Protests Erupt In Belarus Amid Secret Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Protests Erupt In Belarus Amid Secret Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Fmr. U.S. Amb. to Sweden, Mark Brzezinski, and the Financial Times' Ed Luce discusses a secret inauguration in Belarus after a disputed election. Brzezinski and Luce also discuss the release of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny from the hospital. Aired on 9/24/2020.
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Protests Erupt In Belarus Amid Secret Inauguration | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. EVERY cop has seen some other cop violate a citizens constitutional rights, EVERY cop has seen some other cop abuse his/her authority. Because they never report the abuse or arrest their fellow cop it makes them accomplices and complicit to the crime and guilty by association. Defund the police. End qualified immunity for the police.

  2. Now it’s the same when Russia rigged the American election and it’s puppet (whom the Republicans in the Senate anointed him above all laws) refuses to leave office.

    1. I’ve said this for the Longest. every time he is called “President” Time was lost in calling him a National Security Threat

  3. America another Belarus in the making! Russia threatening even the World’s long standing strongest democracies! Stand up people of the world!

    1. If we don’t get rid of Trump because he loses the election, the world will be even more chaotic. Our allies have depended upon us in NATO since the 1950’s. We are the fulcrum in the world power balance.

    1. @Jon But will you be sick enough of it to stop Trump if he does a power grab? I think his point was the current Administration and its supporters are okay with oppression. You only have to see how much backing they’re giving dirty cops. Joe himself has pointed out their hypocrisy on his show. They claim they need guns to overthrow tyrants, but tyranny is subjective. If one side is as so far gone as Trump supporters are, they will help him cling onto power because he’s THEIR tyrant. Those guns will be used to maintain oppression. These idiots don’t realise that dictators don’t get to stay in power by themselves. There’s two sources of help for dictators … the military (which, again, these hypocrites support) and a section of the population that supports that individual. Dictators don’t get there by themselves.

  4. Conservatives have a way of wildly exaggerating everything everyone else does in order to avoid confronting their own destructive behavior. So do small children with zero consistency or maturity. Same problem.

    1. @Mary H other than the finger in my meme….what profanity?….and jesus wasn’t white …so my meme is TOTAL SARCASM…..something that GOP lacks BIGLEY that and humor

    1. bingo_fuel — in less than 4 years, the fabric of our American Democracy has been corrupted and undermined to the benefit of the top 3 percent of wealth holders. Russian oligarchs have been infiltrating here for years. Trump himself has benefited immensely, even before his presidency. Putin sells out his people for the advantage of a few-just like Trump. The more Putin can extract here, the better for him. How can you be so ridiculously naive? Trump adores Putin’s power and control and would do anything to achieve the same here.

    2. Go Caps Park – what a babbling and delusional lunatic of a justification… Trumps done nothing nothing nothing for you!

  5. Everybody in America needs to pay close attention it’s highly likely that Putin and trump have the same in mind for America

    1. I do remember what it was like to be irrational unable to be reasoned with angry violent and afraid since I got help and have been on medication and about two years of therapy I’m no longer angry I’m no longer violent and I’m no longer a Republican

    2. No I was a Republican for 20 years the time that I was ravaged by mental illness who is completely unreasonable and unable to be reasoned with angry all the time and it was only after receiving help that I stop being angry and unreasonable and Republican

    3. @Dave Schultz tRump kind of took a gamble, and he had Russian bots help.
      But, he won the Electoral College, he focused on key districts in swing states, exploiting the flaws of the archaic EC system. Russian bots just helped tRumpy brainwash and manipulate low IQ republican’ts. Only dim-witted morons believe in Donald. You get paid to say that you believe in him, but, c’mon, be honest, you laugh at his stupidity on your spare time, when you come to think about the lies that you have to tell to make him look good.
      Do you hate your life as it is?

  6. It’s pretty disappointing how unprotected we are by our system. He really could do this. Our system just relies on people doing the right thing. It never considered a truly bad person would ever be elected, that just doesn’t give a crap about doing the right thing. We’re f***ed if the Republicans let this go through. Everyone that can VOTE EARLY, IN PERSON, SHOULD! Eye covers, face masks, and chairs. Those are the only votes he’ll take seriously.

    1. @UCk1UbtRzBtzhcEL3zufq-MQ Most Americans rightfully predicted that Trump’s presidency was going to be one of the worst in modern history, but I don’t think anyone ever imagined it would be an unmitigated catastrophe of this magnitude. And to add insult to injury, Trump announced that he’s not responsible for anything that has happened. I’m assuming it’s because deep down, he only considers himself to be a “pretend president.” Trump has taken many things in life, but responsibility has never been one of them. But what he will do, is blame others for his clear and obvious failures. Nancy Pelosi said that come 3rd November IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump will be fumigated out of the white house whether trump likes it or not. Like Donald is a rat or cockroach. Nancy is the greatest clap back. so good she’s such a boss. – love it!
      In 2014, there were 11 cases of Ebola and 2 deaths in the US, and Trump demanded that President Obama resign because of it. Trump tweet, 10/23/14 “If this doctor, who is reckless flew into New York from West Africa has Ebola, then Obama should apologize to the American people & resign.” Today there have been 3.83 million confirmed coronavirus cases in the US, and 143K deaths. So, what should Trump do? Hmmmm Not only should he resign, he should turn himself into authorities and admit to criminal negligence, dereliction duty, and violating his oath of office. Russia is already helping the republicanisKKKi party to win the November election with disinformation
      it’s very important that we all remember the unwarranted outrage and criticism Republicans levelled on President Obama and his response the Ebola virus outbreak. And Trump of all people, even tweeted that Obama should apologize to the American people, and resign. And this was after only 11 reported Ebola cases and 2 deaths in America. Republican Darrell Issa, said the response had been inept, characterized by over-confidence and ill-considered procedures to protect U.S. healthcare workers at home. “Any further fumbles, bumbles or missteps … can no longer be tolerated,” Issa told a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Then-Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said Obama was “not.
      Protecting our country and our families from Ebola,” suggesting the administration was not doing enough to combat the disease. Ted Cruz called Obama’s Ebola response “fundamentally unserious. “Ultimately, the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak resulted in 11 confirmed cases and only two deaths in the U.S. Obama’s quick response to the virus included deploying nearly 3,000 service members to West Africa to help contain the outbreak there. Because of Obama’s leadership, the Ebola virus did not spread in the US. There were only two deaths from the disease in the country, and both of them were people who contracted it in Africa. History has proven that the Obama administration’s response to the Ebola virus was competent and effective. Trump tweet, 10/23/14 “If this doctor, who is reckless flew into New York from West Africa has Ebola, then Obama should apologize to the American people & resign. “Today there have been 3.83 million confirmed coronavirus cases in the US, and 143K deaths. VOTE Biden for President.
      So what should Trump do? Well lets see, not only should he resign, he should first drop to his knees and apologize to America for the 300+K lost souls. He should then get on his knees, and apologize to Obama, and ask him for forgiveness. He should then turn himself into authorities and admit to his criminal negligence, dereliction duty, and to violating his oath of office. VOTE Biden for President.

    2. We’re NOT f-ed. we have to stop getting scared and fight back. Nixon left in disgrace, trump is not immortal and invincible either. We’re not that weak !

    3. @PersonWomenManCamera Tv I wanted to vote in person, but but daughter almost got me to vote by mail. I woke her up this morning, and told her why we HAVE to vote in person. She’s in

    4. @olasylvia1 I really think the our Demacrats that are in charge age too polite. We’re gonna do everything we can. They have to know this time is different. Yes, fight

    1. Glamma MC I doubt it
      Putin probably promised to fund the construction of trump tower Moscow and forgive his debts to Russian oligarchs
      (He owes more than he’s worth)

    2. @Glamma MC he has Trumps money from business dealings that are illegal by fed business law and has receipts to prove every cent that came from bunker boy’s accounts.

    1. I firmly believe trump’s calls to putin are about how to ensure a win in November. Well never know because he locks the transcripts up or has them destroyed

    1. This is all because of the American people who did not want Obamacare, because Americans cannot think beyond their nose, present day you cannot take Obamacare away from Americans now that they know the benefits of having universal healthcare when they have no money or out of work but at the time Americans were so angry they voted the Democrats out of the senate because of Obamacare and the republicanisKKI party got in and now America has this MADNESS. 4 years of madness. Election Day is coming. Vote. Don’t allow rain sleet snow or bullying or intimidation stop you from voting BLUE.
      She is the daughter of the distracter-in-chief. Don’t fall for it. They (the tRump family) are taking attention from what really their mission is: Destroy the USA so nobody will be obstructing Putin’s takeover of the world. Here are some of the things Putin has gotten from tRump in return to putting him in the WH. Here is what he has delivered to Putin so far: Centuries Old Russian will, access to a warm water port. Trump gave him the Strait of Hormuz in Persian Gulf and a Mediterranean Port in Syria; Trump handed Iran, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan (in progress), Iraq (we lost thousands of our best men and women and Trillions of Dollars of tax payer’s money) to Putin; he destroyed NATO, United Nation, Trans Pacific Treaty, vacated world leadership role and handed it to Putin. If Putin walks into Alaska is Trump going to stop him? Is NORAD going to come to our help? Is Lindsey Graham going to defend it? Is Moscow Mitch is going to stop Putin. You probably call yourself a patriot. Putin’s Operative in the WH just handed the WORLD to Putin and you are happy that Steve Miller killed a few immigrant children in cages. The next mission for the Putin’s Operative in the WH is destroying the UNITED States of America. He is exploiting every fault line in the US society. He is pitting North against South, Black v White, Red v Blue, Muslim v Christian etc. He is encouraging the second amendment which will end up armed confrontation between different groups of people. Give another term to Trump (Gorbachev) then you will no longer have UNITED States. Just think about it. VOTE Biden for President.
      America is a SHITHOLE country (WHERE DID I HEAR THAT BEFORE) because America has got a SHITHOLE occupant of the white house, until that SHITHOLE is taken out America will always be MAKE AMERICA GREAT DEPRESSION AGAIN. These anti Trump Republicans are the ones who care about American lives Republican groups urge voters to support Joe Biden and NOT the Russian puppet trump
      RestoreAmerica2020 VOTE BIDEN “We Americans have met the enemy, and he is ours.”(Commander in Chief Donald “the duck” trump) Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. “We have met the enemy, and he is us. “Cartoonist Walt Kelly. What’s the difference between a Trump rally and a Klan rally? The dress code.
      “We’re going to win. We’re going to win so much. We’re going to win at trade, we’re going to win at the border. We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning, you’re going to come to me and go “Please, please, we can’t win anymore.” You’ve heard this one. You’ll say “Please, Mr. President, we beg you sir, we don’t want to win anymore. It’s too much. It’s not fair to everybody else.” And I’m going to say “I’m sorry, but we’re going to keep winning, winning, winning, Make America Great Depression Again – Donald “the duck” Trump
      “We were making the ice-cream for IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump less accessible and putting cauliflower in his mashed potato.” LITERALLY, things you do to control the diet of an overweight toddler. President Obama played 113 round of golf in his first year in office. IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump played 289 round of golf in his first year in the white house and while President Obama made no money from his round of golf IMPEACHED imbecilic paedophile trump charge the America tax payer $200k every time trump plays golf because it is at Mar Lago the security service is accommodated plus another $100K a day at trump tower the security services headquarters for trump.
      President Biden will do something quite unusual. He will govern as the Constitution dictates. No Tweeting. No rallies. No circus acts. No constant interviews on Cable News. No stupid rounding up of citizens as you claim (are you sober?) He will gather the experts and scientists and get rid of this virus and put the country back to work again. When President Biden takes over, his governance will be so straight forward. Those competent and incharge of Joe crazy horse pony dog soldier Biden, better get a dementia coach professional in and debate with slow Joe, you have a few months to get Biden up to speed, do not waste this time, get cracking, debate Joe, get Joe to talk off teleprompter, Joe was never that good with President Obama, I saw President Obama cringe when Joe spoke always messing up, DO NOT LET AMERICA DOWN, GET TO WORK ON DEMENTIA JOE NOW!!! Unfortunately Joe is all we got against Russia. Do not sit around and wait for November get dementia Joe exercising both physically and mentally. VOTE Biden for President.
      Don’t get complacent that Biden will win, don’t rely on the polls. VOTE. Trump proved that he doesn’t need to listen to experts when he was able to tell the difference between a camel and a cow on his cognitive test. BOOM!!!! In your face experts!!!! trump said the camel was a lumpy horse.
      There are signs in London that say, “Americans must be accompanied by an adult.” It’s interesting, being the laughing stock of the world. Thanks Dear Leader! You: My car won’t start. Mechanic: hows your vacuum cleaner? You: its fine, but my car won’t start, I need it to get to work. Mechanic: well, I wouldn’t want to put your car above your vacuum, it’s important too! BLM doesn’t have to care about black on black crime. That’s not what the organization started for. Would you be outraged because breast cancer organization aren’t advocating for pancreatic cancer patients? No, because that’s not their purpose.

  7. *Surprise, surprise now we know exactly why Trump did not condemn Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus*
    *since Donald Trump is now **_rigging_** the election in the US so Trump can win as did Lukashenko did there!*

    1. Trump is not the type of winner that entertains hypothetical questions about losing, thats a losers mind set. He only thinks about victor, thats why hes a President and YOU’RE NOT.

    1. Agreed, ever noticed nothing ever comes out of those meetings he has with putin in terms of policy? It’s just him getting instructions from his boss.

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