Prosecutor Ramps Up Criminal Probe Into Trump Election Meddling

As the DA of Georgia’s Fulton County turns up the heat in her investigation into what could be a criminal attempt by Donald Trump to overturn the 2020 election, investigators in the Georgia case are coordinating with federal lawmakers probing the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. This comes as GOP leader Kevin McCarthy attempts to interfere in the congressional probe and prevent the January 6th committee from accessing the phone records of GOP lawmakers. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. Along with Jim Jordan, Matt geatz, Rudy Giuliani, trump Jr, Ron deathsantis, Ron Johnson, mo Brooks, Cancun Cruz, Moscow Mitch, and the list goes on. They should All be locked up and put on a chain gang fighting forest fires.

    2. @Florida Gal You’re on a roll today! Ever taken a class in logic? So a football stadium is more democratic than an election? I think that illustrates two things:
      1. The USA is a very flawed democracy. Not corrupt, but flawed.
      2. Football crowds are not the pinnacle of intellectual debate.

  1. McCarthy is the kind of guy that would see a blazing fire and try to arrest the person who called the fire department and defend the arsonist.

    1. @Mugger watching you ppl accept that he is President is worth every cent. Good on you for coming to reality. Im sure it was hard. 😊

    2. Why isn’t lying to the public a crime? It should be. We need a legal basis to disqualify liars like McCarthy from holding office.

    3. LOL yeah too many politicians have never met a bribe they couldn’t accept. We need to rid ourselves of corrupt elected leaders of either party! Let the dust settle and move on. *dip*

  2. Great to hear somebody with a big audience finally calling out Garland. He’s got to take action or he’s got to go.

    1. The first few months I thought it was to keep it from seeming like the administration was making it politically motivated. But as the evidence grew, and after 1/6 I now just think he’s weak and spineless. It’s way past time for him to take action.

    2. @Pamela Porter true. What goes on in an investigation should be kept secret. The fact that there is an ongoing investigation shouldn’t though.

    3. @Sentinel “Hahahahahahahhaha big audience hahahhahahahahahahhahaha now that’s a joke.. ratings plummeting in msndc”
      And yet you are part of that big audience……

    4. KEEP POUNDING AWAY ON CALLING GARLAND AND BIDEN OUT – “F” bipartisanship if it doesn’t lead to any results. That is a proven LOSING tactic over and over. Win and get overwhelming power then maybe backtrack and start to work with those that want to work together for the greater good. Republican’s have shown us what they do with power and over 81 million Americans showed that they rejected that. It’s only gotten worse. ACT or Stand aside and let someone that will win this important battle for America’s Future. I hope it’s a democracy not a totalitarian government that wins.

  3. Whoever the corrupt politicians are, regardless of party, need to be exposed, arrested and held accountable!

    1. Let me make it easy for the people who don’t want to take the time to read or study the issue!
      Our currency is about to collapse thanks to the banking oligarchs who control our money and control our politicians!
      So who runs the country, the oligarchs who control the central banks and federal reserve and the politicians who do their bidding!
      What are they want, to bring in a New World order controlled by a handful of people, just like the European Union. So there will be no constitution or Bill of Rights under this system, instead you will depend on the government and if you don’t do what you’re told you’ll be cut off by your social credit score.
      Why do you think the communists have such great inroads into this country, because the people doing the oligarchs bidding are pushing the communists regime in order to have a dictatorship by the Democratic Party. Not to say there aren’t Republicans pushing for the same BS! So I would start by reading this free online.
      Preparing for the coming collapse of the petrodollar system by Jerry Robinson.
      And lastly, they plan to depopulate the planet down to 500 million people.

    2. Ben Jones and they also use the media to control people on how I think the news party is the Democratic party BBCCNN MSNBC notice how they all use letters CBS ABC

  4. I’m tired of hearing “no one is above the kaw.” When it is evident that power people and the rich rarely are held accountable for their crimes.

    1. Totally 100% agree. It’s ridiculous at this point. I also thought Merrick Garland seemed great for the job when obviously he’s not anywhere close to it.

  5. 1:26 I will make two remarks on these two questions: Even if there is no cop in sight; a felony is still a felony and to make sure this will never happen again there is an investigation going on wich you seem to be blocking at all cost.

  6. Former twice impeached by the way, that sounds like he’s counting the votes personally. Those phone calls alone are prosecute worthy. Tampering with the electoral process. Tick tock tick tock

  7. Mccarthy & fellow republikans are playing hide the sausage but we know there are phone records which will show that they were complicit together, ha 😉

  8. What we’ve done to prevent it happening again Kevin is to elect a president who would deploy the national guard immediately. But I suppose, despite being so detached from reality, you don’t need to launch your own investigation to notice that.

  9. McCarthy is our of his mind in placing blame for 1/6 on lack of security. That’s equivalent to blaming a home robbery on a weak front door instead of the robber itself. Come on

  10. “Why was the Capitol so ill-prepared for that day.” Maybe you should be asking the guy who was in charge on that day.

    1. Maybe Republiklans were just too busy planning a wild Capitol party for a coup coup for cocoa puffs crazy wannabe fuhrer.

    2. You mean the punk who could have stopped the insurrection and those that should have encouraged him to do so?

    3. Because the genuine crooks, didn’t want a full staff anyway.. Who on earth would’ve thought that those clowns were actually going to do what they did at the Capital.. That was so shameful!!!

  11. “You’ll notice that there’s no GOP investigation. I guess that it’s hidden somewhere around their healthcare plan.” LMFAO! Perfect!

  12. PLEASE do not turn out like the commission that Muller did AND the two attempted Impeachments. These guys were guilty and corrupt. Lock them up!

  13. “You may have noticed there is still no GOP investigation. I guess it’s hidden somewhere around their Health Care plan.” Priceless.

    1. Because the democrats couldn’t prove any of their lies against President Trump! This is just another b.s. investigation to cover up their own corruption!

  14. “They were doing the thing. They didn’t see nuthin’ cause they were doing somethin'”
    Take note, take note this is a genius at work

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