Prosecutors Ramp Up Criminal Probe Of Rudy Giuliani | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Prosecutors Ramp Up Criminal Probe Of Rudy Giuliani | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC Legal Analyst, Joyce Vance says she "wouldn't at all be surprised if the Deputy Attorney General had reviewed" the application and affidavit to justify search warrant for Rudy Giuliani's apartment.

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  1. The fact that they’ve seized his current devices, many months after the Ukraine affair came to light suggests to me that they are onto something recent, something probably ongoing. Something that means ‘live’ information is to be found on those devices, not so much historic data.

    1. @Tony D’Arcy Hopefully Giuliani didn’t remove the harddrive from his laptop because deleted files can be retrieved.

    2. Many FBI, X-Federal Prosecutors, all say…They had to have recent, information to get warrant..As long as they find the recent information, they went after, they can use all information found..If they do not find the recent information, no information is useable…No matter what they find…This warrant had to come from high up the chain, to get a warrant of this magnitude…[ that means a ranking Federal Judge.]

    3. Ukrainians have been talking with the fbi, allowing them
      access to their own devices and explaining the
      details behind communications with rudely (sorry can’t provide a link – I forget where I’ve been!).
      Strikes me any deletions (burner phone destruction) would point to his guilt, and How many obstruction charges @ 5years a throw?
      Let alone the ‘live’ info.

      I Think I got that right . . . but I’m in Sussex, UK and about
      5 hours behind you, so usually sleep deprived, following with fascinated horror every step of the way for these past years.
      Outraged along with the rest of the planet.

      Feels like your in good hands now.

    4. @Belly Dancer Em Garland only has to let, them do their jobs…they will get it done…The Judicial system lost so many good people, because Dump and Barr would not let them do their jobs, and tried to make them do illegal work..

    1. @Bill Rodriguez We removed the person kissing Putin’s foot and paying more in taxes to China than the US last election. Please try to keep up.

    2. @tony rains ..if youre listening, your MAGA hat was made in china which is why your orange father had a hidden bank account there….its been uncovered….……

  2. Gosh, am I a meanie ? Those James Brown lyrics keep on keeping on ! *I feel nice, sugar and spice* .

    1. I can’t wait to see Rudi’s perp walk. Remember officers, don’t be too nice and do as many Chicago stops as you can.

    2. @Jason Dixon Consequences for Diapered Donnie and his band of merry morons. I doubt they’re very merry at the moment though.

    1. Couldnt agree more with you. Trial by combat for guiliani and trump 2 of the most corrupt people in politics.

    2. I have bad news. Footage has been released of Trump grabbing that woman. Good news is I uploaded it to my channel

  3. I thought watching Matt Gaetz circling the bowl was enjoyable. I still do, but this is better!

    1. @Guilty AF because the doj is too busy going after gaetz for dating skanks instead of protecting rights

    2. @Jim Sanders Strange you say that. Communists want one party rule and want to take away your ability to vote. If that isn’t the Republican Party’s wet dream, nothing is. Now go back to reaching for the Kleenex to wipe away your trump tears before you say something else that sounds like a third grader said it.

    3. @Marchant2
      Hitler’s method

      1. Vilify the past
      2. Gun control
      3. Promote Hatred

      I may just be a third grader
      But your just as dumb as a rock.

    4. Blah blah blah. Nobody trump lovers trying to put out their twisted message . No One cares . You are no bodies. Your message means nothing, you won’t achieve anything. You are useless.
      Why don’t you put your energy into helping something. a positive course. Not spreading hate and causing discourse. Vile and sad.

    1. Don’t you think they are handing over everything they have on Rudy et al to get a reduced sentence?

    1. @Hope Itlast Draft Dodging Donnie has no power to cover anyone’s back, not even his own back.

    2. @No_Hoax Trump_Colluded my biggest fear is that if the orange Oompa Loompa goes to prison his cult is going to start another insurrection. They’re so brainwashed they believe anything that comes out of his mouth

    3. @Hope Itlast I hear you. If it comes to a fight, it comes to a fight. It maybe neccesary to settle this.

    4. I have some bad news, guys. Footage of Trump grabbing that woman has been released. The good news is I have a link for you. Be warned it’s graphic

  4. Rudy: “Nice try, losers! I threw away my phone!”
    FBI: “You mean this phone in the garbage can under your desk that your maid never emptied?”
    Rudy: “Ohhh nooo. Rudy, you really are in a pickle now!”

  5. So far that whole crew has pretty much gotten away with everything. I daren’t allow myself the luxury of believing this is Giuliani’s downfall. Not until he’s behind bars and wearing that jumpsuit.

  6. The wolves are circling the prey. Let us PREY! Every morsel leads to Rome..and the Emperor Don..

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