Proposal for Maintaining Improving Peaceful Dominica

Dear All,
Prime Minister Skerrit just provided me with an update on the proposal that he requested from me in January 2011, and I submitted to him on Feb. 8th 2011, and was brought before Cabinet in April (14th or so), entitled, “Proposal for Maintaining and Improving Peaceful Dominica.”
The proposal included sections on the nature of current problems with some estimates and predictions of future problems, trends in various categories of crime, recommendations to address the problems, a contractual schedule, and budget.
The budget for 3 years was 2.2 US million in year one; 1.3 in year two, and 1.3 in year three with future figures to be determined.
The Prime Minister’s direct response today is, “The government at present or the foreseeable future cannot afford the rates. We have however been in touch with the OAS to see if they can assist with some limited funds to implement an aspect of the proposal.”
Considering this response, I would like to circulate the proposal so persons can know its contents, and help to make the priority items and others with it happen. I want to soon prepare a revised and abridged version  that focuses on the priorities considering current conditions on the ground.
I want to address this in a manner that focuses on bringing people and resources together for building needed capacities in Dominica. It may be best to circulate the proposal(s) among a working committee of committed people rather than a wide news group. David, Clayton, Gabe, Rags and I have begun similar discussions. Others can perhaps be of assistance.
Who among this group would like to be part of the working committee for “Maintaining and Improving Peaceful Dominica”? The proposal was submitted through my consulting firm. DAAS continues to be one of the partners in this effort.
Please reply with your interests in being on the committee, and if you believe this is even a sensible way to move forward — again in the spirit of healing and positive nation building.

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