‘Protest Papers’ show redacted documents on alleged CSIS spying

'Protest Papers' show redacted documents on alleged CSIS spying 1


  1. What is irregular about this? Energy is a national and global security issue. Competitive foreign influence is constantly implicated as well as foreign political campaigns and alleged corruption of officials.

  2. Wait until Alberta starts its investigation into who pays these protesters. Then we can really see what’s going on. Most these protesters are funded from special interests groups outside of Canada.

  3. So you’re complaining about an investigation of foreign influence on political issues in our country regarding our national energy sector?? Seems Jason Kenny’s spark of an investigation has ruffled a  few feathers of you little birdies.

  4. Your protests are not peaceful. Your activists were involved in numerous explosive devices planted to pipelines since 90s. CSIS is absolutely right investigating you.

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