ProPublica Reporter Thinks There Is A ‘Distinct Possibility’ Of Future Right-Wing Extremist Attacks 1

ProPublica Reporter Thinks There Is A ‘Distinct Possibility’ Of Future Right-Wing Extremist Attacks


A.C. Thompson, reporter at ProPublica who covers the rise of right-wing extremism, analyzes the risk of domestic extremist groups and the ways government can combat this growing threat.
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  1. Great another Timothy McVey……
    It wouldn’t be hard for cops to infiltrate these groups (Vet the cops though)

    1. @charles bombaugh Trump doesn’t even having a passing acquaintance with God except to usurp his powers via verbiage such as l am The Chosen One. More like he is in constant communication with the devil.

  2. Remember all those neo-nazi’s in Charlottesville, with their Home Depot torches and Dockers pants?
    Well, once you’ve stopped laughing at that mental image, remember that they’re still here, waiting for the day when their parents give them enough allowance money to afford another trip to DC.

  3. I am sorry for interrupting this video, Nicole I love the too, where did you get it?

  4. What happened January 6 and in Republican States with their election lies is the abandonment of Democracy in favor of Authoritarian minority rule.

    1. Let’s be honest, our constitution supports minority rule. In the Senate, California with nearly 60 times the population of Wyoming get same number of votes. In the presidential election, a Wyoming vote is nearly three times the vote of a Californian. In the Constitutional amendment process, states representing less than 10% of the total US population can keep the majority from correcting these inequities. Thus we have a tyranny of the minority.

    2. @ruth depew which also enables corporate types, if they corrupted the right officials, to employ them as a shield.

    3. Authoritarian rule is not necessarily a bad thing depending on who the minority is. For example, Jesus is known as the “king of kings”, right? Majority rule can be even more evil, lest we forget 75 million Westerners voted for Trump last U.S. election….

    1. @Carlos Lara
      Please keep making those threats sp1c as you’re helping wake Whytes up to the threat your species poses to the West.

    2. @ᚪᚢᛏᚢᛗ ᚱᚪᛇᛝᚹᚪᛏᛠᚱ You are all traitors to this country and will be treated and dealt with accordingly.

    1. Vanilla Isis is a pretty funny one. Obviously if you know what the acronym stands for it doesn’t really make sense but Americans never really knew or cared so it still works.

  5. I hate to be that guy but Black folks been telling people for years about white extremists and domestic terrorism but people told us we are “exaggerating” and they were “patriots” smh lol

  6. For an Independent voter like me, KICK OUT all ReTrumplican party (R) next to their names. RIH GQP.

    1. ​@Nicholas A., today ReTrumplicans have a pretty simple philosophy ……. Screw everyone but ME. ReTrumplican party has only one policy, HATE everyone who FACT CHECK on them or tell them they are wrong. They idolize one con man. SHAME. RIH GQP.

    2. @Il Was I wonder what Lincoln or Eisenhower would think of Trump or the current crop of Republicans?

    3. ​@Billy taylor, Lincoln and Eisenhower must be rolling over in their graves. Lincoln created Republican Party after the Whig Party demised. SHAME.

    1. Those Insurgents & Traitors should be punished to the full extent of the Law for trying to overthrow the Government over a LIE. We used to hang traitors.

  7. This just in..Water is Wet!! Of course they will…Until the FBI cracks down on them and drives them back into their holes..

  8. The problem with a family member turning in an extremist relative is that so often the whole family is radicalized.

  9. stay woke
    They be creepin’
    They gon’ find you
    Gon’ catch you sleepin’ – Childish Gambino

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