Protest at PNP Headquarters in Kingston Jamaica | JLP & PNP Reactions to Polls | TVJ Midday News 1

Protest at PNP Headquarters in Kingston Jamaica | JLP & PNP Reactions to Polls | TVJ Midday News


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    1. @Shane Flow u tek action & go help di di man over thro di government wen him get bail since u think a crap. Hiati Afghanistan Cuba etc never better off wen di former government dem over thro. So good luck wid u & di man

    2. @Kimani Stewart Satan has already chosen Andrew to bring in the one world order. I don’t put trust in man, my trust is in God Almighty.

  1. So… No arrest?
    Then mi nuh think unu sed one did seh ppl need “permit” fi protest jus the other day… A permit dem have or it jus nuh apply to ‘certain’ groups?

    1. Permit is given to those who want to protest against the governing leaders, so basically you walk up to them and say can’t I protest against you, they said no, they say go protest against the others, if you protest against us you will be arrested, but if you protest against us we will be sending the police.

    2. Because they dont count a third party they will have a big problem for someone who see the truth and call it truth

  2. Damion Crawford would do much better as a opposition leader/ why this protest go well without any arrest?????

    1. Damion Crawford a him did say why Jamaica need to celebrate Black History Month?..a one yamhead..

    2. @Chat Bout We actually need to celebrate Black history daily as a race.Many Jamaicans are actually color blind and don’t view and love their Blackness.We have been fed white thoughts from a curriculum that comes from England that have turned us into Black englishmen.We know more about england and the whites more than our African selves.

    3. @Chat Bout exactly , we don’t need to celebrate black history month because Jamaica population is majority black unlike America where blacks are minority, what we need to do is to teach black history in school and also teach Jamaica black history in school , we want to do everything America does and don’t even know the significance. Jamaica is majority black

    1. @Evon Johnson know your roots and you’ll find out that we are slaves since 70AD to the end of time. But we can do something to have a “little peace”. It’s called obeying the laws, statutes and commandments of our King, Jesus is his name.

    2. @ג’נארי רואו sounds like you love mediocrity. PNP and JLP are no different and must go. No propping up one over the other both are evil entities.

    3. @Nancy Hall yes we must follow rules but rules that makes sense not contrived control methods. And yes we are rebellious against good rules such as the commandments that our forefathers failed to uphold which got them kicked out of the homeland, first the 9 tribes then the last 3 which you and I are off.

    4. @Stewy 1156 our slavers own us and own Jamaica. Where have you been? No one is afraid of their property…look around who sells products to you? Who owns your infrastructure? Who prints your money? Who gives you donations? Who medicates you? Who trains and equips your military? Whose doctrine is it that your favourite greedy dog{pastor} spews from the pulpit on the day of the sun god Ra and on most Sabbaths? I could go on and on…

    1. UIC needs to recruit the likes of Andre Haughton, Sharon Haye-Webster and Clive Mullings and seek out a no nonsense person for security shadow spokesman who will be itching to unleash hell on criminals especially those thinking they are untouchables.

  3. In jamaica it’s hard for the child who is been abuse to call..advice them to tell an adult that adult will now held responsible and charge if not reported

  4. No, no, no, we need new political choices. No matter who wins, they don’t help the people, young and old. It’s the same the world over, kmt.

    1. PNP have kept the dollar steady and gas price and food at an ok level. Its ever since JLP take over things got so worse.

    2. @ג’נארי רואו PNP is a little bit better than the JLP but we need Changes, one man can not in office, over 30 40 years and he do nothing for the community and the people still vote him in, furthermore he not from that constituency so why he is the MP for it Jamaica need a lot of changes

    1. @cuz vs cuz it’s not a vaccine… it’s merely an immune booster….vaccine takes ten to fifteen years to be developed…


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