1. I can’t believe that the GOP thinks it’s “moral” to look the other way when they have condemned people for LESS than what this man has done!

    1. @Le Thanh Hiep Of course they did because the GOP is full of racists. It’s not a coincidence that the Republican states are the ones with all the statues of the Confederate soldiers (racists and traitors). What other country honors their traitors? And for those who erroneously claim it’s for “historical purposes” ask yourself how many statues of Benedict Arnold we have?

    2. @CurbsideChat
      During the past 53 years, 38 Republican administration officials have been prosecuted and sent to prison. During that time, only 1 (!) Democratic administration official has been prosecuted and sent to prison. The vast majority of the “scandals” with the Democrats have been trumped up BS. While the scandals that have occurred under Republicans have been very serious cases on impropriety that have not been taken seriously.

      The Iran-Contra Scandal saw the Reagan Administration break numerous laws and make deals with some of the worst terrorists on the planet. Reagan inadvertently funded the bombing of the US Marines stationed in Beirut when he paid ransoms to Hezbollah through Iran in an effort to free Terry Freeman and several others; Hezbollah used the ransom money to bomb Americans. And Hezbollah wasn’t stupid: after releasing the hostages, they went right out and kidnapped more Americans. They were like, “if you’re dumb enough to pay us, then we’re going to get more hostages!” Which is exactly why the US doesn’t make deals with terrorists. And that’s just one small aspect of what was illegal in the Iran-Contra Scandal.

      But hey, I guess Clinton getting a blow job from an intern was more serious. Amiright?!

    3. @Chadillac
      And yet it’s Republicans who we see carrying Confederate and Nazi flags (even into the Capitol Building). The Democrats WERE the party of Jim Crow and the KKK; but all those Dixiecrats left the Democratic Party and became Republicans.

  2. Seriously, he could kill someone in the middle of 5th ave, piss on them and ppl would still be debating whether its a crime. Only in America.

    1. @MamaKat you presume alot; your assumptions make proof of your internal biases regardless of the assertions I have made here. 1st) and foremost, the original post is in jest and/or mock of another person, 2nd) this is not a direct quote of Former President Trump but an amalgam of quotes taken out of context – I can assure you this is not the first baffling distortion we have seen of it, and 3rd) simply because of the nature of an impeachment coming to fruition. Where we have not seen a direct outcome of the trial, the 45th President has now made history as the only President to be impeached twice. That alone, amongst the various lawsuits he is facing, shows that he is already being held accountable. In the court of Public Opinion for many, he was already guilty without being given due process, the confirmation of not one, but two impeachments has secured even more minds in the belief of his wrong doings. He has already begun to lose business transactions, multiple dealings, potential new sources of revenue and last but not least his name has now forever been besmirched in the eyes of history.

      Regardless of the senate trial outcome, Former President Trump has repeatedly taken many losses. Suffice it to say, if you do not see that clearly already, it implies that you wish further loss to come unto him.

      I wish you well and hope whatever the outcome you are well and feel wholesome at the end of these proceedings.

    2. @Redbatcave mhmmm crickets or oh it was necessary. -_- yeah tell that to the young kids that watched their people die and families obliterated, and the all of sudden they wanna bomb us, and these idiots are talking about reducing our borders and military, like the left really need to stop talking to these damn kids man l, they are so fucking stupid

    3. @Redbatcave Its bigger than that for the simple minded ppl. Ima say this and take it how you want. “Population Control!” Next is “Marshall Law” then there’s “NWO” end days. Just better know what side to be on. ✌

    4. @Nullhawk First of all, you call it bias, I call it reality. And I don’t base that on just this insurrection, the impeachment’s, or even just the last four years. If you look at trumps history going back decades, in conjunction with the aforementioned situations, it paints a clear picture of who this man is. As far as the original commenters post about trump shooting someone and a subsequent debate on if it’s a crime (aka be held accountable) maybe this will refresh your memory.
      You say he’s already being held accountable because he’s now been impeached twice and other lawsuits coming. But if he’s not convicted, as the case in the first impeachment, AND the GOP claiming that a sitting POTUS cannot be convicted (aka held accountable) and now GOP claiming he can’t be tried for impeachment because he’s no longer POTUS, sure seems like he’s been able to get away with what he should be held accountable for.
      Chances are that he’ll get away with it again in this second impeachment trial, so we can only HOPE, though not with great confidence, that he will eventually be held accountable with any upcoming indictments outside of his presidency. And that’s what scares him and why he tried SO HARD to hold on to the presidency via all this “voter fraud” nonsense and enticement of this insurrection.
      And the enticement didn’t start the day of, it’s been his actions and words and coddling of his ignorant supporters for the last four years, successfully brainwashing them into committing those crimes that they should be deeply shameful of, but of corse, aren’t and never will be. There’s a reason why he was able to so successfully draw out the lowlife of our society and I’m curious if you can see how that happened.

    5. @Gary Dawson Oh, so it’s okay for you to do it, because we did it.
      Then, it’s okay for us to do it, because you did it!
      Yay Elementary school behavior!

    1. @Chris Davis he is craven and delusional. L’chaim from Jacova born March 11…in Bethlehem. Sorry about the pandemic. It was declared global on my birthday. I saw pandemic in vision behind my eyes 2 years ago.

    2. @Bailey Taylor ..I was born 5 decades ago. I understand your fear. Truth will prevail. Since I am a mother I feel for all children. Beautiful Souls like you will make the world a better place as these are growing pains. Something pretty and hopeful to read in the bible. Genesis 9:16… Wherever the Rainbow appears in the clouds I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures. I have not read the whole bible but 2 weeks ago God showed me to read that. I am an Eternal optimist

    1. @fred smith by a government who labels their opponents as terrorists. So the political dissidents of Putin deserve to be arrested because they went against the government? How about the gays in Arabian countries arrested? You’re okay with this? Because all laws are noble and anyone who breaks them are evil, right? How about thinking for yourself. I got one for you . . . BLM=Biden Loves Minors cause he sure has hell doesnt like black people.

    2. @Redbatcave biden loves minors?….hmmm…maybe you forgot this…


      y´know, the same person who endorsed roy moore despite him getting banned from the local mall for trying to pick up underage girls.

      just for clarity, the government isn´t labelling their opponents as terrorists, just those who attacked the capitol in an attempt to prevent congress doing their constitutional duty of certifying the election.

  3. “A no brainer,” indeed.
    Every element for a charge of criminal solicitation to commit election fraud is right there.

    1. @Aleisa Etheridge President Trump voted the most admired man in the world.. did cnn report that?

  4. This is glorious I’ve been waiting for this for four years to finally watch him and his cronies get what they deserve one by one

    1. I agree and I love the fact that the big tech companies are finally taking their money away but that’s only now only the first quarter watch what happens next they’re the ones that are really running the show the donators..big tech is running the world right now so let’s see who they go for if they want to keep the people happy they met her make the right decisions and get rid of all these rotten politicians

    1. Yeah read the comments from right wingers. Apparently we are the crazy people if we don’t follow Trump to the grave.

  5. this man needs to be found guilty for just about everything he’s ever done in his life…. But if he doesn’t go to jail or be found guilty for this I will be in an uproar with our government and these stupid senators if they do not convict

    1. @Gregory Williams I need to say it but you’re exactly right….things need to change we need to have good politicians a good president and this s*** needs to stop because we pay them out of our tax dollars they work for us so if they’re bad they need to be fired starting with Trump and every enabler senator and anyone in Congress by the 14th amendment section three can be expelled they need to go all of them we’ll see what senators stand up and the ones that don’t.. they all will have to pay the piper..

    2. @Dee Jonhs NO, Americans, Democrats specifically should fight back in each state, as several have enacted voter supression laws to keep real courageous American patroits (Democrats) and people of color from voting. Violent behavior gets lots of press, while the republiCONS quiety go about an even greater level of violence. A quiet riot if you will.

    3. Basically the whole Democratic party need to be convicted then, cause there videos where there trying to cause riots!!! That’s a fact. That’s why you lose credibility with most people cause you dismiss what the one group does but execute the the other group. SMH meanwhile we are all divided!!!

  6. I hear the trial a comin, it’s rolling ’round the bend
    And I ain’t been as frightened since…I don’t know when
    I’m getting charged in Folsom, where I can’t even lie
    And the only friend I have? The My Pillow Guy. 🙁

  7. Defense: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury this is obviously a ‘perfect call!’ The defense rests.”

  8. They need to hold him accountable for what happened on January 6th the pain in the lives and how it affected so many people and how he didn’t even send help or tell them to stop until about 2 to 3 hours after they came into the capital

    1. Imagine if it took the president 3 hours to respond after a nuclear attack in a major populated city. Ridiculous

  9. Glad as a Georgian our officials and our citizens stayed strong and didn’t back down to his lies, manipulations, and deception.💙

    1. No, they couldn’t, or your criminal Sec of State would become exposed, which he already has, but big tech is doing all it can to cover the election crimes in Georgia.

    2. @Scarlet Lavelle I’m outraged that he tried to interfere with my vote. The state is however going to make it harder to vote. Guess they failed to suppress the vote enough.

    3. @Satanic Microchip Your profile name and what’s on it says it all. “Description
      Note to self: YouTube understands naughty words in German, too.Achtung!
      Nehmen Sie sich einem Moment Zeit und stellen Sie sich meinen Mittelfinger vor.
      Ja, gefallt dur das?
      Riech es. “This channel has no videos.”” Obviously a troll account.

    1. @Gordon Turner you know what…you may be right, God chose him as Karma for America, he was the punishment. The glowing example of corruption for the world to gaze upon!

    2. @Gordon Turner 3 bankruptcies, cheated on all 3 wives, makes fun of disabled people and brags about sexual assault, great guy, great president… smh

  10. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln 🖋📃

  11. “When” he goes to prison ,is he still protected by secret service?? Or does he have to “pick up the soap “on his own.

  12. The difference between “I just want you to make sure the count is accurate” and “I just want to find 11,780 votes” is the actual line between innocent and guilty.

    1. @Edwin Schwartz no he still just watch they will find out that Biden did cheat we’re is the 80 million people at the voted for him gtfo with ur crap

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