1. @donnyx_xdouglas -x Trump encouraged this tragedy by his call for police brutality during the election, and all his racist statements and actions since then. Truly a POS.

    2. @Wurmo I just got called a white supremacist is another comment section because I don’t believe in taking out your anger on innocent businesses/people (I’m not talking about the 4 individuals that did the crime) I’ve given my life teaching kids of all races. My kids are mixed. Yet somehow I’m a white supremacist. Go figure. In this country you are not allowed to have independent thought.

    3. Great Exarchos i hope ur just trolling cuz if ur not then u r mentally three years old

    1. that poll you did when you asked all of them and found the majority, man that must have taken a while, did you hire help for that study? /sarcasm

  1. When the rioters called in at cnn HQ Atlanta –  cnn call in the SWAT team to deal with them.

    Lol. Fight the power.

    1. Beware, there are Neo-Nazis & Fascists among the Protestors who are rioting & attacking CNN & Journalists, & using this as a nice opportunity.

    2. Hey CNN, it’s a good time to force these protesters to wear masks, observe social distancing rules, and conform to stay at home orders. Use your fake news libitard cancel culture powers like you did at your CNN headquarters in Atlanta last night.

    3. You want that to be the reality, but it’s not because then you’ll have to admit you’ve been duped.

    1. They’re funded by the RNC. These terrorists are FAR RIGHT RIGHT WING WHITE SUPREMACISTS!

      So we need to vote for Joe Biden in 2020

  2. California police are destroying files and charging high fees to release misconduct records – LA TIMES.

    1. No You Missed It, He Meant The People Were “Dark, Smoky”, It Was Subconscious Racist Programming From CNN.

  3. Do they understand that LAPD and MPD are two separate organizations and LAPD is in no way responsible for things take place in Minneapolis?

    1. ​@Romerryll Each state has its own Governor, laws and police, that is how America was projected (OK), so I doubt that is the same system.

    2. Lack of education, lack of father figures in the home, and so they emulate every bad behavior their cough syrup drinking idols showcase and believe every word their race baiting masters on the left tell them.

    3. @Nick Myers If the cops wanted to kill black people, the time to do it is when they’re burning down cities. Yet it’s not happening.
      What they should do is remove the police from all black neighborhoods. See what you think about them then.

    1. Where are all the black celebrities that think like you speaking out against rioting? I’ll bet if Kobe Bryant was still alive he would call for calm…if he was the kind of man people claim he was.

    2. @Michael Paysour I agree with you on the Police officers who killed George Floyd need to be arrested but pls dont attack them it will just end with either you dead or arrested and an officer injured or having to deal with backlash. Its not worth it you have people who care about you and so does the officer please dont confront officers. Stay Blessed

    1. @Julian _ it’s a about a free tv cause daddy left for milk and never came back :). Gotta fill that hole with crime.

    1. Watch out Watch out you, your president, and these terrorists burning, looting and causing violence!

    2. Great Exarchos 👈🏼😂 says the clown who shills for the party that celebrates Planned Parenthood – an organization founded by a segregationist who advocated for abortion as a means of controlling the rise of African Americans …

    3. Great Exarchos joe Biden has done that bc he is in politics have u seen the things he’s said. Before corona trump had the lowest black unemployment rate in American history!

    4. Great Exarchos 👈🏼😂 the same Joe Biden who once said he favored a ‘separate but equal’ approach when it comes to segregation & the same Biden who says blacks aren’t black unless they vote democrat, huh dummy?

    5. Its peaceful. Look at HK, theres buildings vandalised and on fire, but the US still calls it peaceful! Karma at its finest here.

    1. @Dr Johnson Hungwell instigator? wtf? so a black person speaking their mind like Don Lemon does is instigating?

    2. @Allan Ritchie so if you where in there doing your job and rioters could’ve destroyed the building your in or have killed you, you aren’t gunna call the cops

    3. @Paul nitz oh but not FOX? They are all the same. Just depends on what side of the fence you are on. Or maybe Trump himself. He fans the flames of division daily. Wake up. None of this is helpful.

    1. I would love for that to be the biggest problem facing this country. Right now it’s about 200th on the list.

    2. Yes, it’s amazing how authentic riots can appear when most of the rioters are paid to do so.

  4. When people don’t listen this is what happens. People are tired of this stuff the world is

  5. “United we stand, Divided we fall.”
    Can’t y’all see how politicians and mainstream media are manipulating us.

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