Prosecution Shows Video Of George Floyd Inside Store Where He Allegedly Used Counterfeit $20 Bill 1

Prosecution Shows Video Of George Floyd Inside Store Where He Allegedly Used Counterfeit $20 Bill


During witness testimony by Christopher Martin, an employee at the Cup Foods where George Floyd allegedly used a counterfeit $20 bill, prosecutors in the Derek Chauvin trial played surveillance footage showing Floyd buying cigarettes and interacting with people inside the store. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Prosecution Shows Video Of George Floyd Inside Store Where He Allegedly Used Counterfeit $20 Bill


    1. @Jf H The estimated lethal dose of fentanyl in humans is 2 mg. The recommended serum concentration for analgesia is 1–2 ng/ml and for anaesthesia it is 10–20 ng/ml. Blood concentrations of approximately 7 ng/ml or greater have been associated with fatalities where poly-substance use was involved.

      METH- 19NG.


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      felt on their own.

    2. @Will Lee you hate every criminal equally? So the Capitol insurrectionists that attempted to stop government function and murder a bunch of people should be locked away for life then, right? If death is justifiable for passing a fake $20, then surely the same or worse should absolutely be true for trying to overthrow the government, correct?

    3. @Jf H what makes you think us cops need only a high school diploma?
      almost all departments nowadays require a 2 year degree

  1. This transpired over a fairly lengthy period. Wouldn’t a guilty person just drive away. They went back out twice and Floyd was still there when police arrived.

    1. @I Petrik you morons can’t have it both ways. He was to out of it put posed a threat to four officers. Which one was it?

    1. @KEN LIEBERMAN “Maybe he had to pee..”

      LMFAO.Killed me bro

      Like One of my BFF in school i bet you heard”Ken go stand in the corner” more than the average student lol

    2. @Little Wisdom George Floyd had a criminal record the size of a Harry Potter book. One of his crimes was holding a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach while his “Homies” ransacked her house… The world was done a favor.

    3. High on what? Can’t be fentanyl because opioids are CNS (central nervous system) depressants and give you a euphoric relaxed, lethargic high, not a bunch of energy. That would be stimulants if that was the case. This is just simple pharmacodynamics and pokes a hole in everyone’s make-believe story of him overdosing on an opioid and this video serving as some kind of evidence of the effects of that preceding so-called overdose.

    4. @JW The Autopsy already been released over half a year ago showing lethal levels of Fetnayl and methamphetamines in his system. Fetnayl (Similar to Heroin) is known to cause symptoms from an overdose that makes it difficult to breathe.

  2. I use to get a lot of counterfeit 20s while working as a delivery driver. Most of the people doesn’t even know they are counterfeit.

    1. @Dat Hombre “They say a combination of drugs, hypertension, coronary disease and adrenaline triggered a cardiac arrhythmia.”

    2. @Aviate 738 ALSO not to mention, he’s very clearly not nodding off from an opiate. If he was overdosing on Fentanyl then he would look practically asleep. If anything he looks like he’s on a stimulant, aka meth, but that’s not what you’re even claiming he overdosed on so that is irrelevant to this discussion. Just so strange how desperate you people are to create a lie even if it makes no sense whatsoever.
      Edit: I was talking about in the police cam footage of when he was arrested. He doesn’t even look like he’s on a stimulant here unless it was a small’ish dose (like at 2:03, that looks potentially stimulant-induced), but nor does he look like he’s passing out from an opiate overdose obviously.

    3. @Aviate 738 No. “Two autopsy reports said the manner of George Floyd’s death was a homicide. Neither said the cause of his death was a fentanyl overdose.” See: (Toxicology report was made public by the MN prosecution revealing the cause of George Floyd’s death was a fentanyl overdose)

    4. @Aviate 738 yeah I’d say putting your knee on someone’s neck for 9 minutes could cause hypertension and an adrenaline rush. do you seriously think he would have had cardiovascular arrest at the exact same time of day and it’s all just a complete coincidence it just happened to occur while a knee was on top of him

    1. I guess George Floyd is the one that’s actually on trial. Anyone that walks like that deserves to have a knee to the neck for 9 minutes even if they aren’t resisting arrest… Anybody caught in the act or being suspected of committing a crime should be executed on site Judge Dredd style.

    2. @incubusman421 was resisting didn’t want to get in the car.. try again.. Dont do fentanyl and you won’t overdose

    3. @Crazy Zanos is alec
      The video speaks for itself. The video CANNOT lie cannot be wrong because it’s video !!. The only wrong is if someone closes his brain as to what his eyes are showing him. CLEARLY Floyd is getting weaker and weaker as Chauvin refuses to take his knee off Floyd’s neck. Floyd pleading for instructions, pleading for mercy, pleading for his life for 7 1/2 minutes.
      Minute after minute Floyds voice and breath gets weaker and weaker and weaker until he says “This is it I’m going to die, I’m going to see you Mama”
      Even after that even after Floyd’s body has remained completely still Chauvin still would not get off his neck for 1:43 seconds. After helping to lift Floyd’s still body into the ambulance, Chauvin walked away without a care or concern in the world,
      The persecution shows that video 11 times, Chauvin will not survive.

    1. LOL!! Thats what fentanyl will do to you! Then he swallowed the remainder of the drug when the police showed up, thats why he is dead, not from a knee on his neck.

    2. @Jake Sneed no you don’t know what Tweakin means. That man is clearly tweaking. Rolling bowls of meth

    3. He was give the other person room to walk. I do that all the time( AM I HIGH AS A 16 YEAR OLD DDD???!!!)

  3. The dangerous vermicelli spatially scrape because leg neuropathologically pinch plus a bloody ellipse. beneficial, tasty cricket

  4. I don’t know about everyone but if I get high (I’ve never done drugs btw) I am NOT okay with a police officer kneeling on my neck for any amount of time. People literally called the police on the police that day because they said it looked like they were trying to suffocate Floyd.
    Can’t be kneeling on people’s necks. It’s really just Common Sense

    1. @Akitsu Maru I didn’t say he got what he deserved over the counterfeit. I’m saying that based off of past situations involving this guy.

      Karma got a hold of him. Just because the law is done punishing you, doesn’t mean that karma is.

    2. @Native American Cowboy Justice was served to GF in texas. He paid his debt to society. And if law deemed it so, so will you. He could’ve changed his ways and truly wanted to do better. Too bad we will never know since he was MURDERED BY A PIG.

    3. Then you should have a beef with the police department, not the officer. The police department teaches its officers to use a neck restraint.

    4. @Native American Cowboy did he? He was arrested without the officers reading his Miranda rights. This was a misdemeanor, and the officers should have just written him a ticket, and let the court settle it.

  5. 1 – Choke hold cutting off the blood supply. 2 – I have asthma and have had attacks where I found it hard to walk but I still could talk to some degree just like George Floyd. The position he was put in makes it hard to breath which is why sometimes you bend over a little when you are having trouble breathing with arms in front. I easily recognized George’s breathing and speech patterns as did the onlookers or at least they knew he was having trouble breathing. But not the officers? They were just too caught up in their own world for whatever reason and what Chauvin said during and after he killed Mr. Floyd shows depraved indifference to human life. (words like arrogant, controlling, punishing come to mind) BTW Panic can easily make it hard to breath and some times you just need a minute or two to calm down which is what it sounds like George was asking for when they were putting him into the car.

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  7. $27M buys 90,000 speedballs, which is one speedball per day everyday for the next 246 years. I did the math in case anyone was curious about that.

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