Prosecutor Testifies ‘Roger Stone Was Treated Differently’ Because Of Trump Ties | MSNBC


  1. Stone and Flynn are guilty !!! This republican party has gone off the deep end and will pay when the blue wave hits home !!

    1. Yes, they’re guilty but they’re also distractions from Trump’s mismanagement of the virus and of his plunging poll numbers. Even Trump supporters realize that at this point he cannot win without a miracle, even a Russian miracle.

    2. 不,美国人民必须支持“特朗普”!他总是对的。不要让媒体愚弄你!

    3. @Blue Bull69 No matter. We’re not making him president for spelling but for calm, quiet, no constant bitter dramas, no incessant seeking of enemies to waste time on. We’ve had enough. We don’t care if Biden is dead. We’re electing him as president and there nothing you or Trump can do about it.

  2. The swamp protects its own.
    Only YOUR vote can hold the swamp accountable.
    Do not reward the swamp by voting for Trump.

    1. @Noemi Frederick no, but it can get rid of Trump, for whom the GOP is willing to sell out on the American people to protect! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    2. Noemi Frederick nope but that’s why we have the 2nd and 10th Amendments. Trump and his corruption is the reason our founding fathers thought we needed guns in the first place.

  3. But this to will go nowhere….because everyone is afraid of the little man with tiny hands….lmao….cowards

    1. You are correct.. no justice for the rich and powerful.. Then they will give Trump 4 more years and we will be a banana Republic..

    time to clean house.
    Plenty of qualified, morally stable individuals available for the positions.

    1. But there aren’t, that’s why you’ve got what you got. Normal humans no longer go near politics.

    2. @Sterling Pound the justice department is not supposed to be political. That’s why it’s called the justice department and not the political department

  5. Trump’s treats his sleazy friends, like Stone and Flynn, much better than he ever treated his wives.

    1. Flynn was set up by Obama’s corrupt FBI. It’s in plain writing. Turn this crap-azz propaganda network off and do some reading.

    2. And Gym Jordan is currently looking like a fool attacking the witness.

      Gym Jordan and Ben Shapiro must be related…they talk the same way, sound the same, and are intellectually dishonest in their dialogues…evil little men.

    3. @El Ram Ben Shapiro has one of the most vocal fried voices in media today. It is unbearable, not to mention his bizarre ideas.

  6. Poor Billy Barr, he thought that being a scum ball AG for Bush 1 was as low as he would ever go. Little did he know that the depths of Trump depravity have no lower limit. Poor, poor, little Billy Barr…

  7. If this isn’t impeachable, I don’t know what is. Barr and Trump* guilty of obstruction of justice.

    1. @Blue Bull69 oh really? give me proof of laws broken mate and il believe you…as it stands Barr tried to investigate Obama and found NO EVIDENCE of a crime.Its Bunker Boy’s favorite red meat for you gullible basterds. “oh Obama taped my wires! ARREST HIM!” and yet no laws have been broken as was declared by MULTIPLE judges some of which where TRUMP judges.So get over your Obamagate bullcrap.

    1. If it’s State charges he can’t be pardon by Trump. On the other hand the DOJ might want to do something.

  8. Sad but true how this administration does business…he needs to be in jail in a room by himself…

    1. I imagine once he’s out he will go live in Venezuela, with his buddy Barr, and I hope his wife leaves him as soon as he out the White House

    1. @Kevin McNeil I think that name is already claimed by your second confederate president mr. Drumph

      Now go back to your circus, enjoy it till november, we’re coming for you

    2. @Blue Bull69 By November Covid-19 death count will be over 250,000 ….well done Mr president with love from Russia

    1. @Blue Bull69 Trump is nothing but corrupt… your comment is a logical fallacy because none of the Trump investigations were hoaxes…. Mueller’s report didnt exonerate Trump in any way and he was impeached for trying to rig his election w Ukraine. Mulvaney, Sondland, Hill, career diplomats, and Trump himself admitted it. And then there’s his begging China to get involved. Thats three countries that Trump has asked to help fraud his election…. no hoax, you are wrong.

    2. @Joe Obiden so you are using what you claim is corruption, that a majority GOP couldnt get one indictment out of in 8 years though they spent millions investigating, slandering, and smearing them, while you ignore the corruption and treason of the lying Fraud in Chief and the many indictments and convictions involving him. Your argument isnt based in facts, its partisan nonsense.

  9. Look GOP and all your sycophants….this is what a real patriot and believer of the Constitution looks like!!

    1. Jail? no jail would be the dream for them.Any person threatening a judge would end up in solitary confinment ina Guantanamo Bay

    1. @RagaSHOT you see the drama.. over a lie…give the man 3 years and lets move on.. theses clowns in chaz will get life

    1. honestly the U.S. should ship the Statue of Liberty back to France.The U.S. no longer deserves it.

    2. I’m surprised France hasn’t asked for her return given the USA isn’t fit to have her.

  10. *”Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King JR., ‘Letter from a Birmingham Jail’ (1963*

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