Prosecutor In Chauvin Trial: ‘Sense Of Peace’ With Sentencing 1

Prosecutor In Chauvin Trial: ‘Sense Of Peace’ With Sentencing


Jerry Blackwell and Steve Schleicher, lead prosecutors in the Chauvin trial, join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the conviction and sentencing of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

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    1. @William Royer It has already been announced that Derek will be in protective custody, which is standard procedure for law enforcement personnel that are in Minnesota prisons.

    1. If they can’t defund the police they’ll grind them into the ground so no one else wants to be one – same difference. The left cannot control the police so they must eliminate them instead as they continue to push their anti-America agenda.

    2. @ForumLight @ForumLight I have to ask you does the “American Agenda” include the murder of a civilian by uniformed police officers? If that is the Agenda you support then any totalitarian and fascist regime will welcome you with open arms.

    3. @Ian Thomas Ian, does that mean officers need to ignore people resisting arrest and wait until they get shot before doing something about it? If so, then anarchist nations welcome you with open arms. Police put their life on the line to protect your rights – if there were no more police and your family was threatened by armed criminals, you’d then stop pretending you don’t get it. In places where police are being reduced, crime is skyrocketing.

      And As of March 31, according to statista dot com, the number of criminals shot to death by police in 2021
      183 non-black people killed by police
      30 black people killed by police.
      Half of the people who committed crimes were black, yet only 30 out of 183 killed were black.

      The media ignores all of the 183 killed by police that were not black and any chance they get will flood the airwaves with “BLACK person shot by police” which just proves the media / democrats are pushing a racist, Marxist agenda of creating division, manipulating black Americans into thinking they’re being targeted, that they’re weak, that they’re victims, helping eliminate police while black on black crime is now skyrocketing due to less law enforcement, all to manipulate black Americans that they need to remain enslaved to democrats doing their bidding by rioting.

      Time to wake up – unless you’re one of the paid propagandists, in which case go collect your check and keep posting your propaganda.

    4. @Sleepy fourtysix I would prefer innocent first till they are judged by your peers. By your comment. It sounds like you dont believe in a true justice?

  1. Jerry n Steve job well done at least the family will get some closure now and can move on god bless the family of George Floyd may he rest in peace

  2. Wow. Lots of Russian propaganda going on here. I just read 50 lies in ten minutes. As usual, they are hiding in the replies section. These are the people continuing their efforts to tear the country apart. Don’t waste your time here.

    1. Fine, you guys are Chinese propaganda.

      Floyd couldnt breathe while standing, that much is fact. This is manslaughter

  3. Daily reminder that jury prior addresses were attacked, graffiti everywhere, and a dead pig was left in a driveway.

    1. What do you mean in truth???? Prior addresses were found. And we KNOW THEIR NAMES@D E

      What a liar man

    2. @D E 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂😹😆🤣😂
      That’s a great joke.

    3. @10th letter That was your mother getting a tan on that jurors driveway…. How dare you disrespect her by calling her a dead 🐖 pig. SMH

  4. 8:06 CULMINATION! LOL… every time I here that word, all I can think of is the lacrosse assistant coach in American Pie. 😅

    1. He could have spun around in a chair the entire trial.
      BLM terrorists, did the actual work here.

    2. @James Smith its a sham trial and the verdict was clearly influenced by cultural intimidation.

  5. This attorney makes an excellent point about how Chauvin’s abuse of his position of authority should have subjected him to greater legal penalties than a civilian.

    Because, as the attorney mentioned, if Chauvin had been a civilian, George Floyd likely would have felt free to defend himself against a civilian attacker. And, the concerned witnesses would also have been more likely to intervene to help Floyd against his attackers.

    Cops know that most civilians will not defend themselves against abusive cops the same way as they would against abusive civilians. That’s why criminal penalties against abusive cops must be more severe.

    1. Granted, he shouldn’t have kneeled on his neck for that long. He
      was not wrong to detain the resisting man who just broke multiple laws.

    2. @evan doe There are several videos of people recreating the “neck kneel”. Zero of them died.
      I will let you kneel on my kneck, the same way Chauvin did, for 15 minutes. I won’t die from being kneeled on. Neither did floyd.

  6. It’s about time, cops have been getting away with murder and other crimes for far too long in this country.

  7. How many people are in prison because car cop planted drugs on them or lied about a defendant’s involvement in a crime? It’s time the courts starting prosecuting cops.

  8. Trolls would read the judges sentencing notes and go blind 😵😵😂
    But, but, but, what about the drugs 😜😂🤣🤣🤣
    Qpots, never learn.

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