Proud Boy Says He Voted In Censure Of Nevada State Official 1

Proud Boy Says He Voted In Censure Of Nevada State Official


In Nevada, the local GOP censured their own Republican Secretary of State for not finding any evidence of widespread voter fraud. Now, an avowed member of the far-right group the Proud Boys is reportedly boasting that he was one of the deciding votes to pass the censure.
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  1. Didn’t Trump accuse us of being in search of a crime? Someone needs to educate Republicans about what PROJECTION is, it’s just out of control and has been for quite some time.

    1. it’s every day a new crime no need to search, they’re the cult of the perfect phone call, no crime fazes them unless you’re not down with the big lie

    2. Republicans cult have a large book of prepared/ projected “crimes” just waiting for the day they’re able to use them … Some from their bible, some just made up to suit their sadistic sense of control. Mostly as an act of war against mankind. The boogaloo boys or gastric revenge on their own suicidal perceptions. Never Ever GOP Again

    3. U were in search of crimes and proven wrong multiple times. Voter fraud has already been proven. Try reading court cases and 5 different states audits.
      U people live in an echo chamber snd don’t deal in facts. It’s all publicly available.

    4. @Friend says the people who claimed 2016 election stolen, Russia hoax proven false, impeachment 1 fail, impeachment 2 fail, HCQ trump right, Wuhan lab leak Trump right.
      Trump is literally right every-time. U people just get embarrassed

    1. @Luis Rosales lol  @Luis Rosales  you claim cheney is a rino eventhough she had voted with trump proposals 90% of time. Cheney was more aligned with trumps policies than her new replacement

    2. @Luis Rosalesantifa are left wingers, with many members who are dems. However there is no “antifa democrat” in Congress or in the senate. and republicans are protecting proud girls and what they did on jan 6 just like dems protected antifa when they would attack neo Nazis and the proud girls

    3. @Luis Rosales
      far left in the dem party = progressives

      Current republican party = Q’ers, the proud girls, and the alt right aka white nationalists

    4. @Luis Rosales I have been asking exactly what makes a rino. All I get back is a “Republican in name only”. What EXACTLY makes a rino?

    5. @Luis Rosales Better be careful, Luis…you look exactly like the kind of guy Trumpists want to kick out of the country, one way or the other.

  2. why are republicans so afraid in their states? could it be that they know that they are in the wrong? that what they are doing is wrong? this is so horrible that they pull this sort of authoritarian dictatorship shenanigans.

    1. @Angela Siegfried I noticed that also. Been thinking for awhile that gop has paid trolls out here. Hackers even, messing with our spell check and post status. In my opinion gop does have a literal coup underway. never ever gop again

    2. Look at the Capitol rioters. The went all in giving up their freedom for trump. Most of them will still vote for him after he left therm hanging.

    3. @Jovon R. they’re starting to adopt trying to blame it all on antifa, or ‘well what about when blm burned down the whole country?’, it’s finally sinking in how they fckd up pretty bad. the reason they’re so scared is relentless negative reinforcement, they’re constantly reminded that the communist hordes are on their way to redistribute all their stuff and force them to wear burkas

    4. @c shank
      Interesting take on people. Maybe ..just maybe, there is a lot of footage from Jan thats out there, capital is surrounded with cameras, video is surfacing that doesn’t match what media been saying…like Wuhan Lab. People were conspiracy theorists thinking covid started. But, now..oh verified link to China lab ..Trump was right.
      Fauci gave grants to that lab while at NIH…then tried denying it but got caught.
      Guess conspiracy theorists are smarter than ‘experts’

  3. So the REPUBLICANS are now so scared of their own supporters they are canceling REPUBLICAN events???

    1. Yup. Elected officials receive death threats from their cult followers ( GQP voters). They’re scared shitless to do the right thing.

    2. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS – they crave attention and when they don’t get it will just naturally implode. Use your energy for better things 🙂

    3. @Angela Siegfried They (GQP) send soldiers, human beings, into war and they can’t do the right thing by our country, do their freakin jobs…absolute COWARDS

  4. How the heck does a mere state official grant a “subpoena” power to ex-cops who are essentially just civilians without any official mandate?

    1. I guess you have to read legislation appointed duties and committees. The Federal Government or courts have no jurisdiction over a state legislation (separation of powers)
      Any and all states legislation has the right to recount or forensic audit their own states election process. paper,machines,any device used during the election since state legislation has complete control.
      ‘If’ rechecking everything isn’t going to change anything ..then why so much hype about looking into it?? So what right?
      It wouldn’t expose other things that open more doors..would it? Nah.

    2. @A horse with no name I’m with you. But remember the bulk of America was “built” by slaves and other marginalized people (Chinese namely) to include the capital. The people that “capitalized” from the exploitation of those marginalized people were the “forefathers”, their associates and their descendants. I agree that capitalism is over hyped in this country. It’s the real excuse to exploit, discriminate, divide and limit upward mobility.

    3. @R Smith States have rules about how an audit or recount is to be conducted. The Republican Senate in AZ broke those legal requirements when they let a private company take possession of the actual ballots and voting machines without proper oversight from the election officials. The choice of company is ridiculous but more importantly, they too have failed to adhere to the requirements for processing ballots. I’m sure you’ve done enough reading to know what those violations are. People in the state can bring their grievances against this illegal “audit” to court and the DOJ can assist citizens or local officials — and there are some federal regulations. That’s what the Federal Election Commission is for.

    4. @Jim M. interesting.
      I thought MLK wanted all to be brothers and sisters, living together judged by their character, not the skin?
      Critical Race Theory is Racists within itself. Teaching children to feel bad about themselves because you were born a certain skin color that you had no control over is good? Just like the 1619 project to? That todays police were formed by.. back then paid bounty hunters by plantation owners to recapture slaves. That had no public authority anywhere to do anything.
      That history ..that someone invented? Your ok with making things up ..lying to children over made up history. From what I see..we’ve come along way over the past 50 yrs than in 150 yrs. and dividing the country into race,class even religion will make a utopia world? Nope..’history ‘ showed war and death happen.

    1. @Santiago Pina As opposed to your anti-social party? That’s what gop is you know. The party of psychopaths and serial killers. The skeletons in that basement are too dark for my side of the the universe. Never Ever GOP Again

    2. @MTN17 the GOP operating with no rules, guidelines, or principles. They used to be honest and honorable. Time for them to leave the last election and move on to the truths before tRump screwed them up!

    3. @Barbara Moore They’re way nastier than trump. He was just enough of a fool to blabber outright on it. GOP is a long running treason against America. There are a few heros among them but not very many. Mostly greedy business as usual. See the Smedly Butler affair. Don’t stop there.
      Never Ever GOP Again!

  5. Congress and/or the DoJ must get involved and take action now. This is getting way out of hand and unlawful.

    1. @NiNi J you made that up. Since every state legislation has authority to run and oversee their state election, that legislation has the authority to conduct any recount or forensic audit on all paper, machines and communication device used within the 22 months the records are preserved.
      As long as no violation federal civil rights are put in place, DOJ can not interfere in a citizens voted / state legislation audit of their own ballts.

    2. @TheAnonapersons fraud has been proven. In multiple court cases and counties and state. Now NH jus found the Republican candidate didn’t get his votes counted correctly. U people live in an echo chamber. Arizona, NH, Michigan all have found fraud. PA SC rules election unconstitutional as SOS violated constitutional by changing voting laws only the state legislatures can do.
      I can go on for days. Maybe u should read the actual cases and multiple states audits and proven facts and data already

    3. @TheAnonapersons I thought u knew so much tho? Why would u possibly need me to provide u publicly available info? For people that claim “no fraud” it’s funny u haven’t read any of the cases. Read the audits of multiple states. This is what I find amazing
      And if u read ur constitution u would know the election was illegal and unconstitutional. As the SC of PA already proved but u don’t need a court to prove that. Constitution clearly lays out state legislatures make the laws. As they did. Then in multiple states, a democrat SOS change the laws and rules at last second. Read a Tim countries audit. Look up NH. Look up all the statsical analysis. It’s all available. U have the internet.

    4. @Mystical Alchemy typical ignorant response .. I don’t deal with clowns who throw up opinions .. peace

  6. Wake up Americans on both Democrat and Republican sides what happening with the Republucans that are in office shows even more than ever before that Republicans need to voted out.

    1. I think the rich mob is trying to get control of America’s money and our government. They’ll make all of us slaves and imprison their opposition or worse. Scary times

    2. @Sandy Allen When you say rich mob, do you mean the Insurrectionists? At least 50% of them are white collar guys terrified of being “replaced.” Replaced by whom, I do not know, and I’m pretty sure they don’t know either.

    3. Voting them out isn’t going to be easy now that they’ve subverted the elections systems. Dem should be in here helping against the obvious danger. What’s holding them back?!

  7. We gotta stop this we can’t keep allowing this to happen when somebody doesn’t like the election results

    1. More true even than you say. GOP is currently subverting election systems nationwide, by restriction rulings and gerrymandering. There are laws coming to make what was once legal protest illegal. To protect their stormtroopers. To institute their propaganda in the schools. It’s getting more real every day. Dystopia. Republican cult style. Their answer to our challenge and our future is authoritarian mandates and prisons. The death camps they’ve been projecting are on the near horizon if we allow them. Resist Resist! Never Ever GOP Again!

    2. @Gonzo AZ , your orange con lost. I’m pretty sure that cheating on your spouses, and lying and mockery and bullying .
      The real good Christian values folk VOTED him out

    3. @Jessica Sanchez one reason you kool-aide drinking Marxists only listen to MSN that only telling you lies and keep you from the truth.

    4. @Black Storm But they aren’t looking, they’re framing a crime when there wasn’t one. Why else hire ‘cyber ninjas’? A firm with 0 experience in election audits and run by a right wing nut.

    1. No, they said it was to block cameras from being over them and seeing what they are looking at.

    2. Or in case some trumpster zombie wades in with an AK15 to make sure his man humpy trumpy wins this time? It’s going to get uglier. Ban parties period. Before Gop sells US all out to the evil.

    1. @Phil Groves Agreed. It’s amazing how close we came after the last election and now that the GOP has practice trying to overthrow our democracy, they’ll be better prepared for next time.

    2. @Phil Groves it’s like watching Belarus or some tin pot country what they doing ffs stay safe and sane from Scotland

  8. Clinton learned it in his presidency. Republicans are still fighting the civil war. End the filibuster.

    1. ??? So, Republicans are fighting for equal rights and against slavery. Republicans were the North, The Democrats were southern. fighting to keep slavery and prevent equal rights for minorities.
      You knew that right? I wasn’t sure if you did by your comment.

  9. Let’s rename The Republican party for what they have become: The Traitors to Democracy Party. Our thoughts & prayers are with you.

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