Protests Persist After Arrest Of Officer Involved In George Floyd Killing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Protests Persist After Arrest Of Officer Involved In George Floyd Killing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


MSNBC Ali Velshi joins from Minneapolis where a fourth night of protests has broken out after the fatal arrest of George Floyd who died after a now fired and arrested officer knelt on his neck. Aired on 05/29/2020.
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Protests Persist After Arrest Of Officer Involved In George Floyd Killing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. You treat a group of people badly for years, ignore their peaceful protests, what did you expect?

    1. @ty m Except, if your business is making marginal profits, you can’t afford such insurance. And after the first time your business is looted and burned, that insurance goes up. And when this drives the businesses out, others will cry for the poor people living in a food desert, who have to go long distances to buy anything.

    2. @José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes LOL, yup you’re triggered. My account is closed and private because I want it that way there snowflake. The more you post, the more others learn about you. Now just which of my comments are you claiming are false. And try to post like an adult will you.
      Edit: I don’t care about the the channel view feature, I’m not that vain.

    3. @Just Say’n S=word my d-word, you c-word How’s that for triggered, you group-think Orwellian internet copy and paste right-wanking unoriginal buzzword promulgator

    4. @ty m if they come on your property to harm or take you or your property you have a natural right to eliminate the threats. Yes when you take a life it’s gone forever, I know what death is. I’d like to see these looters shot dead across the country.

    5. @José Hunter’s EW&F Remixes If you want to be the 400lb bedwetting basement dweller, you’re on track, at least you have goals.

  2. what needs to be done is to “VOTE” the American’s Justice system is contaminated with prejudices , engineered to oppress minorities and people of Color a room to breathe.

    1. @Foronto kim go to the white house and tell him that. Don’t act tough behind the safety of your keyboard. Go be a badass like you “think” you are

    1. @jabberwolf
      They took our George Floyd already and what were the repercussions of that? Riots! A cop kills another civilian and it could get real dicey out there.

    2. @Scientific Devil
      And that’s why we have a second amendment. So we can take out those idiots who try to take from us – when the cops cant be there to protect us.

      Notice how the rules have changed concerning Covid, when people are entitled to “riot”, steal, and loot.

      Notice that the cities that allow this are run by democrats.

  3. *_Where the arrest of the 3 Accomplices of Felony Murder?_* They only charged one with 3rd degree which is an insult when it should have been 1st because intent was obvious even to a non-attorney. This thug for 8 minutes put his entire body weight on Goerge’s neck even after the EMT’s arrived and he knew exactly what he was doing.

    1. @Bruce Willis but do the laws built around it, the evidence gathered in the short window that everyone wanted, fully support 1st degree. If you can’t prove that it was premeditated, then you’re not going to be able to charge them with first degree. There are a lot factors that determine the severity of a crime. And since all these morons decided to destroy everything because it wasn’t happening fast enough, the proper steps couldn’t be fully taken to get the higher degree against him. But hey, he got arrested within a very short window like everyone wanted. Maybe if people could let the professionals do their job, he would’ve been hit with 2nd or even better 1st degree.

    2. @Gap Yes it is illegal because they are sworn to uphold the law. And what law says that it is legal for an officer of the law to watch a murder and not try to prevent it? Think what you are saying. You find yourself in the same position as George Floyd on a city street and policeman/men witness the act but do nothing to sop the person kneeling on your neck. Would you expect an officer of the law to stop the perpetrator?
      Absolutely, positively because simply put they are supposed to prevent murder not be the murderers.

    1. Yes, I watched another clip earlier where an officer was deliberately firing pepper pellets at a news crew. The crew turned their cameras onto him, and he still fired at them – yet they were well away from the front line and in no one’s way.
      I wonder whether the police/guard have been told to dissuade news crews from filming as much as possible, using as much force as it takes to remove them from potentially recording clear scenes of police violence.
      At least any such incidents could still be recorded and posted online by protesters, should things start to get really violent beyond the view of TV cameras. However, with this trend for crying “Fake news! Fake news!” (first by the president and then bleated repeatedly by his sheep), a protester’s recordings are unlikely to have quite the same level of validation than a film crew.

  4. The coronavirus will spread because of mass assembly of protesters,every protester must take care of the dangerous virus that my affect others,if one person is infected,all protesters please take care,

  5. “Officer Involved In George Floyd Killing” BS… “Officer who murdered George Floyd while his colleagues assisted him”

    1. @1nquisitive Who…the cop? MSDNC? Brian Williams? You are one of those people that like to narrate everything…or actually reprise dialogue verbatim. I find that very odd. I thanked you tho…didn’t I? Cheers Incontinent.

    2. @1nquisitive Thanks Incontinent. Your comment speaks volumes. You seem like a light-hearted happy sap of sorts. Buy yourself a book of jokes sweetie. Why are leftists so miserable and humorless? They can’t meme either. Whats up with that Incontinent?

    1. @olive oil I have weapons like everyone should. Don’t make it sound like I’m out to shoot innocent people.

    2. @olive oil because I’m armed I’m a murderer? Seems like pretty standard leftist logic. Maybe I’ve been shooting since I was 5, maybe I served for the better part of a decade in the army, maybe I believe in the right and duty to be willing and able to defend my family and community when the government fails to(like we see now). Maybe you should consider not being an ostrich burying your head in the sand when you sense danger in favor of leveling the playing field and not relying on others to be there for you…. or maybe you’re right and every single gun owner is a bloodthirsty psychopath and only ignorant liberals are virtuous.

    3. @frank franklin no i beleve it human right o own a gun , but what is happening there is rude , bad and hurtful to every american in the usa an i say thank you for serving in the army that takes guts , but here my point what there doing burnin down building is wrong those store owners done nothing to them so why do u ppl wanna hurt the store owners for heck they burned down the the gros store i guess they all wanna starave .

    4. @olive oil those business owners would be justified in defending their properties with lethal force.

    1. Bruce strkland “We believe in truth over facts and you know the thing. “ – Sleepy Joe Biden

    2. Revelation 13:10 ; “He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword.” – God

    1. Cue ball exactly, I heard that there are people being paid to fuel the fire, so to speak. The evil is rearing its disgusting head. Smh God Wins!

    2. Deborah55
      racism always loses in the long run. you don’t pay much attention to history.

    3. @Deborah55 “Cue ball exactly, I heard that there are people being paid to fuel the fire, so to speak. The evil is rearing its disgusting head. Smh God Wins!”
      I find that, rather than admitting culpability and trying to fix problems, a lot of conservatives scapegoat and try to find others to blame. Even if this means letting go of their grip on reality and resorting to conspiracy theories.
      It’s all rather strange. Perhaps an infirmity in the brain. Who knows?

  6. Remember when Trump complained about football players peacefully demonstrating police brutality by kneeling? “If you make peaceful revolution impossible you make violent revolution inevitable.” John F Kennedy.

    1. @Keith Willis He s a President. He could care less. He s not a jock sniffer like Obama.

    1. Interesting fact: 99% of these murders could be prevented if people didn’t run or resist the police.

    1. Scientific Devil
      civil asset forfeiture is a huge money maker for the cops.
      especially sheriff departments.

    2. @mike mann songs
      And then they shoot looters for the same crime. They have quite a racket going.

    3. @Scientific Devil they don’t shoot enough looters, that’s the problem. I bet they could shoot just 20 or so of these terrorists “who claim to be protestors” and the crowds would break up much faster.

  7. I love how they count the days of the Trump administration like it’s a hostage crisis. 330 million hostages, I guess.

    1. Martin McMartin it is not correct. 63 million people voted for Trump and 66 million people voted for Clinton.

    2. @Martin McMartin f**k those racist idiots….all trumpys ARE RACIST!! WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT..AND NO te majority didnt vote for that orange piece of

    3. yareklipinski and millions didn’t vote who would have Not voted for that impeached narcissist.

    4. They shouldn’t be calling it the trump administration; they should be calling it the trump regime

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