Protests Erupt In Minnesota After Fatal Police Shooting Of Black Man | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Sneak peak of the Chauvin acquittal. At this point I feel like they’re intentionally shooting people to start riots.

    1. @Crazy Fingers that ain’t going to happen dear friend. Watch the Dave Grossman Vlog and Warrior cop program.

    1. @no name

      The Capitol? You mean the mostly peaceful protest against our systemically racist government?

      Or were y’all leftists lying when you claimed our entire government and everyone in it was “racist”?

    2. The entire reason leftists are vaginally bleeding all over the comments is because another thug was rightfully shot. Lol

      Think about that

    1. @S B This is quoted straight from the Chief of the Capital Police that day.

      “Sund, who will step down from his post on Jan. 16 after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for his resignation, said his request for help was rejected or delayed six times.
      “If we would have had the National Guard we could have held them at bay longer, until more officers from our partner agencies could arrive,” he told the newspaper.”

      Nancy Pelosi did in fact pick the very man in charge of the National Guard that day and place him in that job.

      Nancy Pelosi was in fact in charge from the top to the bottom.

    2. @Boost Junkie Your comment makes no sense. I read the statement you say Sund gave, where it says he was asked to step down by Pelosi, which was true, but also him saying he asked for help which was delayed or rejected 6 times. Again she doesn’t authorize the deployment of the National guard. That is done by the President or Secretary of Defense. Then you say she picked the very person in charge of the National guard? That is not the speaker of the house job. What I did read in an article that Sund said he spoke with Irving, the House sergeant at arms on January 4th regarding additional aid from the national guard and was turned down. He had hoped to have service members along the perimeter set with police barricades. He then said he thought Irving consulted with Stenger and they declined due to optics. So again, Nancy Pelosi was not in charge, but you can keep saying it all you want, just like Trump still whines about the election being stolen, which isn’t true either and is why the whole insurrection happened in the first place. No matter how much you repeat a lie doesn’t make it true. I just went through multiple sources online. News sites, actual testimonies and public government and Capitol police websites. Again, do a little digging. The whole Nancy Pelosi thing was a rumor.

    3. @Dutch Lockett Not defending Trump. Not defending the insurrectionists. Both are extremes. Only one side is coddled by the media and the corporations though. If you really think it was “right wing extremists” looting stores for Nikes, burning buildings, and shooting Trump supporters dead in Portland you’re just as much a conspiracy theorist and a lunatic as the Q anons.


  2. So NOW the National Guard shows up!! U KNOW it’s not their decision where and WHEN to go, bit those who call the shots had NO problem calling in back up when its not your drinking buddies on tbe other side!!

  3. There is a video of a cop in cuffs for beating his girl. Then the rest of the officers cut off his uniform. Maybe a bit of public shaming since these bullies want to be “manly”??? (Rio Rancho Police, New Mexico last year)

    1. @RedMoonDesign Beth Hi, no I’m not actually. But I’m almost certain I saw that video you’re talking abt. It was on here awhile bk. (YouTube). I was just scrolling thru and saw it. I’m certain that’s the one you’re speaking of👍🏽

    2. @Dana Glover I think they should come up with a public dismissal ceremony for these wannabe gangster cops who do this where their uniform is cut off in disgrace.

    3. @jdnlaw1974 Yes. Facts are key. I love research. It seems there are those in power who don’t want to take the time. “Alternate facts” as Kellyann Conway used to say.

  4. Why were the cops trying to arrest a man on an expired warrant? Since the warrant was expired the entire thing could have been avoided.

    1. @Worth Or might hit other people driving. I agree we should wait for more evidence. Given the current amount of information, things could really have gone either way.

  5. They need to release that body cam footage, and if anything was inappropriate, fire the officers involved immediately to start with. The entire mpls area police force needs to be evaluated by an outside agency. I say this as a resident of the mpls area.

    1. @Lee Miller let me help you sir. We, in the US have an issue with authority. It starts in the home! Young men that grow up without a father figure in the home tend to have more issues with authority. Lack of guidance and discipline lead to, in many cases, a destructive lifestyle. I’m not saying this young man deserved to die, he absolutely didn’t. But if you think he had no responsibility in what happened, you are absolutely wrong. The fact that the majority of these type of horrible things continually happen in Democratic cities is always left out of the discussion. Be honest with yourself and don’t turn a blind eye to the facts that are staring you in the face. The fact that the biased media refuse to say it like it is causes a lot of the division in this country and it funnels directly through these Democratic cities. Listen to this now. If you were a Democratic leader and you wanted 100% of the black vote, couldn’t you just say “ we need a white officer to shoot a black man and we will project it as racial and assure them that we are trying to fix it”. Only “WE” are trying. Not the Republicans. Yet this only happens in Democratic run cities with Democratic run police departments and Democratic Governors and Mayors. Doesn’t that theory seem possible. Just open your eyes!

    2. @Jimmy Stanbery also you are just a pathetic partisan sycophantic seditious pos just spewing alternative facts from fox and facebook.

    1. @tyler mceldridge You are not very intelligent for an Officer and a Veteran. Starting to have serious doubts on your claims

    2. @Hostis Humani Generis mitch McConnell loves democrats. Mcconell made sure biden got the presidency, but trumps hick voters still voted for mcconell. We have secret democrats that are acting as republican. Good luck telling the difference 😉

  6. Now the Defense in the Trial for Floyd’s murder are using this to set up an appeal. They asked for the jury to be sequestered, saying this shooting could influence them against the cop. It was denied, but now they can use the denial for an appeal.

    1. I don’t know why it wasn’t declared a mistrial as soon as they caught someone taking pictures of the jury.

    2. They will appeal because the city payed the family before the trial the payout admitted guilt before the court did bad move

    3. @Mark Cicero they weren’t caught taking pictures of the jury. They were caught taking a picture in the corridor OUTSIDE of the courtroom.

  7. An expired warrant means it’s not a current warrant it’s no good any more. So what other lie are these thugs going to tell.

    1. @Joel Rivard If you can’t tell the difference between a glock and a taser by touch and weight you have no business handling either one. They are weighted differently, the barrel on a taser is much lighter and causes the entire device to hang differently in the hand, the ‘ribbing’ on the handles are different to allow for identification by touch, and their safety devices feel completely different when disengaged. I’m willing to believe it was an accident judging by her reaction, but she was thoroughly unqualified to use either one. She should be immediately fired.

    2. @randomizer1666 I’m about as pro police as they come. However this is where you and I will agree . I think we need to make it harder to become a police officer. Then perhaps we can weed out the bad ones in the future.

    3. @Daniel Glover A lot of the solution is training.. The entirety of police initial and recurring training needs an overhaul… I can say that with a fair degree of confidence based on conversations I’ve had with police officers, and my own prior experience in the military… Training makes mistakes in stressful situations less likely, and less dangerous, yet every time a police officer does something silly we hear about how stressful their jobs are. I worked EOD, that’s bomb squad for civilians, if I made a mistake I could have literally killed myself and my team in some situations. Training taught me how to deal with that stress. The problem with law enforcement is that they seem to treat training as a one time thing, you go through the police academy and you’re good. Training is an ongoing process, first you train it into muscle memory, then you train to keep it there..

    4. @Zombie Detective You obviously haven’t viewed the video. Because he was definitely resisting arrest, and he jumped in his vehicle for some reason. If he wasn’t trying to get away, what was he trying to do?

    5. @Mark Cicero We could ask him what he was trying to do, oh wait, no we can’t because the police training is so bad they can’t tell the difference between an 8 oz toy and a 1 lb firearm…

    1. @Dan Nelson – There is little to no common sense to be found on the right these days, unfortunately.

    2. @Carrie See; So very true, what makes me ill is how clueless and ignorant the drumpf fools truly are. They don’t understand how we almost lost our democracy.

    3. @BrandonScott RobinsonMusic Just curious as to whom you may be speaking of when you say the Man upstairs..?

    1. @Guitar NoiseI’m unable to post links.
      This information is easily accessible on Google and should only take you a couple of minutes.

    2. @Just passing through. it was up to Trump to authorize the NG not Pelosi. As I stated earlier Pelosi doesn’t have the authority or power to deploy or refusal deployment of any branch of the military. That being said it was Trump who repeatedly refused to deploy the NG despite constant attempts by his staff to get him to do so. That’s not my two cents thats facts. Stop commenting over your head princess.

    3. @Just passing through. there’s also the fact that had Trump stopped lying and gaslighting about the election the insurrection wouldn’t have happened to begin with. You want to place blame for what happened on Jan 6th then put it on Trump and his hoards of easily manipulated betas and low IQ rejects because that’s where it belongs.

    4. Well considering they were left into the capital by police why would the national guard need to be called.

  8. Here we go again and again and again!!!! Time to shut that department down and start over from the ground up because nothing is going to ever come out good for that department. Start over now!!!!! 🙄

    1. @kirisutegomen12 With an active warrant for arrest. He resisted, fought, threatened the
      LEOs and WENT FOR a GUN! Liberals just love their criminals, don’t they? I wonder why?

    2. @Kathleen Martin Watch the video. He had a freeking WARRANT already, resisted,
      fought the LEOs, tried to grab a GUN. He caused his own death.

  9. I am SOOOOOO getting tired of all of this!!! I lived through the 6O’s and 7O’s…and take me back in time…because I would sure rather be there than now. What a a divided mess this country is in right now!!!!

    1. @brian bailey; Let’s ignite all the atomic bombs and see what this so called heaven is like, it would end all are problems.

    2. @Eman Dafoe good for you man. At least you’re trying. Many dont bother. I respect you and the decisions you have made. Hang in there. Things get easier for those who stick with it. Perhaps moving to a new area will give you some fresh perspective and more opportunities.

    3. America wasn’t great in the 60s and 70s either there race issues and roits during Civil rights era

    4. @DMX rest easy legend; To say nothing of all the horrific, spin curling assassinations! – Yea, let me relive all that!!!!

    1. @Larry Garland how are they race-pimping??? is that what it’s called when they REPORT the truth that a female officer pulled out the WRONG GUN and shot, and killed, rather than TAZE, as she intended? like that?

  10. They say, the only story being told is from, “the police.”
    Release the body cam footage today, now.
    If the cops were telling us the truth, that obvious truth will quell this violence.
    Enough of the secret police.

    1. They did release the bodycam footage, YouTube hid it from the search bc it shows the police first using a taser which didn’t work and then reaching into his car presumably for his illegal ruger.45 pistol.

  11. Our most violent, least productive ‘shop till you drop’ group was at it again.
    No excuse needed and never been about ‘justice’, always about TVs and Nikes.

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