1. you are in fact dumb because blank casings are the same dimensions as live round casings and must be chambered to fire. only auto loading guns require modification to create enough gas pressure to cycle.

    1. “Live” can mean blanks as well. It’s possible that there was some debris stuck in the barrel that got propelled by the blank (as with Brandon Lee’s death)…although that would probably mean that someone wasn’t very thorough inspecting it.

  1. So they take real guns and load with real looking ammo. Only sometimes they accidentally get loaded with live ammo??????

    1. it’s the armorers job to make sure things are safe, that’s why they are hired. it’s not on Baldwin when it’s not his job to make sure things are safe. anyone who actually works on a movie set could tell you how strict things are. and from all the information we have now about this case it’s pretty clear things were being rushed and the film was cutting corners. pretty clear outcome.

    2. @Eric W Please educate yourself on basic gun safety and laws, if Baldwin wasn’t rich and famous, he wouldn’t stand a chance in a court of law.

    3. @Justin Huang guess you might need to boycott the entire movie industry then because that’s standard procedure.

  2. We’re in 2021 theres NO WAY you can excuse this. We definitely have the technology to make realistic guns without actual fire power, this is so stupid.

  3. Transportation of hand guns in Canada y’all half to call police and call again when returned home with gun…….. did this happen on set. ..

  4. who cares what kanaduh does? who even watches kanadian shows or movies? useless interview

  5. Strict rules in Canada which is true. But I guess they’ll have to ban all guns in films and tv just to make sure we are completely safe

  6. You gotta ask if they were firing live rounds on set to test guns or just getting familiar with it and know one cleared the gun. Props other than revolvers have side vent. Stuntmen and women get killed on set quite a bit all for thrilling violent movies not cool.

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