Protesters defy military crackdown in Sudan 1

Protesters defy military crackdown in Sudan


Protesters in Sudan are once again finding their voice, just weeks after a brutal crackdown by the military transitional government that took over power after ousting authoritarian President Omar al-Bashir.
CNN's Ben Wedeman reports from Khartoum.

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  1. Bloodsheed, bloodsheed, al harj, al harj, in sudan language mean sign this world already going into his last time.

  2. CNN/MSM coverage on Porn Star: 400+ times.
    CNN coverage on Sudan: 1 time

    Dont hold your breath. CNN will keep chasing ratings from the resistance audience.

    1. @texas thunder Remember when everyone claimed Trump would have us in war all the time and how scary it would be for Trump to have his finger on the nuclear button? America has been in less conflicts under trump than anyone before him. He took out ISIS in like 2 weeks lol.. Obama allowed them to grow and take over the middle east so we would be in constant conflict. Trump uses tariffs and economics to fight conflicts

    1. Caleb Dawkins prayer? LMFAO prayer is just another way of making yourself feel better for doing absolutely nothing.

  3. Next ten years: a new hope a new democracy, then a new oligarchy, corruption, repression, factionalization of the oligarchy, civil war and a military takeover.

  4. Guys I know that it might not seem much to help, but I made a spoken word dedicated to sudan, and I’m not looking for recognition but I just want to give someone hope even if its just one person. So I hope that it helps. Have a blessed day everyone. And keep on staying strong sudan

  5. Why does Concentration News Network care? Thought CNN said we didn’t have a border crisis but this week they said we now do???

  6. The people have risen not risen up!! There is no other direction to rise other than up
    That’s an oxymoron

    1. That would not be an oxymoron. An oxymoron is when two seemingly contradictory term are put together, Like in “plastic glass”, The statement you are referring to is redundant. It begs the question, “can you rise down”? You are spot on in pointing it out.

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