Protest Over Road Condition in St. Thomas | Jamaica Digital Currency | TVJ Midday News – Mar 15 2022

Protest Over Road Condition in St. Thomas | Jamaica Digital Currency | TVJ Midday News - Mar 15 2022 1


  1. Road is the biggest problem we have,,, my beothers and sister I feel unno pain,, but come on man anuh time fi skin up… rise up ye dry bones

    1. Please Hurry up Jamaica! Fix up the Roads of St Thomas my Hometown! 🙏🌷🙏💫 💜,😂 The Community’s Health is at Risk! I live in England, otherwise I would have my mouthful to say. Please Trust in God every more than all things.Good is Standing By all who Believe ! 🙏🙏💫⭐ alright! 💜💜. 🙏amen.Sister Jesus.Blessings and Love Everyone. 🌺🌺❤️

  2. Vote for the third party, UIC. United Independent Congress. Only a fool does the same thing the same way everytime and expect a different result.
    The PNP and the J hell P have fine little to improve the lives of our Jamaican people.
    Bad road cause poverty, it mashes up your shoes and your caring prevent business from moving forward. Vote for a new government with a different manifesto, it can’t be worst thah what we have at presents.

    1. Jamaica needs to be free of all politicians, they are all wicked uic, jlp pnp, all of them are the same

  3. Could you just keep the consumer a fear garbage please it will work in different part of the world not Jamaica the train already left just pretend not who you are and call the consumer a fear to make a complaint or to ask a question and believe you me a fifth grader child in infant School would answer the question better than the lady you know who I’m talking

  4. an investigation most take effect on the roads deplorable situation throughout Jamaica WHY ? AND MONEY SPENT contracts must have warranties at lease 10 years

  5. Bad move
    With these scammers in Jamaica your money will disappear
    The scammers will get better at the computer and steal your money

  6. Why can’t we hear from consumers affairs on them helping to regulate the price of food and services for the JAMAICANS consumers. The business owners are killing us with the prices of food. Every week the prices gone higher, where are the consumer affairs officers in the business places.

  7. This digital system may seem all glitz and glamorous but this is just another way to high Jack people’s money. We already have enough problems with scammers

  8. Jamaica is not ready for digital currency. The government need to focus on fixing streets, providing water to communities, lowering food prices and bringing crime under control and bringing internet services to rural communities and fixing our schools.

  9. its a shame not these days people don’t live like that no more no road am surprise they mußt fix the road am so sorry am fr st Ann there is a lot has not been done they human that’s very bad blessings

  10. those who are in charge must not get away with it fix the streets people live there do better fr NY

  11. St Elizabeth vineyard need road an pipe line,no water, if it even come in the line it waste ,you can plant corn in the road, no mp.

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