Protest at British High Commission | TVJ Midday News – Mar 22 2022

Protest at British High Commission | TVJ Midday News - Mar 22 2022 1


    1) When you are alone, mind your thoughts.
    2) When you are with your friends, mind your tongue.
    3) When you are angry, mind your temper.
    4) When you are with a group, mind your behaviour.
    5) When you are in trouble, mind your emotions.
    6) When God starts blessing you, mind your ego.

    1. The light of the world is not for doing business ( John 12:8). The business man/woman who cannot see the Son can see no brighter day. Pray for peace.

  2. These nurses have some unhealthy fat walking around with. What advice can they give to their patience?

  3. Why do you think they are there now that is stupid of you to come out and speak like that and then ask them to help you

  4. Reparations is a debt owed to the descendants of slaves everywhere: Jamaica, Haiti USA and all those countries where slaves toiled to make England, France, Spain, Portugal, and USA rich. But reparations is owed not only for slavery but for the continued boot on the neck of the descendants of the slaves. Reparations is something that the descendants of slaves must continually fight for. There are plenty of naysayers but that doesn’t change the fact that a debt is owed to the descendants of slaves, who by and large, are at the bottom of society where ever they may be. That’s no accident.

    1. When we get our reparations there will be no more crimes, poverty, and oppression is the main reason for criminal activities, and believe me, the powers that be (Government and Private Sector) is behind it all. No little man in no innercity area makes guns and none imports guns, ammunition, and drugs!

    2. @MAG Enterprise the British are not gonna pay reparations to blacks. Neither are the Africans or the Spanish. They laugh at this topic because it’s not like we can boycott British goods or will ever make a dent in British economy . They earn trillions every year , you think they care what some small old poor colonial island think of them . They have other important things.

  5. This man are verry verry smart Elaction coming up soon. And him know how to catch the fool fool people them with his sweet talk and promis.

  6. There is a senior citizen in Clarendon right now with blocks on her house top, politicians go for her election times to vote, but don’t see the threat to her life at all. It’s visible to all, sound men often throw words on her house at times. Who’s to help her? Who does she go to for help?

  7. I’m not forcing no one to apologize to me .. Look at how the counties are living that have been raped by these colonial wicked people. Fighting for food and fighting to rebuild. What have they done for us except have us under there control?

  8. They did a protest downtown going against covid19 mandates and they were disbanded and charge so y isn’t the same happening here what we suddenly can gather now and protest

  9. I am glad they are here, because we would still be under lock down. The Prime Minister only free up the country because of their coming. Please don’t think it is because he love and care about the Jamaican people.

    1. @MindStrong M.S shaking my head at how ignorant you all are. Even Canada just come off lockdown last weekend. China is in major lockdown. Give thanks the government care enough to save poor people so far. Just remember COVID WASN’T A threat to the rich them can afford to stay home. So stop being ignorant

  10. Would love to see a crowd like this for fight against violence, corruption, child abuse, etc…..

    1. did, but of course, Jamaicans didn’t seem to consider it important. Maybe you have a better influence than I do? Then again, what should influence matter when something like – violence, child abuse, etc., is crippling our nation.
      Next time I hope you can support a msg for uplifting the society rather than bringing it down with ur “kmdt”, hope your heart and mind are in the right place my friend.

  11. Even if we do get any compensation, do you think you and the rest of Jamaica’s ordinary citizens will see any of it?

  12. The Advocates Network and the United Negro Improvement Association should add to their list of demands an apology to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex for the racism that the Cambridges displayed against them.

  13. Kmt those who went through slavery is long gone. These rasta men and who join them need to go fine some work. Talk about the crime and the high level of unemployment and the wasting of public funds. I never hear these people talking about development they are always looking something

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