Protest in Westmoreland | Man Believed to Be Dead Shows Up | TVJ Midday News - June 11 2021 1

Protest in Westmoreland | Man Believed to Be Dead Shows Up | TVJ Midday News – June 11 2021


Residents of Gordon District in White House, Westmoreland are upset with their MP after he issued a stop order on work on a bridge in the community.

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  1. Represent Jamaica .
    Also that story about the gentleman is interesting. Try going back to bagwalk till your back on your feet

  2. I fear that a revolt may happen soon in Jamaica. The ppl are just too oppressed and the place is plagued with too many social issues.

    1. Sister I here what you saying but what can they do in this time … and what the Government is doing to help the ppl …

    2. @ERROL GORDON collect money from off the poor. sigh….. seeing a man walking on the road by himself or driving into his car and will lock him up for not whering masks. the joke is I don’t see the police doing temperature test or given the people masks all they do is bring them were other people is. so what’s the point? what if one of those person have the virus what them saying they trying to protect us from? smh this don’t make any sense

  3. Jamaica is a sick society as the man gone people take over his house what happened to his family carelessness

  4. I’m happy the man is Ali and well, but my question is, why don’t the people who took his furniture and other things return them instead of asking for assistance.

    1. They are crazy, they had no right to presume the man dead without proof. On top of that, they stole all he had. I say restore the man his belongings back! Outa ardor!

  5. Give the man back all of his belongings. As soon as someone dead, Jamaican people just take. Madness to highest level.

  6. Where does this MP in Westmoreland get the powers from to intervene in repairing of the bridge. These MPs in Jamaica they are something else.

  7. Some years ago in New York City. they killed a family. and took over the apartment
    For their self. People would say only In Jamaica because they don’t get much negative news about other countries.

  8. Him can go back to Bog Walk. They didn’t even want him to leave. He needs someone to take care of him.

  9. Regarding the missing man. It’s so much like some jamaicans after death of a family member to show up for dead left. The takers should return his property. They’re disgusting.

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