Protesters in China take to the streets over COVID lockdown policy | USA TODAY #Shorts


  1. This is a great moment in human history. I got goosebumps watching this. Go people of China god bless be safe fighting that tyrannical government

    1. @Chris Page if it didn’t work they wouldn’t do it throughout history over and over when it’s at a boiling point

    2. @CGMe 🙄 people who don’t want to be ruled won’t comply. Then you need force to coerce compliance. Who could “the government” call to break up the protest if the police and military refuse to? Tyranny is not exclusive socialism or communism. Russian isn’t communist anymore but the government under Putin is almost as tyrannical as it ever was when it comes to political descent. I am not defending or attacking any political system, just pointing out facts.

    3. @Chris Page Did I say that? No, I didn’t. I’m saying violence is wrong no matter where but the 2 things are different. It doesn’t let J6 insurrectionists off the hook to say people did bad things in the summer of 2020. That did not threaten our elections or peaceful transfer of power.

    1. Terrorists are going against our empire. They dare question our empire? The repkkkcans will pay for…Oh, wait, this china? OMG GOOD FOR THEM! They’re heros.

  2. Regardless of where you are from, what flag flies above your head, you deserve every natural right life grants to you and the right to speak your mind without having to bend to the might of a repressive authoritarian government!

    Stand strong and take them down!

    1. @Ryan Cole the covid vaccine failed. It doesn’t block Covid so therefore it is not a real vaccine. Now we watch and wait what happens to you. Maybe a heart attack soon? RIP wokie

    2. @Russian Bot “the vaccine doesn’t prevent covid infection!!!1!” Tell me you don’t know how vaccines work without telling me

    3. @Ryan Cole vaccines block viruses. The Covid shot doesn’t block virus. Have fun. How is the heart by the way? ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  3. This is a cautionary tale.
    God help the good people of China and help us all discern and hold off any nefarious government agenda on our own soil.

  4. Finally the media can’t be in denial or lie about the protests!!! This has been going on for over a year in different parts of the country!

    1. The terrorists will be receiving what they deserve. These Chinese repkkkcans are wayyyy out of line. Look at them, going against our empire?
      How dare they? Soon they may question their impeccable election system just like the Americans.

    2. @sum bunniii because China has had a “0 covid” policy that means if they detect a case, they lock down the entire region. You’re at work with a kid alone at home? Too bad, you’re locked down in your office. No food in the apartment? Tough it out. The chinese government brought tanks to stop citizens from trying to make a run on the banks to take their cash out.

  5. Respect to the people of China 🇨🇳 ❤️ fight against corruption because what going on is completely unacceptable!

  6. I like how all these people in the comments are like “it’s about control” and pretend that’s not what it was about two years back

  7. The fact this video made it to YouTube and still isn’t deleted is insane. It’s online in 4k, No going back now!!

  8. Great to know the Chinese are going against the tyranny! I’m praying for them, that they stomp the evil and get their freedoms and human rights back.

  9. Good for them!! May God be with them, protect them and give them strength to DEFEND THEIR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS AT BIRTH!! We are with you all!

  10. sometimes change wont happen immediately after these small battles. just making a statement can spread the ideas that matter

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