Protests erupt amid vote-counting in battleground states

Protests erupt amid vote-counting in battleground states 1


Abby Kuhathasan has the latest on the ballot-counting in Pennsylvania and the protests that erupted in the U.S.

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14 Comments on "Protests erupt amid vote-counting in battleground states"


  2. It’s a sad time when you’re actively censored

  3. Trump: Dark Side
    Biden: Light side
    May the force be with you

  4. Election interference of ANY kind is a federal crime. Going to be a LOT of Trump supporters going to prison!

  5. Heterogeneity Rocks | November 5, 2020 at 10:35 AM | Reply

    You guys hardly covered the blm murders but jump on trump lol lol how you call yourselves a news channel i dont know. State run.

  6. Why are they taping up posters and cardboard on the windows all of a sudden if they don’t have anything to hide?

  7. Welcome to 3 world corrupt voting for 2 corrupt parties

  8. If this can happen in the USA can you imagine how the liberals won in CANADA.

  9. Look up project veritas breaking news, election fraud revealed.

  10. “Count every vote”

    Makes sense to me. Sounds fair

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