1. So much police brutality, they hit woman, elderly and they also target the press.. the great nation which always talk about human rights, freedom and democracy and always critize other countries could not show good example..

  2. Cmon gaesss, please channel your protest to the people’s representatives , stop going down the road, the whole world is watching you guys, America is super power Country, be elegant…

  3. And it would seem when Bill Clinton and the DEM congress passed laws that locked up many many African American Dads, removing them and destroying our communities. How in the hell can we still vote Democratic. Open your eyes and use your brains.

  4. I believe Racism start from young. Kids is a blank piece of paper, what we teach them or show them mostly determine what they will be in the future. I don’t know how school works in US but I think schools should educate more about racial harmony, bond different race of kids together, step in when racial issue arise etc. Government should step in for housing, instead of all white or all black community. It should be mix, to understand and give in to one another. You can say this restrict our freedom this and that but end of the day I believe peace and stability is what most of what we as human wants. ‘Pledge ourselves as one united people regardless of race, language or religion.’ SG

  5. These protests have no effect. Americans do not know what revolution and liberation mean. The topic of the suppression of all classes by the upper class in the United States is actually a problem between the rich and the poor, replaced by the issue of race.

    1. SHHHH… Erosion of middle class is not a problem, lack of worship of one superior race and their gangsta angel is! Now take knee for your ancestors despite being not guilty of any crimes! /s

    2. Actually that also ties with race problems.
      Minorities in the USA are more poor then the majority,there are exceptions though obviously.

    1. Wonder Wongl Covid 19 was just released in 2019 while a police officer killing a black person due to racism that has been over 300 years that cause millions of black people pain and suffering of slavery and racism due to their race and their colour of their skin. You are not smart.

    1. @brighton rock doesn’t make sense, it’s just “black lives matter”, it’s not saying white lives don’t.
      If it was “only black lives matter” then it would 😛 .

    2. That can all be put aside when it comes to democrats trying to gain the black vote. Don’t worry round 2 of the coronavirus won’t hit until everyone is expecting to see the “cops” that supposedly killed this guy’s live trial and everyone finds out they “killed themselves” in an epstien like way and vanish. Then round 2 of the coronavirus will come along and brush this aside.

    1. So I may end up on a fbi watchlist now but..
      I wanted to start a coup lol, the goverment is clearly incompetent and respond to protests agiesnt police violence with police violence

    2. That’s bullshit the “lower class” are the ones living like kings off the expense of the hard working middle class

  6. The emotional us people didn’t point at the right thing, he took the fake us $, fentanyl, and contraction of virus, where three items from? What the ways of helping floyd, and many floyds?

  7. Pretty peaceful in Kansas City with only fire department gang stalking peaceful residents. Why no protests on gang stalking?

  8. it’s time for our government to stop sponsoring other people’s conflicts, better improve the lives of your citizens with this money

  9. Чёрный бумер, чёрный бумер 
    Стоп-сигнальные огни 
    Чёрный бумер, чёрный бумер 
    Если можешь — догони…

  10. It’s a choice facing millions of foreigners across the America as the fallout from the pandemic and a riots forces economic adjustments.

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