’t very bright.

    3. @Daniel Dravot I agree with you 99%, what I don’t agree with is this notion that trump doesn’t understand or comprehend what he’s done. trump knew Exactly what he was doing and what kind of reaction he wanted for his cult members.

    4. @Taylor Fox, I am convinced Trump doesn’t have any motivation other than to further his own agenda.

      He knew how lethal the virus was going to be, but he still ridiculed it and called it a hoax. He was so worried about the Dow Jones that he urged his cultists to ignore professional advice on masks and social distancing.

      As it turned out the economy got murdered by the virus as much as the population did because of his ineptitude and indifference to anything but his own image.

      We’re too close to it now, but I think history will be tougher on Trump for his intransigence and incompetence during the virus than it will be for his attempt to foment an insurrection.



    3. @Yagotta Kidding Which makes it all the more difficult to get them to pay up.
      We all know how rich people are able to side-step the law.
      I no longer even trust the legal system.
      It’s gone so far to corrupt that I doubt there’s any saving it now.

  6. If his supporters fail to ever understand how they’ve been duped, this division of our country will not heal.

    1. @Derrick Landers pardon my thickness, but could you explain what you mean by, bad for the country though?

    2. I think it’s funny!
      I didn’t vote, because I knew the right was about to get duped.
      I was able to see that, because I watched the years, as y’all got duped first.
      they tried to tell y’all that for a couple years, you didn’t listen to them.
      As Americans they can heal once they realize what they saw was an illusion.
      I can’t say the same about Y’all. These medias own you! if they don’t have Trump to talk about, most of there viewers don’t watch it. I see no cure for this.
      Trump derangement syndrome. It shows it. Very easy to prove, don’t think it can be disproved.

    3. @cappi1971 I think they’re intelligent enough to know liberal politicians and ideology is bringing the country to civil and racial war.

  7. I will believe it when I see it and I do hope 45** will have a spectacular bankruptcy from all of responsibility dodging.

  8. Notes to self: (1) you are responsible for your behavior, and (2) whatever IS broadcast, televised, and distributed during a live event IS EVIDENCE.

    1. It is absolutely amazing how many people did not realize that!! They should have made a mental note to themselves, like you.

    2. @P Watson I was in DC at the protest (I live 5 mins from DC), but I did not take part in the Capitol riot.

    3. I would like to think that Trump will be held accountable, but considering how many times he has slithered out of any past accountability for his unethical and sleezy behavior- I am no longer optimistic of justice for the ppl regarding Donald Jail-him Trump!

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