Promoting Democratic Governance

Michael Astaphan, wrote Hi Chris, The only democratic government ever to pass Integrity in Public Office legislation without any Right to Information and Whistle Blowing Protection Legislation is this DLP led administration in our beloved Dominica. On top of all that, it took them 5 years to effect the legislation. When a Government does that, all they have done is to expose their dishonest and corrupt identity to the World. I have told you so in so many way and yet still you talk about this in your conclusion  “It is also of an equal importance that this diligence is monitored and reported as an unbiased and non-political agenda if authenticity is to prevail”. The facts were steering us all in the face and yet some Dominicans participated and supported this corrupt regime financially and otherwise, others were on the radio and Internet (you in particular) promoting the monster regime and the rest knew the facts and sat silently and allowed the criminal regime to continue to represent them. Those Dominicans that exposed the truth were labelled as Political Opponents that would say anything to oppose the leadership of the DLP with propaganda. The facts are the facts. Tell me, are we serious about a MOU with China? Is it a MOU with a China we know??? Which China?? The Red Army China ??? or The Corporate China??? or The Chinese Mafia China???? Which one did we sign the MOU with?? We do not know yet we support this nonsense and talk about non-political agenda!!! We need to be honest with ourselves because unless we are, we will forever be pontificate on having to be unbiased not realizing that there is nothing more bias than not being honest with the facts and ourselves. We are all responsible in one way or another for Dominica as it is today and we must take the responsibility to address the deteriorating situation our children’s sake. God Bless

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    Promoting Democratic Governance
    Christian Volney wrote on Sat, 14 Aug 2010 00:21:02 -0400 Trevor,It may have taken this DLP 5 years to implement the  enactment of the IPO legislation, as mandated constitutionally (with much delay and amendment to a gazetted act) which was long overdue; nevertheless, they did (where others failed) and should be commended for it.

    Was it as a result of ‘due diligence’ by an informed public? Absolutely, which is why I am confident democracy is alive and working in Dominica under this administration.Are the people happy with the overall resolve of its implementation? I think not, because the ‘questionable’ existence of ‘asserted’ allegations of corruption have not been, (a) unsubstantiated legally by a court of law, and (b) investigated by the commission or an initiated public inquiry into the allegations. This general consensus does not render the government as being guilty, but does cast a cloud of doubt on their innocence.This is where an ombudsman would be ‘obligated by law’ to intervene on behalf of the citizenry, reporting the finding to the commission (either) dismissing the assertions, or recommending a public inquiry into the assertions be initiated.

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