Protester carrying rainbow flag runs onto field at World Cup | USA TODAY #Shorts


    1. @SRR Learn to respect the culture of others. Qatar is primarily Islamic, so don’t bring western liberal propaganda to them.

    2. @Richard Aguirre The only reason it’s in Qatar is because they payed for it with oil money. The stadium that they built was built off the back of slaves. If they were truly Islamic they would display peace, tolerance, unity, respect and courage which they strive against because they are ignorant hatful people who care about money.

    1. he isn’t protesting there because of the sport, it’s because of the amount of people who will see his message, plus Qatar treats the LGBTQIA+ horribly.

    1. LOL ask bratanian,sovite,nato how was Afghanistan one of the Muslim’s country
      We Don’t want be dirty ist Hard to accept?

  1. I hope he gets what he deserves. These people really have no respect for other’s beliefs in their own countries.

  2. The thing is European world can’t bear to watch a Muslim country showcase there religion in positive way, they need to get use to it our culture is our we don’t car what they say of you in a Muslim country you have to obey our law

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